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Build a GPS Based Location Tracker Using Raspberry Pi

It is reported that for every 14 minutes there is a vehicle stolen in India, and there is 44% rise in the theft and attempt to theft last year and only few of the vehicles reported are recovered. Theft has to be prevented, even after prevention some of the vehicles will be stolen. The vehicle’s position can be known and tracked, by this the thief can be caught and the vehicle will be recovered. The Packages which are sent are not recieved at the destination, or may be delayed and using this project you can track your package.

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This project briefs about installing a GPS location tracker, by this you will be able to find your vehicle or to track a package. The tracker can be made by using a GPS, and Raspberry Pi, Wi-Fi module and an Wi-Fi network source. The GPS detects the latitude and longitude of the vehicle and it can also detect the height of elevation. This system can send the exact position of the vehicle or the package.

Project Description:

  • GPS module: GPS stands for Global positioning system and by using this module the position of the device can be known that is the latitude and longitude can be known. This Module shows the elevation that is the height above the sea level.
  • Raspberry Pi 3 B: Raspberry Pi is a Microprocessor which has 40 pins with 27 GPIO pins, it has a 1 Giga Bytes of RAM and a SD card slot for the storage or the ROM,it can be used as a mini computer for low computing operations, it has a dual band LAN, faster Ethernet, Bluetooth, it also has USB and HDMI ports for connecting devices. This device can be used as a server which we are doing in this project.

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  • Micro SD card: You will need a minimum of 8 gigabytes SD card for this project, this SD card is used as the ROM of the raspberry pi. Use 32 Gigabyte or 64 Gigabytes of
  • Li-Po battery: Raspberry Pi needs a power supply of 5V and 2A and Li-Po battery can be used for the power supply. Use 2500mAh li-po battery.
  • Voltage Regulator: The voltage regulators give a constant DC output voltage. The raspberry PI needs 5V constant DC voltage and 2A of current, use a voltage regulator that gives a constant 5V Dc output.
  • Mouse and keyboard: You will need this to control, monitor, and to configure the Pi.
  • Internet dongle: You will need internet connection to send and receive data to the user or the cloud.

Project Implementation:

  1. Download the Raspbian OS and install it in the micro SD card
  2. Download and install Python IDE 3.
  3. Program the Raspberry Pi to get the location from GPS and send it to the Cloud so that the user can track the loction.
  4. Google maps can be used to display the location of the device by continuously uploading the location data to the user.

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Project Brief: This project can locate your lost, or stolen vehicle or your package and using this location you can track the device. You can also use this project to spy on someone who has borrowed your car, like to track where the car is going, or to track any package.

Software requirements:

  1. Raspbian OS(Debian Linux): Raspbian operating systems are based on Linux, Raspberry pi are also compatible with Windows and IOS but prefer any Linux based OS
  2. Python IDE 3: Python IDE 3 is compiler where you can write and compile python program.
  3. Google maps API: you can use Google maps API to upload the location data.

Programing Language:

  1. Linux (terminal commands)
  2. Python
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GPS Based Location Tracker using Raspberry Pi
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-20

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