Hotel management system project in C


A hotel management system constructed with the help of C language enables us to perform various operation related to bill calculation, menu editing, etc. In this C programming project, we will see how to build a hotel management system using simple tools. By building this hotel management project we can perform sorting, selection, calculating bills, etc. It helps in many ways as it reduces human effort and makes the whole process more accurate. The accuracy is very important as it does happen in calculating manually. The project will not be lengthy and you can learn it easily.

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Project Implementation

  • First, we need a C compiler on our system where we will execute it. You can also download any latest C compiler to make this project. After that configure all the settings according to the compiler, make sure there should be an error with the compiler. The compiler is an important part of the C language. 
  • Then we will start with the design of our application. We are looking to make an application which basically does everything which is necessary for hotel management. The classes which we will be building are Food menu, customer bill, and customer service.
  • There will be a need to create different functions in these classes such as add food item, delete food item, change food item, calculating the bill, services, etc. These functions will perform all the small tasks together to give accurate results. These functions can be defined in the starting or any other part of the program.
  • After we are done with all the functions and classes, we will move forward to building the interface. This is the most important part of the program as it lets the users interact with the program. It may be created at last to connect all the classes with the main class properly.
  • In the end, the program is compiled several times with different inputs to check the results. This is also an important part as here you will check all the faults of the program. We should make our project perfect and this can only happen by testing it many times.

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Why C++?

C++ has emerged to be the most popular language to build applications. It is faster than most of the programming languages and it adds features to the C language. It is an Object-oriented programming language and it helps in creating applications which the users interact with a lot. The abundant library support of the C++ language makes it more popular with people. The library contains various predefined functions and classes which we can use by just calling it in the program.


Here at Skyfi Labs, we offer this service to you. Trained and talented mentors will help you with this project. When the project is completed you can use it for other purposes too. This project will need some prior knowledge of C language so that the user can build this project without any hassle. Learning new things in C ++ will help you a lot if you are currently working in the field of computers. The whole code can be downloaded from the internet for free. But it is you who can think of different and precise interfaces for the program to make it look good and perfect.

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Hotel management system project in C
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