List of major projects on JAVA for engineering students


Almost everywhere you look now you can see mobile phones and laptops. It is hard to imagine our lives without the internet now. If you go online, you can find answers for just about anything and even learn about whatever you want. Similarly, there are programs and apps that let you do things that people thought were impossible in the past. Sometimes, it feels like there is an app for just about everything. Whether it is keeping a diary, playing videos or learning how to play the guitar, there’s an app that helps you do it. How are these apps made though? That’s where programming languages such as C, C++ and JAVA come into the picture. With the mobile industry growing at unprecedented rates, being able to code is a skill that can greatly enhance your profile. With that in mind, here’s a look at some JAVA Major projects and tutorials that will help you get started with coding.

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What is the main purpose of JAVA?

Java is a multi-purpose programming language that can help you create all kinds of apps and programs. Many browser and web-based apps are built using Java as it has cross-compatibility. Therefore, JAVA programs run the same way on Mac, Linux and even Windows browsers. Furthermore, most enterprise applications make use of JAVA, as it is easy to compartmentalise functions in this programming language. Moreover, the rising popularity of J2ME means that Java is now also used to make a large number of mobile applications. JSP can also be used to run server-side applications, making JAVA a truly global and multi-faceted programming language. 

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Why is JAVA important for engineers?

Since JAVA is used in every field from finance to science, learning JAVA is important for engineers. Whether it is coding a program on your desktop or building an app for smartphones, you will end up using JAVA. Also, if you are new to coding, java is a great language to start your programming journey with as it is easy to learn. As the years go by, coding is becoming an important skill for engineers, and hence learning JAVA becomes more and more important. 

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List of major projects on JAVA for engineering students 

Following is the list of major projects on JAVA which you can try to enhance your JAVA skills: 

1. Mobile Quiz

This JAVA project will help students build a simple, interactive and fun mobile quizzing app that will have players addicted in no time. The app allows users to create questions, generate choices and then display the questions in the form of a quiz. This mobile quiz works as both a recreational application, and can also be used for educational purposes. It works on Android phones, and students will get a chance to learn how to code on this framework. This JAVA major project will help children learn about how Android Development IDEs work, how to download various modules and how to string a program together.

2. Simple Pedometer Android application

A pedometer is something you can use to gauge how many steps you've walked, or how much distance you have run. With fitness apps and wearable tech being so popular now, this simple Android application will help you join in the fun. In this JAVA major project, students will learn how to build a fitness app that will help people track their health and wellbeing. Furthermore, this Android app will be built using Kotlin, which students will gain exposure to. Students will gain first-hand experience on how to run programs on Eclipse, while also learning about the JVM.

3. Sound Recorder for Android

Almost every cell phone now comes with an in-built sound recorder. Have you ever wondered how these work? In this JAVA project, not only will you learn how the technology works, but you will also build one for yourself! Students will get a chance to understand how to implement a Sound Recorder in an android smartphone. Along the way, students will gain experience working with either Android Studio or Eclipse, and also how to code in JAVA and XML.

4. Voting system using Android

One of the most important features of any democracy is its ability to let people decide who rules them. While we normally associate democracy with nations, it is used in our daily life. Most companies have an election system when it comes to deciding policy changes and union leadership. This JAVA major project will help students build a voting system on Android phones to help employees vote for their preferred policy or leader. Students will build a safe, secure and encrypted application that allows employees to vote secretively. It comes connected with a database that stores information regarding number of votes, and vote percentage. 

5. Airline reservation system using JAVA

Most of us have had to go to travel portals to book a flight ticket. What if we could do that through just one centralised application? In this JAVA major project, students will build a processing environment that allows people to book airline tickets for themselves. It runs on a TCP/IP network, which allows a JAVA-based open architecture via the VRS Suite. The use of JAVA, which is an object-oriented programming language, makes the app more intuitive and user-friendly.

6. Attendance management system android project

Schools have a tough time managing all their documentation manually. That is why in this JAVA project, we will build an attendance management registry for schools to help reduce their load. This fully electronic system will help in reducing the time, money and effort they spend calculating total attendance of every student. The app will have all basic functionalities, including a student registry, material uploading facility, CGPA calculation and attendance marking. We will be creating the app using Android Studio and students will gain some hands-on experience working with JAVA to build this app.

7. Bug tracking system java project

A good programmer is one who can spot and rectify errors in their code. Therefore, debugging is an important part of coding that most people don’t pay enough attention to. In this JAVA Major project, we will build a Bug tracking system using java platforms to catch bugs that lurk within the system with ease. We will build a database of bugs that might be in the system, and then compare pieces of code with this database to catch any remaining malware. This JAVA project will help students gain experience not just with JAVA, but also with security and quality assurance measures.

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Best way to learn JAVA programming

If you are too lazy to learn by yourself (don’t get offended) check the following JAVA online courses that explains all the JAVA concepts from basics and also these classes are conducted in online live sessions you can clear all your doubts in realtime directly from experts. 

1. Core JAVA for Engineers

Java is one of the world’s most popular programming languages and is used everywhere from websites to mobile apps. Since it has great usability and intuitiveness, it is a great language to learn when you are a beginner to programming. Once you know JAVA, you automatically become in a better position to learn other more complicated languages. Core JAVA is the perfect JAVA course for engineering students as it introduces students to JAVA. Students will learn everything from basic concepts to advanced technology. They will start with understanding what variables, functions, loops, classes and constructors are. Moving forward, they will learn about OOP, Multithreading, AWT and Swing and eventually learn more complicated coding.

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2. Advanced JAVA for Engineers

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. Therefore, engineering students who know JAVA get a huge bonus when compared to their classmates. This JAVA online course for students helps them build strong programming foundations and explore the usage of Java in building apps. The course deals with using Java in web applications, networking and database handling. Students will learn concepts related to JSP, SERVLET, JDBC and frameworks like Struts, Hibernate and Spring.

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JAVA is one of the world's most used programming languages because of all the advantages it provides. As a young engineer, building the right skill set is very important. By learning and gaining experience in JAVA, you will be able to set yourself apart from the rest. All these JAVA projects will help you gain a deeper understanding of the language. Enrol in these JAVA projects to build your own apps and learn skills that will help you get ahead in life!

List of major projects on JAVA for engineering students
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