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To “engineer” means to make things happen. If I am asked to summarize the activities covered by the term “engineer”, I can list down end-less tasks which an engineer can accomplish. And I bet there will be few threads in the world which an engineer can’t sew. I assume this is the reason why engineering is the most preferred career option. I maybe wrong, but if my chips are down and I want to be rescued, I will trust Jack of All Trades to steer my story to a happy ending. Yes, engineers are well bred in variety of tasks which makes them use technology to successful innovation. If every engineer can do this, why is India still far behind in terms of technology?

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The Answer to question is the lack of practical approach. Absence of practical experience in our education system is not the sole culprit. The book-warms who spend all their time absorbing the influential theorems forget how equally important is the live-practical hands-on session of the same theorem. We, at Code Instruct, aim to bridge the gap between the theories presented in 1000 pages book to experimenting them in the most productive way.

Code Instruct Information Technology
Focused on our goal of transforming text book geniuses to practical engineers, Code Instruct feels great pride in presenting India’s biggest Android Competition in association with Techne’X 15, an annual symposium organized by IIT (BHU) Varanasi. It’s an Android App Challenge going to happen in the March, 2015. The Challenge in itself is an opportunity to learn and explore the Android world. It’s a union of the like-minded across the nation who wants to carve their names at IIT BHU’s tech fest. But more importantly, never before such a learning opportunity has presented itself in an innovative way to steer next generation and technology to creative ideas and products. And not to forget, prizes and awards will be given to the best developers.

IIT BHU Varanasi
On the banks of Goddess Ganga, the App Challenge is organized at the Mecca of Indian Education. Indian Institute of Technology is located at the heart of the Varanasi city. The motto of the college itself coincides with everything Code Instruct aims at: Education is Character. Exactly what we want our next generation to have a strong foundation and with the tournament like this, can only help them to stand apart from the crowd during their interviews. The influence of education in one’s life along with an employability enhancement opportunity like this can only pave way for a better future.

Android OS
Code Instruct proposes the challenge wrapped inside the competitiveness and perks of competition at one of the most prestigious institution in the country. In the time of smartphones ruling our day and all important information a touch away, technology has simply delivered us from boredom to liveliness. Android can easily take most of the credit for this transformation. Android-enabled phones and tablets have made living simply in the concrete jungle. All the information you want and desire is available through well-organized applications. And since the scope of these applications seems to rise, so does the need of people who can develop such kind of apps. Thanks to Google, Android Developers have complete freedom to sell their apps in the market.

How to participate in app contest?

Regional Workshop
As easy as learning android application development is, straightforward is the task to register for it. All you have to do is participate in the regional level events. Yes, actively take part in workshops and showcase your talent. Like every national level competition, you first bestow to clear and beat your opponents of the same state and then you reach the finals of the competition, where you are going to compete with skilled people who also share the same technical interests, at Techne’X 15.

The Android App
So do you have it in your arsenal to stand up and see beyond the realms of the competition, and vision the opportunity to cash in all could be learned about Android to build an application of your own. Like every competition, this one also has age restrictions. Anyone who considers himself/herself not worthy enough to compete should stay at home. We could have considered, but no. Everyone is invited, come one, come all. Students, teachers, professors; it doesn’t matter to which career you belong there is no age for learning something new. Teachers and professors have a chance to teach something new to their students. Let’s expand our horizon and also give us a chance to work with motivated people like you. Till your mind is young, gather as much info as you can. Learn new things. Who knows the idea which you have been nourishing in your brain since years could turn out to be the next big app. We are ready for the biggest app challenge of the country, are you?

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