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5 Things to look for in Summer Training Programs for Electronics and Electrical Engineering Students

With industries adopting Robotics, IoT & Automation to increase their efficiency, ECE and EEE Engineers are going to be in demand in the future. But industry needs practically skilled hands-on engineers who are capable of showing results. So if you are an ECE/ EEE engineer you should look for opportunities to upgrade your practical hands-on skills and increase your job prospects.

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Summer training programs provide you such opportunity to utilize your summer vacation effectively to learn and acquire practical skills that are much needed for a core job in the future. While this is obvious, students should choose their Summer Training Programs carefully so that they develop right skills without wasting their valuable time and money.

Here we have compiled 5 things that you need to look for when you are choosing a summer training program:

1) Hands-on Learning Experience:

“for the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”


Learning by building projects is the best way of learning for an Engineer. Through this learning approach you can absorb knowledge not only by listening, but also by experiencing them through developing projects. Developing projects hands-on, helps you to get your basics right and you will also develop additional skills like problem solving ability, critical thinking, etc., which you can’t get through text-book learning.

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So look out for summer training programs that offer you hands-on experience by building projects rather than just theoretical explanations.

2) Programming Experience:

Code: 21st Century’s Oxygen

Autonomous cars and fully automated industries are no more luxury; these technologies had become an integral part of our life. And programming codes play a vital role in making this technology function smoothly. Any hardware without the proper software loaded into it, becomes useless. Such is the importance to learn programming and master the complete technology. Moreover, programming is not something that you can master through your text-books; you have to experience them to master it. Getting programming experience will help you to understand the logic, how to test the program and how to debug it to get proper output from a device.

Summer training program that offers you programming experience should be preferred over other conventional training programs to master a technology completely.

3) Latest Technologies:

Robots are beginning to cross that line from absolutely primitive motion to motion that resembles animal or human behaviour.

That is the pace in which the technology is advancing. From small-scale industrial robots to the advanced robots that assist in space walks, every industry is starting to implement automated systems onto their operations to smoothen their process. Scope for such advancing technologies is wide, but becoming a skilled engineer in these technologies is not possible through text-books. You need to understand these technologies from basics and developing projects on these latest technologies will help you to learn them better.

So as an EEE/ ECE student you should look for summer training programs that involve latest technologies.

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4) Trainer/ Training Company’s Credibility:

When you go for such summer training program you should always look for the company’s credibility. As there are so many companies arising every day in the field of training to make quick money, you should be very careful in choosing the right one who can train you well.

Here are a few guidelines that’ll help you decide:

  • Check about the founders of the company. Are they having reputed background?
  • Check about the partners of the company and if they have prestigious clients.
  • Check for reviews on social media/ Google/ Quora etc. See if there are any complaints on them.
  • See if their facebook pages are active or dead.
  • See their website is live with up-to-date information and clear information for students.
  • Check with your friends or seniors about their feedback.
  • Check if their certificates are fool-proof and have unique numbers that are verifiable. Don’t trust paper certificates as they can be printed by anyone.
  • See their experience in conducting programs and for how many years they have been operating.

Credibility of the company is more important as it directly indicates the quality of the training program that you will be getting.

5) Duration of the program:

Duration of the summer training program is one other important criterion which you need to look into before deciding. The duration should be adequate, because if it is very long (15-20 days) you will lose focus, get bored and end up spending a lot of money for travel and accommodation. If it is very short (2-3 days), the learning will be relatively less and you will not have sufficient time to process the knowledge as well as get experienced in it.

So you can go for summer training programs that offer 5-7 days long training, which will be adequate for you to acquire knowledge as well as get some experience in them through developing projects.

Skyfi Labs Summer Training Programs for EEE/ ECE Students

Skyfi Labs Summer Training Programs:

Skyfi Labs Summer training program provides you a platform to develop your core skills by building projects, not just by theoretical explanations. The summer training programs offered for ECE/EEE students are: 6 Days IoT Bootcamp, 7 Robots in 6 days. Spending your summer to develop skills in these areas will surely put you a step ahead in your path of becoming a practical hands-on engineer. All the Best!

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5 Things to look for in Summer Training Programs for Electronics and Electrical Engineering Students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-04-02

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