Learn How to Develop A Digital Clock Using C Language


C is a procedure-oriented programming language. As an all-purpose programming language, C programming has a diverse range of usability. With the advent of C programming, memory allocation and optimization became a lot easier. C programming is portable and has its own advantages. Kernels of many operating systems like Linux, Mac and windows are scripted in C. We had learned all concepts of the C programming language. But do you know the practical applications of C, If not then Skyfi Labs will help you to learn more about C programming?

Project Description

This article gives the overview that how to create a digital alarm clock using C language. Actually this project is for beginners, who just learn to code and want to implement it in actual application. So this system is basically for some practical purpose. There is a small program and you can code it just in 15 minutes.

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Practical Overview

  • Starting with IDE, you can use Turbo C++ or Dev C which is especially for beginners.
  • There are two parts of the program, first is to display the time and second is to set an alarm.
  • Looking to the first part.
  • Declare three variables for an hour, minutes and second and initialize them with 0.
  • Then for the starting purpose, you have to enter the current timing in HH:MM: SS format.
  • Create a nested for loop to limit the values of the hour, minutes and seconds as 24, 60 and 60 respectively.

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  • Along with this use conditional statements to mention that its AM or PM.
  • So this is all about the first part. It will display the time in HH:MM:SS format.
  • Now going to the second part. You have to declare another three variables as p, q, r who takes input fr setting the alarm.
  • Use if condition that if actual timing I.e h,m,s and alarm set timing I.e. p, q, r are equal I.e. h==p, m==q, s==r then the system will detect it and make a sound.
  • To make the sound we have to use sound function who mentions the density of sound as argument also delay() and nosound() functions.
  • To make the clock attractive you can fill it with the color using textcolor().
  • The code is ready for alarm digital clock.

Its very basic C implementation for an alarm clock. You can try this for fun or learning purpose. If you want to learn more about C, then Skyfi Labs will provide you with the best C programming course designed by the technical experts.

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