Latest JAVA mini projects for engineering students

Java is a programming language developed by James Gosling at Oracle. (Previously Sun microsystems). Java is considered as a general-purpose programming language and takes into account the concept of class-based and object-oriented programming. It is better than other programming languages thanks to its WORA policy which abbreviates as "Write Once Run Everywhere".java is among the popular programming languages with over 9 million developers using it.

Java is being used for making Java projects thanks to its large scale application both in web-based and general-purpose programming use. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best java projects starting from simple java projects to java mini projects and you can choose any one of them as per your choice.

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Is java easy and do I need to be perfect in programming to design java projects?

Java is easy to learn provided you have some basic knowledge of programming. If not then no problem there are plenty of resources and videos on the internet you can refer to. Please note that if you have basic knowledge of fundamental concepts of Java then you can start building simple java projects right away.

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What is JAVA used for?

Before we dive into Java projects let us get a brief overview of java application in different domains.

  • It is used in object-oriented programming
  • It is used in making mobile applications
  • It is used in making desktop GUI applications
  • It is used in making web-based applications
  • Enterprise applications, scientific applications, and gaming applications are some of the few uses of python.

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Latest projects on JAVA

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What projects can be made in JAVA?

You can make a wide range of java projects. Starting from very simple java projects you can go on to design complex projects. If you are an engineering student you can design a Java mini project. You can choose to create web-based projects, mobile app projects, or even select simple java projects like image enhancement system and airline reservation system to name a few. For a complete list of java projects continue reading the article as we will provide you with some of the best java projects.

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Advanced Java for Engineers

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Now as we have discussed the prerequisites courses which if learned will give you a head start in designing java projects. Let’s jump into discussing some cool java projects.

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Latest JAVA mini projects for engineering students

Many cool java mini-projects will be discussed in this article. If any of the project interest you feel free to click on learn more. This will open a page with complete information about the java project.

Some of the best hand-picked java mini projects for you are discussed below.

1. Image enhancement using JAVA

This JAVA mini project can effectively enhance a dark low-quality image to a particularly good looking image with vibrant colors.

Click here to learn more about Image enhancement using JAVA

2. Simple pedometer Android application

This android java project deals with making an application that can count and record the number of steps a user takes.

Click here to learn more about Simple pedometer android application

3. Airline reservation System using JAVA

This JAVA mini project deals in making an airline reservation system in which the passengers can book their seats as per their choice.

Click here to learn more about airline reservation system using JAVA

4. Bug tracking system java-based project

Imagine working on a piece of code and the programs behave differently due to errors and cause problems. We can solve this problem by making a bug tracking system that tracks bugs and conveys the message of spotting the bug to the administrator.

Click here to learn more about the Bug tracking system a java based project.

5. Currency converter using JAVA

The major problem that arises for exchange services is the conversion of one currency to another. This problem can be solved by the currency convertor application java project which successfully converts the given currency into the required currency and vice versa.

Click here to learn more about Currency convertor a java based project.

6. Email client software using JAVA

This java mini project helps you to develop software that can send and receive emails through the organization's network.

Click here to learn more about Email Client Software using JAVA

7. GUI based application using JAVA

Learning to create a graphical user interface is as much important as writing a program. A good GUI means more users will be willing to use your application.

Click here to learn more about GUI based application using JAVA

8. Android App Development using android studio

Learning to build applications is a necessary skill to have. Applications are prepared in an android studio which basically uses java to program applications.

Click here to learn more about Android app development using android studio.

9. Front end web development using react Javascript

Web development is an integral part of website making. Learning web development and making web-based applications is a cool skill to have.

Click here to learn more about Front end Web development using react javascript.

10. Back end web development using node Java Script

Back-end web development usually deals with server-side application logic. It is responsible for integrating to the front end part.

Click here to learn more about Back end Web development using node javascript.

Some more java projects to look after are mentioned below click on them to learn in detail about them.

If you need the latest projects on java then please visit the link

These are some of the best java mini projects for engineering students. We recommend that you first choose a program core java for engineers and then proceed to select any of the above java projects and start working on it.

We would love to hear from you please let us know any of your queries so that our expert will get in touch with you.

Latest JAVA mini projects for engineering students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-17

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