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Free Raspberry Pi based project ideas for hobbyists


Ever since its introduction Raspberry Pi has been prominent. It is a microcomputer board which facilitates any activity. Today we have various Raspberry Pi projects that students can participate in. These projects go parallel with the tech of the current system and are being used in larger industries as well. These projects are available at affordable rates and are handy. Now you need not go anywhere to build the Raspberry bi based project you will find all the Raspberry Pi Projects for hobbyists available here. Let's get started.

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1. Home Automation System using IoT & Raspberry Pi

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Difference Between an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi

Both Raspberry Pi and Arduino have peculiar characteristics and are used depending on the requirement of the project. Let us understand the difference between both.



Capable of running multiple programs at a time.

Cannot run multiple programs at a time.

It can be connected to Bluetooth and the internet using Wi-Fi or USB port.

Requires external hardware to be connected to Bluetooth internet.

It provides an SD storage port. 

It has internal storage.

Can be programmed using several programming languages.

Can be programmed by using only Arduino or C or C++. 

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Latest projects on Raspberry Pi

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What Can You Do with a Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi and its uses are unlimited. It can be used for the tiniest task at home to major machinery in industries. Its invention has been a boon for the tech field because of its easy accessibility and multitude of tasks performed. Let us see which areas does it cover.

  • Home Automation
  • Computer System
  • Space Stations
  • Military Set Up
  • Government Security
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Gaming
  • Cloud Computing
  • VPN
  • Robotics
  • Entertainment Sector
  • Corporate Offices

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Free Raspberry Pi Based Project Ideas for Hobbyists

1. IoT using Raspberry Pi

The Internet of Things utilizes key actuators and sensors to create greater applications. This project is based on the Board of the Raspberry Pi. The principle is to gather temperature and humidity data and display them live over the internet. 


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2. Surveillance Robot

Raspberry Pi is mostly seen in surveillance machinery this project too deals with it. The module can work form a remote location where live images are shown. This one of the trending projects among the hobbyists.


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3. Surveillance Camera Using IoT

Another surveillance project designed to be used in personal space. The idea is based on keeping an eye on loved ones or pets at home. Raspberry Pi is used for displaying on-screen images. 


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4. Raspberry Pi Robot

A robot-based project using raspberry pi this one is controlled through a laptop. Raspberry Pi is used as a microcontroller and Python language is used to program this module.


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5. Automatic Smart Parking System

Along with raspberry pi, IoT has made tasks much easier. This parking network project using raspberry pi sends users data for empty slots where they can park their cars. This module is about IR sensors functioning. 

6. IoT based Biometric Implementation on Raspberry Pi

The new age calls for a better security system and this Raspberry pi project assures the same. It is based on access through fingerprints voice or ECG. No one can tamper this process. The working of this module is based on Raspberry Pi.

7. IoT Based Weather Station

A project on getting real-time data on weather conditions. Now you will be notified about the temperature, humidity and air quality on your phones. This project is based on IoT and Raspberry Pi.

8. IoT based Home Automation using Raspberry Pi

Now your task will get easier by controlling all the appliances at home. This module is based on it and uses Raspberry Pi for doing it. 

9. Smart Trash Can Using Internet of Things

Technology also helps in keeping the environment green and clean. This Raspberry pi project is based on the cleaning environment by notifying the municipal people about the garbage bins being filled. This way they can send their people to clean it. This project is IoT based and uses Raspberry Pi as a microcontroller.

10. Ball Tracking Robot Using Raspberry Pi

This Raspberry project is based on a robot that uses a camera to track down specific ball based on color, shape, and size. The data will already be loaded in the system and the robot will do its job. Raspberry Pi is used as a microcontroller for its easy access.

11. Automatic Human Follower Trolley using Raspberry pi

Wouldn’t it be easier if you hadn't had to drag trolley at malls and supermarkets? This module is based on building a smart trolley that will follow you wherever you go with the help of image processing.

12. Personal Cloud using Raspberry Pi

Many companies offer cloud storage for people from any part of the globe to use. But those companies charge a certain amount. So, this module helps you create your own personal cloud that you can use from any part of the world. This project is IoT-based and is using Raspberry Pi. 

13. Remote Monitoring using IoT

This Raspberry pi project has helped larger industries to keep an eye on each stage of manufacturing processes. Even smaller industries have benefitted from it. Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi are behind the making of this project.

14. Smart Mirror

And you tend to forget reminders that are stuck on the fridge, or you sometimes have to go check the time on the clock. This smart mirror is the best for you, as it has installed weather, reminder and clock info. Now, whenever you look at the mirror it serves its dual purpose. Raspberry Pi board is used as a microcontroller here. 

Some more projects based on Raspberry Pi are mentioned below:

Free Raspberry Pi based project ideas for hobbyists
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