Top 10 Java Projects for Engineering Students


Java is a high-level programming language used in daily applications to enhance the productivity of various devices and manual work. Ever since its introduction, it has been updated to meet the requirements of current technology such as Java SE for Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX, Java ME for Mobile Applications and Java EE for Enterprise Applications. Some latest Java projects have been mentioned in this article for students wanting to pursue a career in it. Java projects for engineering students have been recommended by various institutes to create a wider scope in industrial jobs or independent enterprise as well.

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Is JAVA hard to learn?

JAVA is not that tough as it includes simple algorithms that make you understand the basics and its daily application also makes it an easier language. Consistency is the perfect way to learn JAVA, the more you practice the more it gets inside your head. Thanks to its application in everyday life and simple learning, the current decade has more JAVA programmers.

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Latest projects on JAVA

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What is JAVA used for?

JAVA is mainly used to create a larger-scale program to minimize manual work. It helps to build an online business network. It can also be used in making software for Android Phones. You're going to get the gist of it from JAVA projects mentioned in this article, countless uses.

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How do I start learning JAVA?

You need a basic knowledge of programming languages to learn JAVA. You can start with coding in any language to get an idea. There's plenty of knowledge about JAVA on the internet, from there you can build an understanding. You can also search in this area for job prospects. I hope you're ready for it now because we've got some interesting projects to try on below.

Why is Java so popular among developers?

  1. Consistent Delivery
  2. Frequent updates and upgrades
  3. Support of an active community
  4. Exhaustive testing that it comes with
  5. Constant evolution with time
  6. Can be used to build high-performance apps
  7. Provides cross-platform interaction
  8. Create apps that function within web browsers
  9. Develop server-side applications
  10. Create highly customized applications
  11. Fast execution
  12. Easier debugging 

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How to build JAVA projects Did you know

Skyfi Labs helps students learn practical skills by building real-world projects.

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Major advantages of Java

  • Simple to learn, code, compile, debug and maintain
  • Object-Oriented Programming allows you to reuse snippets of code
  • Platform-Independent
  • Allows Distributed computing and networking
  • Secure as it has no explicit pointer
  • More robust memory allocation
  • Multithreaded Approach

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Best JAVA projects for engineering students

1. Unmanned Ground Vehicle

You will learn how to build an unmanned vehicle in this JAVA project that can be controlled from a distance with a wireless device. It can easily detect obstacles and map the destination that is the shortest. This JAVA project uses the software of Raspberry Pi or Arduino. This vehicle is most often used for disabled people or as a surveillance device in the military.

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2. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

This JAVA project helps to build a device that sends an input file to read data from documents. It becomes easy to edit the text on screenshots and PDF files. The image is obtained using an optical scanner.

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3. Mobile Quiz using Android

The JAVA project is made by Android Studio. The modules used in this project can be curated based on the developer’s needs. Using the android studio and coding for the interface design, you can learn how to create a smartphone quiz. The foundation used for this project is the Java programming language.

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4. Simple Pedometer Android Application

Another Android Studio project, this one is built using the programming language of Kotlin. The concept is to create a pedometer to count steps while walking or running, that will ultimately project the status of your physical activity.

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5. Tourist Guide Android App

The JAVA project helps to build an app that becomes a guide for all those tourists who wish to explore a place. In this project, the Java programming language is used. XML is used to design the layout and the modules can be designed according to the needs of the developer.

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6. Bug Tracking System JAVA Project

Viruses and bugs in software tend to crash work progresses therefore this JAVA project fulfills the dire need of tracking such bugs or viruses. The software, designed using Java programming language, helps to find any error that hampers the work of a program. To find new ones, the software collects data on past bugs on the device.

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7. Attendance Management System JAVA Project

An application for the education system, this JAVA project helps in building an attendance management system. This app has become handy for teachers who would like to add students in a particular class, make schedules and data about students, hence saving time as well as paper.

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8. Voting System for the Employee using Android

This initiative helps to create a voting system that can be carried out by smartphone. It is designed for employees who in their workplace may give their opinion on a matter or issue. The report will then be submitted directly to the supervisor who will receive a true opinion from their employees.

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9. Online Examination Management System

The online Examination system is conducted in various government and private exams these days. This JAVA project helps in building an online examination system with basically three modules for the user, admin, and institution. The system is created using Java programming language.

10. Electricity Billing System Using JAVA

This JAVA project helps in building software for an electricity billing system for getting accurate details about families' electricity consumption. The manual method is quite complicated because it needs measurement and appropriate data. This device has solved the problem and determines and shows the right unit for both the department of electricity and the customer.

