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Game Development

Once a wise man said – “fashion never goes out of style”. I am quite sure that guy was gameaholic, because no matter which era we live in, games will always be trending. A game is structured playing, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool. Games can be either indoor or outdoor. If we think a little harder and wonder how our childhood used to be, we can surely jump to the conclusion that games played a major role in our life. But here we are going to talk about video games. I bet that brought a smile on your face. Yes video games have been pivotal in our growth. Yet they still continue to be a part of it. Not to that extent, but still.

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Modern Game
The family that plays together stays together. It has been observed that parents are more likely to play video games with their children in order to socialize with them plus they can monitor the game content as well. But I guess the real reason is they equally enjoy playing video games. Ever since the video games arrived onto the stage in 1950’s we have witnessed and quite naturally played many of them. To say, Mario, Tetris, Contra used to be every child’s fantasy. Technology has come a long way since then. Games like Call of Duty, Halo, Need for Speed, FIFA have completely changed the gaming environment. If you think that games have undergone drastic change then you are wrong because it’s not just the game but the player as well. People of all ages play video games. There is no longer a stereotype game player but instead a game player could be your boss, your grandparent or even your professor. Nowadays people of all ages love games. The average game player is 31 years old, as surveyed.
Here at Skyfi Labs, we aim at transforming text book geniuses into productive engineers, so let’s move from thoughts to real and practical world where you can transform your thoughts to reality. With so many categories of games with varied characters and graphics at our disposal, the gamers and the Industry are more than happy. Industry comprises of the people behind creation, development, promotion and marketing of a game. But most importantly it’s the developers who are at ease. Modern programming languages, coupled with powerful and widely available development environments, provide an excellent place to work. A wide range of operating environments, including mobile devices, cloud computing, robotics, embedded devices, and games, means that you can apply your programming-acquired skills in a wide range of game development areas. Programming lets you bring your ideas to life and with C# and JavaScript you can learn a lot about how games work and even create totally new ones of your own. Plus gaming is a hi-tech Industry with its own history, products and language. Now with the advent of Sony, Samsung and Microsoft entering the gaming market in India, expectations are sky high in terms of employability and better gaming experience.

Game Screen Shot
Developing games has become very popular these days. Irrespective of their technical or non technical background people are getting attracted in high numbers towards this section of technology. From our experience after holding numerous Game Development Workshops we can say that students; graduates or non graduates or post graduates or with any kind of education background turn up to learn game development. And to their surprise they end up making beautiful games that too with a feeling of pride. But these were those students who wanted to stand different from the crowd. In spite of lack of such courses in their colleges or schools, they tried to accomplish something on their own. They didn’t blame the education system for the absence of this course in their curriculum rather they took the initiative and held the workshops in their colleges.

Unity Game Engine
So how did they do it? With the noticeable increase in demand on how to develop games, we at Code Instruct came up with an idea to teach Game Development. When you think of developing a game with a brilliant idea of yours, with the help of internet everything is at your disposal. But sometimes you find yourself nowhere to start. That’s where Code Instruct comes to the rescue. Sometimes all you need is a ray of light to guide you the way. Here at Code Instruct we focus on nurturing the talent into a productive game developer. We prefer teaching game development through Unity software which is open source. Unity is a cross-platform game creation system developed by Unity Technologies which includes a game engine and integrated development environment (IDE). It is used to develop video games for web plug-ins, desktop platforms, consoles and mobile devices. And to everyone’s surprise a person can develop games for Mac, Windows, Wii, Android and IPhone.

Game Development Code Instruct

What is the duration of the Game development workshop?

Duration of our Game Development Workshop is 2 days and the course focuses on training the mind of the engineers to think like professional game developers. As the workshop progresses students are acquainted with the working of Gaming Industry and pros and cons of the decision making process during the development of a game as the programming skills of the students are provided a finishing touch. By the time is over, they have a proper working game like space shooter, ping pong, brick game etc. At the end of the workshop what cheers us the most is the smile on student’s faces, who earlier thought that developing a game is for geniuses and nerds, but now they have a game of their own, which means they did everything on their own. The trainer’s guidance serves as the stars leading the way at night but it was all their effort which pays off.

Our relation with the students isn’t over after the workshop; we continue to be in constant touch with them for further guidance and 24*7 help to make sure that their game is never incomplete. They manifest our help to a greater idea of theirs and develop something which can help them in their future. Knowledge of developing games, hard work, will power and determination are four things required to get into the gaming industry. We take care of the knowledge; you take care of the rest. Enjoy Gaming!

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