Good internship ideas for Electrical Engineering (EEE) students

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Good internship ideas for Electrical Engineering (EEE) students

In today’s hyper competitive job market, internships are becoming a must-have on CV for any engineering student. Many engineering students want to go for internships, but they are not really sure why they want to do an internship? Or what is the purpose of an internship?

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They are just told that doing internships will help them to get a good job.

So why do companies/ employers prefer students who had done internships?

Employers believe that engineering students with internship experience, when compared with those who did not, have better skills and ability to work hands-on on live projects. They also have better understanding of work in industry and hence can take effective career decisions.

During internships engineering students are provided with an effective platform to figure out their own personal priorities and get real insights about how corporates work. This makes the companies work easy as students who had already done internship knows about the corporate work culture and don’t require much training on them.

Sometimes internships will expose engineering students on what career path not to take which will help them to identify their area of interest. This will help them not to waste time on a wrong career path.

Even at internships, students get feedback from other professionals on what skills they need to work on and what are the areas they should improve. This will prove to be a valuable take away point for engineering students.

If you are an EEE student looking to go for internship, this article will give you some valuable insights about the internships,

What are the traits you should develop during your internship?

Traits an electrical and electronics engineer should develop to secure good internships
  1. Eagerness to learn: If you are a person who likes to ask lots of questions, observe and take notes, then internships are a great place for you to develop it as a trait. No matter what kind of people you meet during your internship, you will have something to learn from them.

    Asking for help, however vulnerable it may feel at that time, helps you to gain a new perspective and add value to the process on what you have assigned Eagerness to learn is one of the traits you should develop at your internship that will come long way in your career.

  2. Taking more responsibilities:You might have seen a lot of people who operate only within their job descriptions. They are not bothered about anything that is outside their responsibility. But that is rather a wrong approach which you should not develop.

    When you are at internships always go an extra mile to step outside your responsibility and assist others who need an extra hand. You can hang around for some extra time and do things that will streamline a process and increase the efficiency. If practiced right, this trait will follow when you go for your first job which will make you an asset for that company.

  3. More resourcefulness: You might have come across people who need everything in place to start a task or begin a project. But rather than waiting for everything, you can do all the research to get all the materials and then begin the process.

    This makes you more resourceful and will create a very good impression about you in the workplace. When you are at your internship go the extra mile and be more resourceful to your seniors/ colleagues. Developing this trait is tough but once you do your mindset will change accordingly.

  4. Building relationships with others: Companies crave for people who are hungry to learn more and willing to take additional responsibilities. But in order to do multiple roles, you need to build a relationship with members who are working in other teams.

    Generally people will be more conservative and will concentrate on their job roles only. But when you are at your internship, come out of your comfort zone and interact with others who are part of other teams to understand their work nature, goals and objectives. This will help you to know how the business operates as a whole. This character will fetch you lot of positives when you go your first job.

Some important tools for EEE students to increase their internship prospects:

Before you apply for an EEE internship, you can equip yourself with some of the following tools to impress your interviewer and get good internships.

  1. MATLAB: More than million engineers and scientists use MAT LAB. It is a powerful language for technical computing.
  2. Labview: It is system design software that provides engineers, scientists with the tools needed to create, deploy measurement and control systems through unprecedented hard ware integration.
  3. ECAD: It is created for electrical control systems. This tool includes all the functionality of Auto- CAD plus a complete set of electrical CAD features.
  4. PSCAD: It is software developed for analysing and designing Analog, Digital Electronic, Electrical circuits and Power Electronic systems.
  5. Mi-power: Mi-power is a highly interactive and user-friendly power system analysis package.
  6. DSPACE: Industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, commercial and many others rely on DSPACE systems to develop and test electronic control units.
  7. EMTP-RV (Electro Magnetic Tran-Silent Program): It is for simulation and analysis of power system transients.
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What are the companies that offer internship for EEE students?

There are a lot of companies that offer internships for EEE students. You should go for internship at companies that falls within your area of interest.

To name a few companies that offer internship for EEE students,
  1. Schneider Electric
  2. ABB
  3. Robert Bosch
  4. Siemens
  5. General Electric
  6. BHEL
  7. Volkswagen
  8. Daimler India
  9. Volvo
  10. BEL
  11. John Deere
  12. SAIL
  13. L&T Electricals
  14. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
  15. Bharti Airtel Limited
  16. Wipro Ltd
  17. Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
  18. Honeywell
  19. ONGC

You can simply search for these companies in Google to get their official website. You can browse through their website to understand their work and check if they have some internship offerings in your area of interest.

How to apply for internships?

You can find information about the internships offered by various companies in many public forums. Some of the commonly used ones are internshala, letsintern, twenty19, hellointern etc.

You can register on these forums to get timely updates and notification about the internships. You will also be able to apply for the internships in these forums directly. They even display the status of your internship in that portal itself to ease the recruitment process.

If you want to apply for other government organizations/ MNCs you can visit their careers/ offerings page on their website, where they would have mentioned about their current openings and their interview process.

Generally, companies will ask for the resume, cover letter, bonafide certificate and other Bachelor transcripts. So prepare them in advance and show it to your seniors/ faculties to get their inputs and make changes accordingly.

What can you do other than Internships?

Things an eee engineer can do other than internships

If for some reason you are unable to get an internship, don’t worry. There are plenty of other opportunities that you can utilize to develop similar skills and experience you get by doing an internship. For example, you can try the following activities instead of wasting your holidays.

  1. Hands-on training programs: Attending hands-on training programs are the traditional way to learn new technologies and develop skill sets. You can undergo summer training programs or winter training programs that are offered by reputed institutions to spend your vacations in a productive manner. You can choose the training programs as per your requirements and improve your skills accordingly.
  2. Building Projects: You can improve your skill sets by building projects on latest technologies to understand them better. Learning while building projects will be an effective approach for you to gain necessary skills. This experience will also add values to your profile and you can use that to impress your recruiter, as most companies prefer candidates who are more hands-on. You can also try several online project building courses.
  3. E-Learning: This is also an effective way for you to learn and gain new skills. There are various online platforms available for you, through which you can enroll for some certification courses. Top mentions include Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, Simplilearn etc. The advantage of doing these courses is that you can just log in anytime, anywhere and learn without any hassle. You will also be awarded a certificate of completion which you can use to showcase skills to recruiters.

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