11. Android App development using Android Studio

Most businesses now prefer to develop their applications on mobile phones as most customers have these. Therefore, the demand for mobile app developers is on the rise. Engineering students must learn this new skill in order to differentiate themselves from the rest. In this beginner JAVA project, students will learn about the concepts of app development using Android Studio. They will learn how to integrate firebase services, use authentication processes and perform operations. In the end, students will gain experience by building their own projects, including a Calculator, Fitness App and Social Networking App.

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12. GUI Based Application with JAVA

JAVA is an extremely popular programming language that has a ton of real-world application.

As it is highly flexible, secure and extensive, developers prefer using JAVA to create GUI apps. In this beginner JAVA project, students will do the same by exploring JAVA Programming and the concepts of OOP. Students will learn to build GUI applications on JDBC and build projects using this system 

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13. Sound recorder Application

In this JAVA projects, you will learn to develop a sound recorder application with the help of Android Studio. While developing this project you will be introduced into various JAVA concepts like creating the user interface, setting up the buttons and so on.

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14. E-mail Client software using JAVA

This JAVA project helps you to learn the concept behind e-mail system. As part of this JAVA project, you will learn the concepts of e-mail system and develop an e-mail client software. You will also learn to configure the interface of the software with the help of JAVA.

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15. Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion application using JAVA

In this JAVA project, you will learn to develop a simple application that converts the Fahrenheit input to Celsius. You will learn the real-time application of If-else statement in JAVA. As part of this JAVA project, you will get a chance to change the interface of an application.

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Also, have a look below list for JAVA projects:

  • Stock management system using JAVA
  • Travel management system using JAVA
  • College Admission management system using JAVA
  • VPN using JAVA
  • Web server management system using JAVA
  • HTML spell checker and color code finder using JAVA
  • Credit card system JAVA project
  • Internet usage monitoring system using JAVA
  • Search Engine creation using JAVA

Online JAVA courses for engineering students

Following are some JAVA online courses, where all the JAVA concepts are taught practically by developing various JAVA related projects.

1. Core JAVA for Engineers

Java is one of the world’s most popular programming languages and is used everywhere from websites to mobile apps. Since it has great usability and intuitiveness, it is a great language to learn when you are a beginner to programming. Once you know JAVA, you automatically become in a better position to learn other more complicated languages. Core JAVA is the perfect JAVA course for engineering students as it introduces students to JAVA. Students will learn everything from basic concepts to advanced technology. They will start with understanding what variables, functions, loops, classes and constructors are. Moving forward, they will learn about OOP, Multithreading, AWT and Swing and eventually learn more complicated coding.

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2. Advanced JAVA for Engineers

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. Therefore, engineering students who know JAVA get a huge bonus when compared to their classmates. This JAVA online course for students helps them build strong programming foundations and explore the usage of Java in building apps. The course deals with using Java in web applications, networking and database handling. Students will learn concepts related to JSP, SERVLET, JDBC and frameworks like Struts, Hibernate and Spring.

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3. Front End Web Development with React JS

Many companies and corporations want to take their business online. In order to do so, they need to have a good website. Building a good website requires the interface to be user friendly and intuitive. ReactJS is a very popular frontend development library, which allows developers to build great websites. In this online course, students will learn how to develop a front end using React JS, which is a JavaScript library. Students will learn about concepts related to UI, JSX, User Interaction and Routing.

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4. Back End Web Development with Node JS

While it is important to have a great front end for your website, if it must work properly and efficiently, the back end needs to be coded well. The back end development handles the server-side code, which includes logic, data handling and APIs. NodeJS is one of the world’s most popular languages for back end development. In this JAVA course, students get an opportunity to write server-side applications in JavaScript. They will gain hands-on experience by creating and exporting modules, using authentication processes and managing routing.

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JAVA is one of the most used languages in the world due to the advantages that it provides. As a young engineer, you must try to build skills that set you apart from the rest. When it comes to coding and programming, knowing JAVA helps you stand out. All the beginner JAVA projects will help you gain a deeper understanding of how JAVA works, and why it is beneficial. Enroll in these JAVA projects to gain hands-on experience, build your own apps and learn skills that will help you succeed in life!

Hope you got some good JAVA project topics from this article. Choose a project which makes you more excited. Also, let us know in the comments if you have any other project topics apart from these.

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Top 10 Java Projects for Engineering Students
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