Good final year projects on Arduino for engineering students


Final year projects are essential for building a good career and also to achieve personal and professional growth. Academic projects that you do in your final year reflect on your career and allows potential employers to understand where your interests lie and what your skills are. There are several domains available for students nowadays, thanks to the break-neck pace at which technology is growing, and this is why choosing a good final year project is of utmost importance. While there are many innovative domains to choose from, being able to distinguish between a good idea and a good project will go a long way in helping you create a good CV for yourself. For students pursuing ECE and EEE, Arduino provides an excellent platform to build the final year project.

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Importance of final year project

Let’s start by discussing why final year projects are so important. We have heard people talking about how the engineering system in India is theoretical, with less opportunity for more hands-on experience. Well, the one place where students do get the freedom to explore and innovate is in their final year engineering project. So, it is safe to say that the final year project is a monumental piece of work that goes a long way in helping potential employers gauge the skill of a student.

When you apply for a job at an MNC or a corporate company, many ask about what you worked on for your final year project. They do so because hearing you talk about your project will give them a good idea about where your interests lie and what amount of skill you have in that field. It is also a good way for them to gauge how innovative and creative you are. The more unique your project, the more impressed they will be by your choice of topic. Generally, the three things that are scrutinized the most during a job interview are your internships, your CGPA, and your final year project. So, make sure you make it count.

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Benefits of final year projects

Here are some benefits of final year projects:

  • Enhances your CV to a large extent
  • Attract interviewer’s attention
  • Research-based projects help to streamline your CV while applying for Master’s while industry-oriented ones enlarge your job prospects
  • Helps you branch out and explore new avenues
  • Allows you to learn about concepts that you might have skipped in your coursework.
  • Encourages innovation

Latest projects on Arduino

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  • Helps in building your interdisciplinary skills
  • It is the single most significant piece of work during your course
  • Allows you to show off a wide range of skills
  • Encourages integration of material learned in various course units
  • Combines and tests your problem solving, studying and communication, both written and spoken skills
  • Gauges a student’s ability to carry out serious work
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Points to Remember

  1. Ensure you have a proper literature review to showcase where your work lies in the broader perspective of things
  2. Find a problem that you are passionate about solving and start working on it. Define the objectives of the project and gather the required background information.
  3. Communicate effectively with your supervisor
  4. Choose the project from your area of interest so that you will enjoy working on it. This way you will complete it without feeling bored.
  5. Don’t take a ready-made project from a senior or someone you know because this hampers your growth as a student
  6. Choose suitable partners and learn to develop team-building skills
  7. Select the project that adds value to your CV. Do not go for one your friend or mentor suggested without thinking twice about it.
  8. Pick an advisor based on how they can contribute towards the project. Think of how much of an asset they can be while guiding you.
  9. Work on three or four proposals that are in line with your interest. This way you have more options to present your idea in a better way.
  10. Choose an area that will grow and evolve in the future
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What is Arduino and What can you do with it?

What is Arduino and What can you do with it?

Arduino is a device which helps you build electronic projects. It houses a pre-programmed microcontroller and an integrated development environment (IDE) that helps you write and upload code. It helps in the creation of projects by taking inputs from various sensors and then actuating a response to these stimuli. The programs that run the device can be fed into it via a USB cable, making data transfer easy and hassle-free. The IDE of Arduino utilizes a simple and more accessible version of C++ programming. Hence it provides a relaxed environment for students to code on.  The board has a form factor that breaks micro-controller functions into manageable chunks.

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Why Arduino?

Making projects with Arduino is a popular choice for many students due to its large-scale applications. Arduino has been creating waves ever since it hit the market. Arduino has become a popular option for students trying to complete their final year project. This increase in interest has led to the evolution and development of several new kinds of Arduino projects as people are now playing around with this technology to extract something unique from it.

The applications of this technology are widespread and far-flung with several automation systems now depending on it to function. It is an excellent field to base your final year project because it is a technology that is adapting to the world around it and has interdisciplinary applications. There is much research going on around it, to improve it and make it more efficient and hence, there is much scope for it. It is a technology that looks like its here to stay and hence, developing some expertise on it will help you when you enter the job market.

