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How do I get a MOOC certificate for Kerala Technological University (KTU)?


MOOC or Massive Open Online Courses are online courses that are available at affordable rates for students who would like a hand-on experience in certain concepts. Once procured, the courses take an upper hand in offering a career that's soaring. MOOC certificate is applicable for both students and teachers of almost all courses very prominently. Skyfi Labs offers these in several ranges, particularly for engineering courses. MOOC certificate for Kerala Technological University students has become necessary as it gives them extra points. This certificate also benefits professors wishing to alter their learning. Some courses are free of charge whilst others charge a certain fee.

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What is a MOOC in Education?

MOOC has supported many people with varied projects and courses with easy learning. There are a variety of sites providing simple and free learning. Some are even certified by highly known universities and gives a chance to its learners to be a part of that university. MOOC certificate courses are available through online lectures, project kits, online assignments, diplomas and degrees for students of various streams. The advancement of the education system through such kind of online learning has helped students even in remote areas.

The courses under this learning are curated by highly educated research scholars to reach the goals of each one who is a part of it.

MOOC can be accessed from any part of the globe via any system. Its variety of courses, degrees, diplomas, and projects has made it an essential part of certain institutes curriculum. MOOCs are available in two types namely xMOOC and cMOOC. Let us understand the difference between them.

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These types of courses are like classroom courses with a trainer or a teacher from a renowned institution. The learning includes online tutorials, projects, group discussions, and assessments. The lectures are entirely genuine and provide basic knowledge of the subject matter.


cMOOC offers an approach from the other side of the table. It follows the philosophy of connectivism where students impart their views and knowledge which is uploaded only after critical assessment. It is more of a group task where people from all across the globe can share their ideas and put forward their learning.

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What are the advantages of MOOCs?

Due to its variety of courses and everyday up-gradation MOOC certificate has been great in demand. Students from Kerala Technological University can avail of these courses or kits to benefit from them. Let us take a look at the advantages it offers its students.

  • MOOC can be availed at any given time at any given place. It does not require classroom learning and can work merely by an internet connection. A person located in some remote area can also be a part of the live discussions provided by MOOCs.
  • The course that is opted benefits in institutes curriculum and also considered by top-notch companies. Students can get good job offers with these courses and can also get extra points at their institutes.
  • These are available in most cases free of cost whereas others may cost a minimal amount.
  • The learning is provided by the best faculty in the globe and anyone can benefit from it.
  • A variety of subjects and courses are available for students from different streams. Certain courses that are not available at the institute may be available online so that adds an extra point to MOOC certificate courses.
  • Even before starting a course in college you will be well-read about the concept once you opt for MOOC courses.
  • Certain courses are suitable for school students as well who wish to be a part of a renowned university.

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How do I get a MOOC Certificate for Kerala Technological University (KTU)?

Skyfi Labs offer courses that could benefit students and provide a MOOC certificate for Kerala Technological University. There are unlimited courses and kits that we have in offer for students who wish to avail of them. Let us walk you through the areas we cover-

  • Python Projects
  • IoT Projects
  • Computer Vision Projects
  • Automation Projects
  • Robotics Projects
  • Smart City Projects
  • Raspberry Pi Projects
  • Electrical Projects
  • Mechanical Projects
  • Embedded Projects
  • Training & Internship
  • Electronic Projects
  • Machine Learning Projects
  • CAD Projects
  • Analytics Projects
  • Android Apps Projects
  • PLC Projects
  • Career Building Projects
  • Arduino Projects
  • School Projects
  • Wireless Projects
  • Solar Projects
  • Civil Projects

The above subjects further have many courses that can be taken up by students depending upon their interests. Once you avail any of the kits from the above-mentioned courses the kit or software will be shipped to you in 24 hours. These courses are picked up by highly experienced scholars. The kit provides an online course that can be done from any remote place. You also get an expert to have an online discussion and by the end of the course, you even get a certificate of completion.

This kit provides hand-on experience on the concept you indulge in so that you are an industrial ready engineer. The courses are recommended by high-grade companies and provides equal opportunity to students who have availed them. Since Kerala Technological University provides three credits for each course students can indulge in any course of their choice but only after consulting the concerned professor from the university.

How do I get a MOOC certificate for Kerala Technological University (KTU)?
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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