Launching new Sphere Drone Course

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Launching new Sphere Drone Course

Up until 2011 when the world’s first spherical flying drone was invented, the machine only existed in science-fiction movies! To educate engineering students about this latest installment in drone technology, AerotriX (division of Skyfi Labs) has launched a new Sphere Drone course which first debuted in the recently concluded summer training program.

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What is a Sphere Drone?

Unlike conventional drones which use multiple rotors, a sphere drone uses only one rotor. The direction of the drone is changed by mechanically changing the orientation of the control surfaces. The drone’s rotor and control surfaces together form a sphere, the unique design allowing for better movement. The amazing fact is that the flexibility of the sphere drone’s design (shape) can also be extended to triangular, hexagonal or rectangular shapes if required. Due to its shape, it can land anywhere in any orientation. So this can be used in a much more rugged manner compared to conventional drones which can only take off and land in particular orientations. There are all sorts of probable applications for the sphere drone including the use in cameras, satellites, machine guns, motion simulators, track lighting systems or more.

What is this Sphere Drone course about?

This new course answers a simple question – How do I build a Sphere Drone? After a brief session on core concepts required for drone making, students will get a practical overview of the components used in the project. AerotriX engineers will guide the students to develop a basic understanding of how these components operate. Next, students learn about the dimensions and configurations in which these components are to be fitted into. Other concepts like battery endurance and payload capacity will be taught in the process. After committing some common mistakes (which is a good way to learn) and a few tips/tricks from AerotriX engineers, the participants will eventually find their innovation sweet spot to create the Sphere drone.

Do watch a preview of the AerotriX Sphere drone flight session below (multiple flight tests have to be done to calibrate the drone to perfection).

Current scenario of Drones in India

From being an instant rage among aviation enthusiasts across India, the drone ecosystem is now truly expanding, thanks to some serious engineering applications that have been realized worldwide. Drones are being utilized in police security reinforcements, for military surveillance, in construction sites, for monitoring wildlife activity, in farming applications, for flood relief or for aerial photography. Indian industries and government defense sectors have been investing more in drone research, opening up new and exciting career avenues for engineering graduates.

The AerotriX Journey

The Quadrotor and RC Aircraft training programs have already been a big hit among engineering students. The Limca record-making AerotriX Super Challenge was also a trending event. This new course in Sphere drone takes this trend a notch higher to provide training in a much more advanced aviation project. Working on such innovative projects will be useful for students’ careers and will make them better engineers.

The challenge faced by the AerotriX team while developing this course was to design the training instruction to suit all engineering students. The team’s experience of delivering quality aeromodelling training from recent years helped in overcoming this challenge making way for a vibrant learning environment. Hope the students will enjoy the course as much as the AerotriX team does in presenting it!

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