Another reason student prefers to go for an Arduino project is because it is cost-effective and easy to program. Arduino can also be used to design prototypes, and this ensures that the project can flow from designing to testing to creating the final product.

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Good Arduino Projects for Final Year Engineering Students

While there are many options available, choosing the right project is crucial in submitting a great final year project. So, here are some project ideas to help you out.

1. Animatronic Hand

Animatronics is the perfect combination of mechanical and electrical engineering and has several real-world applications. They are mostly used in robotics and other fields that require automation as a means to mimic human movements. This Arduino project will test your mechanical design, drafting, dynamics of machinery and embedded systems knowledge to the limit and is a great Arduino project to pick up due to its interesting and practical nature.

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2. Hexapod

Hexapod is the name given to any robot that has six legs and what makes this unique is the fact that it can replicate an insect’s movements with ease. This technology is extensively used to create multi-legged robots which are now finding applications in various sectors such as agriculture, surveillance, and terrain adaptable vehicles. Whenever the road ahead is not smooth such robots are sent out because they can maneuver across all kinds of terrain with ease. This Arduino project will combine knowledge regarding sensors and actuators, motors and Arduino architecture and it is a great idea that you can consider.

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3. Swarm Robots

Swarm robots are the ultimate class of robots which are capable of connecting and communicating with each other. This technology has a massive scope in the field of surveillance and warfare. The robots which are built for this purpose are highly intelligent and must be capable of coordinating amongst each other to get the work done. Arduino programming enables to utilise a master-slave communication link which helps the robots work efficiently. The master robot controls the slave robot while performing its own task. This Arduino project is an amalgamation of mechanics, communication engineering and Arduino programming.

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4. Home Automation using IoT

New technology has made it possible for us to automate a lot of things which previously required human effort. One of the newest things that have undergone automation is our homes. Everything from increasing the speed of a fan to switching off the water heater can now be done via wireless communication. This Arduino project utilise Arduino to create a home automation system.

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5. Bi-ped Walking Robot

Humanoid robots are the future of robotics and hence getting your hands dirty creating one will go a long way in helping you prepare for the future. This Arduino project uses an Arduino to program a bi-ped robot which is capable of mimicking human motion mainly walking.

Check details of the Biped Walking Robot project

6. Smart Irrigation Systems

Water scarcity and falling groundwater reserves are a cause of worry to all of us. As farming is still one of the major income sources for people in India, any innovation in this field is welcomed, This Arduino project aims to reduce the wastage of water by increasing the efficiency of water usage.

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7. Sensor Guided Robots

Some of the first robots built were line-follower robots that could move in a straight line. While we have come a long way since then, it is always good to go back to the basics. This Arduino project focuses on robots that can gauge and avoid obstacles, move in a straight line and communicate with sensors to move as per the environment is a good way to familiarize yourself with robots.

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8. Persistence of vision

We are all used to optical illusions and have often gotten amazed by them. The main reason why such illusions occur is the fact that our eyes retain images that we see in quick succession. This phenomenon is called Persistence of vision or POV. It has several real-world applications. This is the project to choose if you are interested in signages, clocks and digital display systems. This Arduino project brings the best of electronics together as it tries to decode the mysteries behind embedded systems and digital electronics. This Arduino project will help you to build a rotating display using LED lights which create pre-programmed letters using Arduino architecture and programming concepts.

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9. Automatic solar tracker

Solar Tracker is a device that will automatically orient itself into the direction of high-intensity sunlight to harness the maximum solar power. If you find yourself interested in learning renewable energy systems technology, then solar tracker project is a gateway into it.  Arduino board is used as a processing unit for this project.

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10. Weather monitoring system using Arduino

In this Arduino project, you will learn to build a device sensitive to temperature variations. It streams the temperature and humidity data over the internet to the user at a remote location. This project helps you to improve your knowledge of Electronics and Communication.

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11. Automated street lighting system

This Arduino project mainly teaches you how to build a light-sensitive device that turns the streetlights ON/ OFF automatically depending on the intensity of sunlight falling on it. Not just this, you will also get a chance to work on interfacing and calibrating the sensors. A smart way to use this technology to efficiently save energy is worth learning.

