Transforming Young Civil Engineers into Skilled Project Managers

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Construction Project Management

Learning Construction Project Management offers Civil Engineering students with fresh employment prospects in the booming construction industry. Civil Simplified for that reason has introduced a new course in Construction Project Management to help students launch a career in this rewarding profession, the reward being an opportunity to say ‘I built this!’

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What is Construction Project Management?

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From the Pyramid of Giza completed 4½ thousand years back to the new age Burj Khalifa, every project is directed by construction project managers. They chalk out a plan to keep track of the construction project from start to finish. Engineers, architects and builders, all follow a project manager’s lead to meet the construction goals. The professional responsibilities are as follows:

  • Design management - Making buildings look good and function well
  • Quantity surveying - Managing project related costs
  • Construction scheduling - Assessing time taken for construction tasks
  • Contract management - Managing contractors for the project
  • Construction Estimation - Estimating resources needed for project completion
  • Documentation and Monitoring - Analyzing project progress

And yes, there is more. In fact, every other process of construction work is integrated into a project manager’s job description. These responsibilities for the ever so critical business of construction, make it one of the most promising jobs in India.

Next, we talk of the numerous opportunities in this exciting field.

What are the opportunities for Civil Engineering students?

Great career scope for Civil Engineering students

National Skill Development Corporation forecasts around 8 crore new jobs in the construction sector as a result of rapid urbanization planned across the country. The industry has now realized the need for project managers who have both technical and managerial skills. This unique combo of the engineering with the brains is in huge demand, opening up fresh new career avenues for Civil Engineering students.

Rahul Raj, head of Civil Simplified and Civil Engineering graduate from IIT Kanpur, shed some further light on the current scenario in India – ‘Earlier, construction projects compromised on quality to finish off the work on time. The industry today has taken cues from developed countries to gradually put Construction Project Management practices into action, encouraging more Engineers to explore this lucrative career option.’

The roadmap to this career, as industry insiders suggest, is gaining practical experience during graduation. It is the best way to gather the necessary technical know-hows and is a chance to fill in the shoes of a Construction Project Manager. Earning a certification along with it helps to be more sought-after as a job seeker.

Sound exciting? Now, see how Civil Simplified’s latest workshop offering helps young Civil Engineers kickstart their career in this field.

Why learn Construction Project Management with Civil Simplified?

Civil Simplified Construction Project Management Workshop

By analyzing this line of work, the Civil Simplified team identified the need for practical knowledge to go with college education. Sighting this, the new workshop was designed to instill project management practices followed by the construction industry. Students will have hands-on experience in:

  • Inception and master planning of the project
  • Project outlining and task assignment
  • Procurement and documentation of contracts
  • Management of construction tasks

The workshop aims to produce industry-ready Engineers who know how to supervise projects, follow deadlines, plan activities, adapt on-field and assist Engineers when needed.

Technology training is also an essential part of this workshop, as smart construction project managers around the world are already using modern technologies like BIM and drones to achieve their goals. The technologies included in this training program are:

  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Integrated Construction Management

Such training sessions allows a student to eventually rope in towards managing their own construction project.

So how does this experience boost the careers of Civil Engineering students? Well, learning by doing in the workshop shows how Construction Project Managers handle real world scenarios. It teaches a student to think critically, act effectively and most importantly work with people!

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