Latest C++ Mini Project Ideas for Students


Every IT and CS student knows the importance of programming languages like C/C++. These are basic programming languages used to develop games, GUI based applications, database software, operating systems, browsers, compilers, etc. Software like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MySQL and Microsoft windows apps is written using C++. 

Developing a project or mini project in C++ will help you to understand the concepts practically and also adds more value to your resume. This article covers some of the latest C/C++ projects that you can develop to gain hands-on experience. 

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What is the difference between C and C++?

C and C++ are the most popular programming languages. These programming languages are used for the development of many applications. C++ is known as a subset of C. But there are a lot of differences between C and C++. 

Following are the differences between C and C++:

  • C is a procedural programming(process) language and C++ is object-oriented programming(OOP) language.
  • As C is a procedural programming language it does not support OOP concepts. Where C++ supports OOP concepts like Inheritance, Polymorphism, encapsulation, classes and objects.
  • C is a function-driven language and C++ is an object driven language.
  • C focuses on methods and processes rather than focusing on data. Where C++ focuses on data rather than methods.
  • C does not support exception handling. But C++ supports exception handling.
  • C++ supports virtual and friend functions but C doesn’t.
  • C++ contains more keywords than C. i.e. C has 32 keywords and C++ has 52.
  • Only built-in data types are supported in C. Whereas both built-in and user-defined data types supported by C++.
  • C has calloc(), malloc() functions for dynamic memory allocation. Where C++ has a new operator for memory allocation.
  • C programming uses <stdio.h> header file while C++ programming uses <iostream.h> header file.

So these are some of the differences between C and C++ programming languages.

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Real-world applications of C:

  1. Computation Platform- Data Structure works faster in C than any other programming language. Due to this feature, C is used in mathematics and MATLAB for faster computation. 2. Embedded System- Embedded C is used for most of the hardware programming. It has many features which give direct access to hardware programming. It is the best language for scripting of drivers in an embedded system.
  2. Developing a new language- C is useful in building standard libraries in python. C++, Perl and PHP have syntax based upon C language standards. 
  3. Operating System- C language is one of the main parts of the development of many operating systems. Scripting of UNIX is based on C language. A major part of android operating systems developed by using C language.
  4. Games and entertainment-C language are used to develop many games. e.g. chess, bowling and archery etc.

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Real-world applications of C++:

  1. Database- C and C++ are used for the development of one of the widely used Database management system i.e. MySQL. This software is used for the database management of the greater organizations like YouTube, Wikipedia, Google etc.
  2. Medical and Engineering applications- C++ language applied to medical equipment like MRI machines. It is also used for the development of software like CAD that are used for engineering design purposes.
  3. Games and GUI based applications- Many GUI based applications are scripted in C++. e.g. Photoshop and adobe premier. This language is used for scripting many complex gaming engines.
  4. Compilers- Some of the compilers like Apple-C++, Clang C++, Bloodshed Dev-C++ and MINGW uses C++ language. 
  5. Web Browser- Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird scripted in C++. C++ is also a part of Google’s backend development.

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List of latest C/C++ mini-projects for beginners:

Developing C and C++ Projects helps you to apply the concepts that you have learnt in real-time. This helps you to understand the real-time use of those concepts and that will help for your academic improvement and better understanding. Below is the list of latest C and C++ mini projects for beginners:

1. Bank Management System using C

Bank management system is the most popular mini project for engineering students. You are able to create a new account, update an account, delete the account and can manage transactions. It's a very basic C project so the graphics are not up to the mark. You can use different functions for better understanding. This mini-project helps you to understand the programming concept with real-time implementation. Following concepts used in this project:

  • File handling for storing the data
  • Functions for a good understanding

2. Contact Management System

The contact management system is similar to the bank management system. You can add, update and delete contacts. Contacts can be saved according to its name, contact number and Email address also. This mini project is like a phone-book application. Following concepts used in this project:

  • File handling for to record the data
  • Functions
  • Data structure to save the name, Contact no, etc.

3. Personal Diary Management System

A Personal Diary Management System is useful to save personal information. You can store it in a digital way. The main feature of this C mini-project is that the diary is password protected. File handling is used to record the data. This C mini project is more useful for engineering students.

Following concepts used in this project:

  • File handling for to record the data
  • Functions
  • Data structure
  • pointers

4. Calendar using C

This is also a mini-project using C. There are three operations that can be done in this calendar project. You can find the dates and days of any month of any year. E.g. inserting 05 2020 (May 2020) will give you an output of the monthly calendar i.e. May

You can learn:

  • Functions for better understanding
  • Turbo C compiler 

5. Snake Game

This C mini Project helps you to develop a simple gaming project without any graphics. In this project, you can play the Snake Game as you enjoyed it on a simple gaming console. You can use the upward, downward, right and left buttons to navigate the snake. As the snake eats food the score gets raised.

Following concepts used in this project:

  • File handling for to store the score
  • Goto Functions for movements

6. Bus Reservation system

Bus Reservation System in the popular C++ project. which gives you practical knowledge of object-oriented concepts. This beginner-level project is very easy to understand. The user can perform tasks like seat booking, show booking information and show information about available buses.

Following concepts used in this project:

  • Classes and object-oriented concepts
  • File handling for to store the information of buses

7. Library Management project

This is also one of the latest C++ projects. This library management system consists of a student's roll number, name, issued book, author of the book. You can add special conditions like limitations for the number of books issued and a student can use a book and must deposit it within 15 days.

8. Face Detection using C++

This C++ project uses the OpenCV library for face detection by webcams or in a video file stored in the computer. This code captures faces in real-time. It uses pre-trained XML classifiers for the purpose. Different classifiers can be used to detect different objects.

Requirements for this project:

  • Installation of OpenCV library on the computer.
  • Paths to the classifier XML files must be given before the execution of the program. These XML files can be found in the OpenCV directory “OpenCV/data/haarcascades”.

Explore more C++ projects

You can also check out the below list for more C++/C mini-projects:

  • Tic tac toe game
  • Cybercafe management system
  • Casino number guessing game
  • C++ program to play a video
  • Hostel booking system
  • Tourist reservation system in c++
  • Leave management system
  • Digital clock in C++
  • Gym management system
  • Copter game in C
  • Sales management system
  • Student report card system
  • Home accommodation system
  • Attendance management system

So these are the top C/C++ projects that help you to build a successful career. Hope you got some good information from this article. Help us to improve this article by commenting below.

Latest C++ Mini Project Ideas for Students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-07

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