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It has been four months since the Developer-1000-Program or Dev-1000-p was rolled out by Startup Village. This program's aim is to create 1000 professional app developers by the end of this year. It is open to college students all over the country

The training process is given below:

  • You can register with Devloop by filling the form, an automatically generated login id and password will be sent to your email ids.
  • Visit the SLATE Portal:
  • Using the id and password, login to slate online portal.
  • The course will be broken down into 10-15 modules of half an hour duration each.
  • After each module there will be a short quiz or a submission.
  • Students are expected to complete one module per day. Each submission will earn them 5 points.
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The program is structured in such a way that at the end of the course, students will be able to submit their completed apps. This submission will be graded out of 75 points by our panel and you will be awarded grades and certificates based on the points you accrue.

We also suggest you to check your mails (including your spam folder) regularly, as all the notifications will be sent via e-mails, and the corresponding notifications will be provided on SV Devlooop FB page, your respective college FB groups and through SMS alerts.

If you have any doubts during the learning phase, you are free to post your doubts on your college’s FB group and Droid Gurus will help you with your queries. You may also tweet your doubts to the Chief Guru Zacharias (Zac) @zachmanuel90. He will be clearing your doubts on a daily basis.

Link to Dev-l000-P webpage:
Link to SLATE online portal:

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