National Level Competition on Human Machine Interaction - in association with Roboversity & Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE)

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Gesture Based Control of Machines

When humans and machines work with each other, amazing things can be achieved! Nikola Tesla hypothesized the very first race of robots to be mechanical men which will do the laborious work of the human race. Robots were then the very first instance of human machine interaction – or HMI in short. Technology today allows someone like Elon Musk to create rocket parts with the wave of his hand. Such machines that respond to human movements are just the beginning of the future of human machine interaction!

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Future scope of Gesture Controlled Machines

Gesture Recognition Technology makes possible things like gesture-controlled drones!

Gesture controlled machines can detect human motion mainly using technologies like gyroscopes, accelerometer’s and a combination of other sensors. An easily relatable example would be a smartphone with screen rotation feature. Such technologies are the next big ‘thing’ already finding applications in consumer electronics, automobile, defense, healthcare, gaming and much more.

The global gesture recognition market is expected to grow by 29.2% from 2013 to 2018. In fact, the coming four years will see the HMI market rise by 7% as companies invest more in research and development of efficient dynamic machines! With R&D comes innovation and with it comes new opportunities for current engineering students.

Roboversity IUCEE Challenge 2016

Following its vision of educating students on latest technology, Skyfi Labs has come up with the Roboversity IUCEE Challenge - an excellent platform that allows students to learn, implement and compete on 'gesture controlled machines' domain at a national level. Roboversity is associating with IUCEE - Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education for the second time in a row, with the first edition of the competition being a huge success!

IUCEE Executive Director Krishna Vedula with Skyfi Labs CTO Aditya Chundi at Roboversity IUCEE Challenge 2014 Finals

IUCEE is an established consortium of pioneering engineering educators from India and the United States, lending their expertise to bring about a change in engineering education standards. These experts get together every year at ICTIEE – International Conference on Transformation in Engineering Education, a program aspiring to foster the engineers of tomorrow. Roboversity IUCEE Challenge is a pronounced medium to attain these objectives.

Finals at ICTIEE 2016 in College of Engineering, Pune

ICTIEE 2016 will host the finals at College of Engineering, Pune – one of the premier institutions in Maharashtra. It will be held during the second week of January where all the finalist teams will be scrutinized by reputed national and international academicians attending the international conference.

IUCCE international delegate - Dr. Stephanie Farrell
Rowan University, VP, ASEE taking a look at students' projects at Roboversity IUCEE Challenge 2014 Finals

Last year’s panel of experts included names like Dr. S.K Ramesh- Dean of Cal St. U Northridge from USA, Dr. Stephanie Fareell (in picture) - VP of ASEE, Dr. Hans J. Hoyer – Executive Secretary of IFEES, Dr. John H. Beynon- Chairman of GEDC from Australia, Dr. Susan Kemnitzer- National Science Foundation from USA and Dr. Krishna Vedula – Executive Director of IUCEE. This is a rare opportunity for students to draw confidence from such prominent individuals from around the globe.

Roboversity Gesture Based Robotics Workshops - part of IUCEE Challenge 2016

Before the finals, Roboversity will organize two-day Gesture Based Robotics workshops in various colleges across India. These workshops help students learn how human machine interaction is implemented for real. Top performing students in the workshops will be shortlisted for the final event which will have an innovative problem statement encouraging a student to brainstorm for advanced project ideas. The winners of the competition will be rewarded with attractive cash prizes.

View more details: Roboversity IUCEE Challenge 2016

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An engineer is never fully dressed without innovative thinking. This competition offers an ideal stage for students to go out there and tinker their innovative mindset by learning emerging technologies!

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