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All the students from IT background must understand the basic concept of programming. All of you aware of the C programming language which is a very basic procedure-oriented programming language. You can start your programming journey with this programming language but do you know the practical implementations of the concepts which you have to learn in C programming. If you don’t know then any need to worry, Skyfi Labs will help you to start your practical journey of programming languages. Let’s begin with the Project Description.

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Project Description

So in this article, we are taking a look at the Billing System. We know that there are many billing systems in malls and shops. It reduces the human effort of billing and leads towards the digital world. Actually this project is for beginners, who just learn to code and want to implement it in actual application. So this system is basically for some practical purpose. You can save the data in a text file using C concepts. The Project overview gives the actual implementation structure.

Language and concepts used

C language

File i/o


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Implementation Overview

  1. Starting with IDE, you can use Turbo C or Dev C++ idea which is specially built for beginners.
  2. There are two sections in the project. First one is to Add product can Say that purchase the products and the second one is to generate the bill.
  3. Here to select the options for purchase product or generate bill we can use switch case.
  4. Coming to the first task I.e. Purchase product, we have to create a structure which contains attributes like prodictID,productName, productQuantity, ProductPrice etc.
  5. We have to use the file I/o to save the information which leads to generate the bill. For that declare the file pointer.
  6. Now create two functions as void purchase() and void bill(). 
  7. In void purchase() gets the input values of product details and save it using file pointer which by opening the file with declaring its name in text format. After that close the file with fclose().
  8. Next step is void bill() function which will help you to generate the bill for the product. It reads the input data and creates a file to save that data(bill) by adding the price of the purchased products.
  9. There is the main part of the purchase and bill function. That you have to create frwite function in the void purchase() who take different parameters to store the information in the file similarly fread to in the void bill() who reads the information from the file.
  10. In this way, you can add product and generate a bill for it. Take a look at the example that you have purchased biscuits having quantity 1 and price 20 also some chips of quantity 1 and price 10. So these are the input details for the system. Then it will add the prices of the purchased products and save them in the .txt file via file I/o.

So this is the basic structure of the billing system project. You can enrol to the programming courses provided by Skyfi Labs for the improvement

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Billing system using C
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