Best Arduino based final year projects


Arduino is a programmable microcontroller. It is simple and easy to use. Widely used for implementing various projects. Arduino is customizable and hence supports building a large number of projects.  It requires the minimum coding experience and possesses a cheap electronic component.

This open-source platform is used as the brain behind many projects, from basic to complex programming. It has taken the shape of a huge platform with the contributions of the users worldwide.

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Why Choose Arduino?

Why Choose Arduino?

Arduino is stated as the key tool to learn new things. Let us take a look at why you should go for Arduino over another platform. Listed below are the reasons why you should go for Arduino:

  • Cross-platform: Arduino is a software and driver that runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating system. All of them are open source. Like most microcontrollers are limited to Windows.
  • Cost-effective: In comparison with other microcontrollers, Arduino is inexpensive. It offers models that are cheap with options where you can assemble it by hand or even get preassembled ones.

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  • Clear and easy programming environment: Arduino software is designed in such a way that it is extremely easy for beginners. Along with those people who are advanced in Arduino programming, also benefit from it. It is specially designed for beginners to help them develop new and creative projects with ease.
  • Open source with extensible hardware and software: The Arduino is created on the basis of Atmel’s ATMEGA8 and ATMGA168 microcontrollers. It can be modified and designed by experienced users in their own way, extending and improving it as it is published under a Creative Commons license.

As for the software, it is published as an open-source tool where the language can be expanded through C++ libraries.

  • Simple board: Unlike the other types of microcontrollers which have a lot of complex parts like LEDs, LCD buttons, 7-segments, etc. Arduino is very simple. Shields like LCD and Wi-Fi can be added but it is up to the user to do so to increase functionality.
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Is Arduino an Embedded system?

A computer is an embedded system which is embedded in a larger machine or device programmed to perform tasks in an automated manner. The actual embedded systems use microcontrollers which is basically a small computer put inside a chip. This can further be used to communicate like analog to digital converters. It is an interdisciplinary area which involves programming of microcontrollers for example instruments, phones, consumer appliances, etc.

Arduino, on the other hand, is a small board with ATMega series of microcontrollers. It is basically a minute part of the embedded system which is just another microcontroller. Arduino can easily be referred to a drop of water in the vast ocean of the embedded system. To build prototypes of embedded system fast, Arduino can be used.

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How do i make a final year project?

A final year project is a project that final year engineering students need to complete. Scoring good marks in this project is important for your career in the future. It helps engineering students get a better understanding of their course of expertise.

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Gaining good marks in your project relies on how you present the project and how well you have researched on your topic. It is also important to select a good project. Following are some points that will help you make your final year project in an organized manner:

  • Selecting a subject that interests you: To make your project distinguished from others, it is necessary for you to select a topic from your area of interest. It can be based on a specific technology that picks your interest but which is not included in your academics. This project will help you get acquainted with your subject of interest. It will help you gain more experience in that particular field as well.
  • Providing a solution to a problem: For selecting a project topic, it is best to pick an issue of concern in your field of interest and provide a necessary solution to it. Using Google to look for relevant problems in the technical industries can also be done. Choosing such a project enhances your chances of gaining more credits.
  • Keeping touch with your mentor: While implementing the project, it is important for the individual or the group to have a mentor to consult during any urgency. For every difficulty that you might face it is important to have a mentor to interact with. It can be more than one mentor that you can refer to as long as it ensures that you build a successful project.
  • Building a team and select the project accordingly: To begin the project, a strong team should be built. Instead of taking charge of the entire project, you should always divide your work among a group of individuals. The different individuals of the group possess various qualities that can benefit the group in many ways.

Also selecting a project that matches the skills of the entire will help you build a better project.

  • Selecting a project that is trending: To select a suitable project for your final year, it is not suggested to pick a topic that has been utilized or worked upon before. A team should select a topic on the latest technologies for better grades. Working on latest technologies can also help you in your further studies as you possess knowledge about the modern industry.
  • Maximum utilization of all resources: After making a good team and getting comfortable on a relevant topic, you need to look for proper resources and technologies.
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Best Arduino based final year projects

To guide you with your final year project we, at Skyfi Labs, have created some hand-picked projects for you. These projects are designed to provide you detailed knowledge of the topic. They provide a futuristic scope that will suit your needs in the future.

Let us give you a brief insight into all the projects that we offer at Skyfi Labs.

1. Animatronic Hand: It is an interesting project where you will learn to build and operate robots that imitate human and animal activities. It has a futuristic scope that will enhance the quality of your project. Along with Arduino architecture and programming, you will also learn the design and fabrication of flex sensors and working of servo motors.

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2. Robotic Arm: Something that you have only seen in movies is something that you can build now. This innovative Arduino project teaches you to make a robot that can perform various tasks like picking, sorting, turning, etc. You will be taught Bluetooth communication, Arduino architecture and working of servo motor in this project.

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3. Biped Walking Robots: This Arduino project has a high futuristic scope where you will learn how to make humanoid robots. As part of this project, you will also learn about working of servo motors, robot’s locomotion, Arduino architecture and programming, etc.

