The AerotriX Automobile Challenge

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The AerotriX Automobile Challenge

The day this world saw its first automobile, little did anybody know about the frenzy it would set in motion! Today’s automobile is at the pinnacle of engineering, and it would stay the same till perhaps the end of time. To inject the next generation of automobile enthusiasts with innovative thinking, AerotriX (unit of Skyfi Labs) and Techkriti’15 (annual technical symposium organized by IIT Kanpur) bring the AerotriX Automobile Challenge – a training and competition series in automobile engineering.

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Automobile Components

An average car has 30,000 parts! So, there’s more to the automobile than looks may suggest. The technology has come a long way quite dramatically, from the age of powered vehicles weighing as much as 3600 kgs, to modern fully autonomous cars. But it’s not just sci-fi technology or bullet-speed pace, it is about the mental power that goes in car making. To feed engineering students in India with such mental power, AerotriX has introduced this training and competition series in RC (radio-controlled) car making. First in the series is the AerotriX Automobile Prototyping workshop where the participants practically learn all technical nuances of car making – by making their very own RC car consisting of all major components. These workshops will be conducted at colleges and venues across India. To know more about the workshop, please do read our article on Applied Automobile Engineering.

AerotriX Automobile Prototyping Workshop

Moving on, students showcasing their zeal to innovate will be chosen from their respective workshops to compete with each other for places in the Grand Final. The Finals will be held during the second week of March at Techkriti’15, annual technical fest at IIT Kanpur. The Final will assess the learnability of the qualifying students and challenge them to innovatively perfect their RC cars. To make your college a regional center for the AerotriX Automobile Challenge, click here.

Career scope in Automobile Industry

What is the motive of AerotiX Automobile Challenge?

The overall motive of the AerotriX Automobile Challenge is to help engineering students improve their practical skills in automobile design – which will be useful to book a place in the career-rewarding automobile industry. Especially in India, the country which rolls out more than 4 million automobile units each year, the industry needs skilled manpower to stand its ground. Professional Automobile Engineering requires a lot of hands-on experience with strong basics, and that’s what an engineering student gets in the AerotriX Automobile Challenge. To know more about the competition, click here.

This competition is over. Read about its success at AerotriX Automobile Challenge Success

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