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12. Smart water monitoring

This course involves making an Arduino based Smart Water Monitoring System that controls and manages the flow of water through the pipe. By working on this Arduino project, you will learn about Arduino concepts, Arduino architecture, and calibration of flow sensors. Building a device that really helps in saving water should be a part of your course learning.

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13. Smart Building using Arduino

This course enables you to build an Arduino based smart device that can sense the number of occupants in a meeting room and automatically turn the lights ON/OFF based on occupancy. PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensor is used to achieve the above-mentioned task. This is an efficient way to save electricity for domestic purposes.

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14. Robotic Arm

In this Arduino project, you will develop a robotic arm that can be associated with your smart phone through Bluetooth and can be controlled by an Android App. Arduino Uno board is used to program the robotic arm. Servo motors are used as actuators that make the robot to achieve movements in three degrees of freedom. HC-05 Bluetooth module is used to connect the robotic arm to the mobile.

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15. Mobile Robotics

Mobile robots have the benefit of range as the coverage area is more for mobiles. As part of this Arduino project, you will build a robot that can be controlled by a mobile that makes a call to another mobile associated with the robot.

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16. Gesture based robotics

Gesture controlled robot is a semi-autonomous robot which is controlled by hand gestures. Accelerometer sensor is used to detect the movement of the hand. The Robot takes inputs from the sensor and moves accordingly.

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17. Sixth-sense robot

Sixth sense technology is a progressive method to magnify the physical world around us and allows the users to control robots using image processing algorithms. In this Arduino project, you will develop a robot using Arduino and image processing algorithms to control the robot.

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18. Wi-Fi controlled robot

Wi-Fi has turned into an integral part of our lives today and there is a number of gadgets which we control through Wi-Fi. In this Arduino project, you will develop a robot which can be controlled remotely through your laptop using Wi-Fi. The Robot is connected to the internet with the help of the Wi-Fi module and can be controlled through commands given through laptop.

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19. Fire-fighting robot

Fire-fighting is a very dangerous job because of that now robots can be used to perform this task which will reduce the risk of injury to humans. As part of this Arduino project, you will develop a robot which detects the fire with the help of IR (Infra-Red) sensors and extinguishes it using a fan powered by a DC motor. The robot is programmed using Arduino microcontroller to accomplish the desired task.

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20. Maze solver robot

In this Arduino project, you will develop a robot that can discover its way out from a maze of puzzling lines. IR sensors will be utilized to recognize the maze lines and send information to the microcontroller. The robot will travel through the maze field utilizing the infrared optical sensors. When the robot detects a junction, it cleverly chooses the path using a special algorithm.

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21. Bluetooth robotics

In this Arduino project, you will build a robot which can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth. An Android application is used to give instructions to the robot. The robot is programmed to decode these signals and move accordingly. As part of this project you will learn about: Arduino architecture, Bluetooth communication, and working of motors.

Check details of Bluetooth robotics project

22. 3D Printer

3D Printers revolutionized manufacturing by making it easier than ever before to create prototypes and design simple machines. There is a lot of research going on in this field as people feel it is a pioneering one which has a lot of scopes. This Arduino project makes great use of Arduino Programming and aims to create a fully-functioning 3D printer capable of creating small objects and products.

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23. CNC Machine

CNC machines are an integral part of any manufacturing or production unit and a must-have in any machine shop. It can be used to create highly accurate and precise workpieces and maybe expensive due to their high functionality. Well, what if I told you they aren’t so hard to manufacture?

This Arduino project will help you build a 3 axis CNC machine which can perform machining operations such as drilling, milling, and cutting. The best advantage of building such a machine is that it can be activated by both G-codes and Arduino. This Arduino project will make you work with stepper motors, Arduino board, G Codes, CNC calibration and programming helping you polish your interdisciplinary skills.

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Hope you got some good information about final year projects on Arduino.

If you are very interested in Arduino projects and want to develop the skills on it, we at Skyfi Labs are there to help you. We have developed some amazing online project-based courses using which you can learn and build innovative Arduino projects right from your home. The components needed will be shipped to your doorstep and you can use the kit & the online tutorials to complete the project with 100% output. You can interact with our experts 1-1 and clear all your doubts while building the project.

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Good final year projects on Arduino for engineering students
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