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3 effective ways to help your kid make the first robot

“How to make the first robot?” is a very tough question to answer, but never took any coaching on robotics.

Since I never made my first robot back in my school, it became much harder for me to visualize the learning that I received. I know, most of you reading this would have undergone similar childhood.

But that’s okay, because now you and your kid can learn to build cool robots together :)

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What better fun than having fun with your kid building robots and spending quality time with them. Yes, this is one of the most interesting activity that parents and kids do together.

Building robots will not only improve the skills of your kid but also greatly impacts their curiosity & creativity. By helping them make their very own first robot, you are teaching them HOW TO THINK LOGICALLY for the years to come.

So, what are the most effective ways with which you can help your kid make their first robot?

Before answering this, you need to understand some key parameters that should be considered which will help you make decision better.

  1. Prefer robotics projects that comes with kits and course materials. Building robots hands-on will provide your kid a very good learning experience not just playing with them.
  2. Prefer robotics courses that have some assessments or quizzes, this will help you in understanding your kid’s learning.
  3. Prefer organizations that have good reputation & experience in the education industry. Designing robotics courses for school kids is very complex, so don’t waste your time & money on local trainers. At the same time, don’t buy “overdesigned” expensive ready to assemble models. Your kid should feel like he/she built it. He should not look at it like a toy out of the box!
  4. Ensure that proper technical support will be provided as & when needed to help your kid build robots. If your kid stops in the middle while building a robot due to some difficulty, it will negatively impact their confidence.

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Keeping this in mind, here are the 3 effective ways in which you can help your kid build their first robot.

1. DIY Robotics Project Kits:

This is one of the interesting ways to help your kid build their very own robots. There are a number of DIY robotics project kits available in the market which is very simple to do for school kids. The robots that you help your kid make with these kits can only perform simpler tasks and doesn’t involve complex mechanisms. You can get your kid started with robotics using these DIY kits but if you want your kid to learn robotics from core and build a lot of cool robots in future, then this will not satisfy that expectation.

For instance, we at Skyfi Labs do provide DIY robotics kits for school kids but the added advantage is that you will not only get kits but also receive course materials which you can refer to help your kid build awesome robots right from home.

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2. Enrol for online robotics courses specially designed for kids and build together with your kids:

This is one of the efficient and effective way to help your kid build their first robot right from your home. These kind of courses will have a video based learning which makes it easy for you and your kid to learn & build robot together rather than referring a booklet with hundreds of pages.

Also, proper care should be taken before deciding to purchase a robotics course, because you are buying for your kid and don’t want it to be a complex robotics project. Remember, the robotics course that you are taking for your kid should provide them with good learning experience not just become a costly toy.

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For instance, we at Skyfi Labs have developed some amazing robotics project based courses that are super fun & easy to do. The course uses Learn-Do-Review methodology which ensures that your kid learn the technical concepts in addition to building their very own robot. Also, to make it easier for your kid to learn robotics, the course uses simple drag & drop programming which is super fun to do. With the technical support provided as & when needed, building first robot will never be tough for you and your kid.

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3. Robotics classroom training programs:

This is the traditional way of learning robotics, but a lot has changed the way we learn from the classrooms. With the technological advancements, more digital means of learning have been integrated in the classrooms which makes learning complex concepts super easy for school students. This is needed the most especially in learning robotics where a lot of complex mechanical concepts and programming logics are involved. So joining your kid on such training programs that use advanced technologies to teach will help them make their first robot with confidence.

But you should watch out because a lot of local players just buy Robot kits and claim to be teachers! That’s not going to help because the objective is not just to build Robot. The objective is to “inspire your kid”! So stay away from local robotics tuitions. Look for experts who deliver courses that are designed for kids.

Even, we at Skyfi Labs provide hands-on classroom training programs on robotics for school kids. These training programs are carefully designed by our technical experts with a vision to help school kids build robotics projects easily. With the hands-on experience provided for the kids on robotics using latest technologies, learning to build their very own robot will never be tough.

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Do comment below with your suggestions & feedbacks, we will get back to you in a gist.

Lastly, have a great fun time building robots with your kids :)

3 effective ways to help your kid make the first robot
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-05

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