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Educational Robotics For Kids

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Robotics is a whole new world full of excitement and fun. It basically deals with understanding how robots are made, how they work, function and what goes into controlling them.Robotics as a field has been challenging as more is always less here. As exciting as it is for scientists and IT engineers, it is for kids too. It is an extremely fascinating concept that has till date maintained kids’ interest throughout. Robotics is a world beyond robots. It involves artificial intelligence, machine learning and understanding how to make robots react to a situation in a similar way as a human would. This article mainly draws the reader's attention to this amazing topic, “Educational Robotics''. Apart from understanding what the term means, other questions like “Why learning about Robotics is important at an early age” and “What SkyFi Labs provides for your kids” will also be touched upon. Let’s get started!

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1. Robotics Starter (Age 8+)

2. Robotics Explorer (Age 11+)

3. Robotics Champion (Age 14+)

4. Coding Champion (Age 14+)

5. Coding Starter (Age 8+)

6. Coding Explorer (Age 11+)

7. Drones Starter (Age 8+)

8. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

9. Drones Champion (Age 14+)

What is Educational Robotics and why do we need them?

This term essentially comprises two very important terms. “Education” and “Robotics”. In simple words, it means using education the right way to understand the functioning of robots and at the same time to build them so that they are of great use to the society around. As fun as it may sound to see robots work, it is also important to learn about their working properly which we will learn about in the later section. Now talking about their needs, in simple words, to replicate the functioning of a human being and to essentially ease out people’s work life is why we need robots. Making decisions at par with human intelligence in areas like medical sciences, healthcare, money related frauds and so many to count is what the primary expectation from robots is. Understanding how a human would react to a situation or how/she would make the right decision to deliver the best results are some of the questions we should think about before we build a robot.

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How do Robots work?

To those wondering about how they actually work, here’s a bit of an explanation. Consider the following piece of information to understand. Everything around us requires a set of procedures and rules that are to be followed in order to make it work properly. Same is the case with robots. To make them do even the smallest of work, an algorithm is required. This algorithm basically means a piece of code written in any programming language such as Python, Java, C/C++ etc. These algorithms are then fed into machines to make them perform a set of actions. This is pretty much similar to how fields like “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning” also work. The more efficient the code is, the more efficient the working of the robot becomes. As described previously, Coding is an integral part of robotics. It is appreciated if there is some experience of knowing any language from before because it then becomes a little easier to relate things but even that is not compulsory. But if you are a stranger to this, you need not worry at all as you are going to learn from the very basics here. All you need to have is persistence and dedication in your learning. Now having known about what educational robotics is, it is now time to learn why it is important to study about robotics from an early age.

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Why is it important to get started with it at an early age?

This is one crucial question that parents today need to understand. With technology growing at an exponential rate and with almost everything becoming digital, it is of extreme importance that we also move along with time. Right from a kid’s initial growing years, he/she must be taught concepts like robotics, Artificial Intelligence while slightly touching upon coding to build a strong foundation of the real world for them. To keep your child at pace with the latest technology, it is nearly impossible to keep them away from its functioning. Children if made aware of these basic concepts right from their initial years undoubtedly gather more benefits in their lives later over others. You must be worrying and wondering that if this is so important, then what is the right approach to make your child enter into the world of technology? You must fret not as the team here at SkyFi Labs has carefully designed the projects for your child, fulfilling all the requirements yet making them an extremely fun journey. Head on to the next section to learn about the courses that you can choose for your kid now!

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Latest projects on Robotics for kids

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Courses offered at Sky-Fi Labs?

Here are some courses that you can motivate your child to take up during their free time. This will provide them a chance to grow and build a strong foundation.

  1. Robotics Starter Summer Camp- An exciting course where your kid of 8 years and above will get to learn about Robots from the very basics.
  2. Book a free trial & learn more about online robotics classes for kids

  3. Robotics Explorer Summer Camp – A great course for children of ten years and above who will get to learn, code and build robots from their home.
  4. Robotics Champion Summer Camp – A perfect course specially designed for children of age 14+ to help them learn C language and about the fun world of Robots.
  5. Coding Starter Summer Camp- This course will help your kid of 8 years and above learn about Coding from the very basics.
  6. Coding Explorer Summer Camp – Teach your children (age 11+) the magic of coding and help them build exciting projects.

  7. Coding Champion Summer Camp – An amazing course specially designed for children of age 14+ to help them learn Android App Development at their convenience.
  8. Drones Starter Summer Camp- With the help of this course, your child will get to learn about drones from the start.
  9. Drones Explorer Summer Camp – A great course for children of ten years and above who will get to learn, code and build drones based projects from their home.
  10. Check - Skyfi Labs Robotics Summer Camp for Kids

  11. Drones Champion Summer Camp - Children of age 14+ will get to deep dive into drones and build strong projects as a part of this exciting course.
  12. If you live in the US, then check out this list of robotics summer camps for kids in the United States.

    The above projects are extremely informative, interesting and pocket friendly. Save your kid a seat as soon as possible and help him/her build a strong future for him/herself. Apart from this, your kid will receive immense benefits such as – smart certificate at the end of the course, one on one live classes, project kit at your doorstep, personal doubt classes and perfect guidance every time he/ she needs. After reading this article, you must have realised by now how important it is for your child to stand out from the crowd. It would be possible only when there is interest, consistency and hard work throughout. The concept of Robotics is extremely fun and fruitful too and the right understanding of it can really bring wonders. To make all your problems resolved, Sky-Fi Labs has done the work for you. All you need to do is to hurry and give your child a seat as soon as possible. For any confusions or queries, please do reach out to us on our website, get in touch with our experts and see your child excel.

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    Educational Robotics For Kids
    Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2024-05-22

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