Check details of the Biped Walking Robot project

4. Sixth Sense Robot: This Arduino project will give you an opportunity to work with one of the greatest industrial tool-robots. This course will teach you Python programming and computer vision. You will also learn about the workings of DC motors and motor driver circuit.

Check details of the sixth sense robot

5. Fire Fighting Robot: Making robots to fight fire is what our future should like. This course teaches students to use DC fan to put off fire with the help of digital IR sensor. You will also learn the use of the vision-guided system.

Check details of the firefighting robot

6. Hexapod: A hexapod is a kind of robot that moves on 6 legs, like an insect. This course will teach you to build your own hexapod robot with the strategy of how a hexapod crawls. Robot locomotion is an addition to all the things that you will get to learn in this course.

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7. Health Monitoring Wearable: Recently joining the latest trend of fitness is health monitoring devices that monitor pulse, steps, location, sleep, etc. This innovative course teaches you the workings and application of pulse sensor.

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8. Persistence of Vision: This course teaches you the dynamics of display systems technology. This is an interesting project that works with LEDs to give a magical touch to your Arduino project. You will learn the working and application of DC motors as well.

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9. Maze Solver Robot: This project creates a technology that enables you to create a robot that can work its way out of a maze. It uses infra-red optical sensors to detects blockages and actuates accordingly its way around.

Check details of the maze solver robot

10. Smart Irrigation System: This Arduino project helps you to understand how IoT contributes to important domains of our lives like irrigation and agriculture. You will learn the calibration of sensors and also the development of Virtuino app in this course.

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11. Swarm Robotics: This Arduino project enables you to learn how two robots can communicate with each other. It offers massive scope for the future as you learn about robot locomotion, swarm communication and more.

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12. Bluetooth Robotics Project: This Arduino project helps you to learn how you can control a robot through Bluetooth. In this Arduino project, you will also learn Bluetooth communication and how robotic system works along with Arduino programming.

Check details of Bluetooth robotics project

13. Wi-Fi controlled robot: Wi-Fi has enabled us to control a number of devices, robots are also one of them. Through the networking concepts and ways of wireless communication taught in this project, you will figure out how to control a robot through Wi-Fi.

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14. GPS and GSM based Tracker: GPS and GSM are two important technologies which have taken over the world. In this Arduino project along with Arduino architecture, you will also learn to integrate GPS and GSM practically.

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15. Biometric Authentication: In the modern world, biometric authentication is gaining popularity for various purpose of security. This Arduino project will teach you to build a biometric reader and also the programming and architecture of Arduino.

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16. Automated Street Lighting: To curb electricity consumption in our modern world, IoT contributes various projects to society. This Arduino project will give you a view of the various concepts of IoT and teach you about interfacing and calibrating sensors.

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17. Smart Water Monitoring: This IoT based Arduino project is a stepping stone towards the future. This project will give you hands-on experience with flow sensors. It also records and analyses the flow of water through a pipe.

View more about Smart water monitoring using IoT

18. Gesture-Based Robotics: This innovative project creates a link between humans and machines where the robot acts according to the information provided to it through gestures. It can be done through simple gestures with the help of the accelerometer sensor. As part of this project, you will learn to calibrate the sensor, robot’s locomotion, etc.

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19. CNC Machine using Arduino: This Arduino project gives you a glance into the industrial world and teaches you how to build a CNC machine. With the application of G codes and Arduino interfacing, you will learn to perform operations like cutting, drilling, and milling.

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20. Home Automation system using IoT: In this IoT based Arduino project, you will learn the special ways in which you can turn your entire home into a system that you can operate through your phone. This project uses Bluetooth technology and teaches you the concepts of IoT and Arduino.

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21. Sensor Guided Robotics: Robots are the future. This Arduino project teaches you how to develop a sensor guided robot. You will learn about the concepts of phototrophic and photophobic. IR sensor, Arduino UNO board, and DC motor are used to develop the Robot.

Check details of the sensor guided robotics project

22. Smart Energy Meter using GSM: This GSM based Arduino project enables you to record the energy consumed. It uses GSM technology that will keep you updated about the amount of energy consumed. You will also learn about electrical loads and measures in this project.

Check details of the sensor guided robotics project

23. Automatic Solar Tracker: A new type of device to generate solar power is widely used by people these days. In this Arduino project, you will learn about photoresistors in electronic systems and the workings of the solar energy system.

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24. 3D Printer: This discovery has taken the world by storm and has a big futuristic scope. In this Arduino project, you will learn to print 3D objects that you can also use it to build your own project. In addition to Arduino programming, you will learn about RAMPS Board, SMPS and Motor Driver, also Additive manufacturing.

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If you want guidance with your final year Arduino project, We at Skyfi Labs will provide you with one of the greatest projects along with kits.  Our exceptional online course will provide you the knowledge with all the guidance that you may need while developing your project. If you face any difficulties, our experts are available to clear all your doubts at once.

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Best Arduino based final year projects
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