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Skills that you can develop through mechatronics summer training program


As mechatronics involves amalgamation of Mechanical, Electrical/ Electronics along with Computer Programming technologies, getting skilled on this technology is not easy. Only way to develop skills on mechatronics technology is to build innovative projects with your own hands. And joining summer training program will provide you the necessary exposure and time to develop the skillsets. Following summer training program is offered by Skyfi Labs in the field of mechatronics.

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Why summer training program is important to learn mechatronics?

Who wouldn't want to imbibe the qualities and skills required to become a good mechatronics engineer? We all know that this field has got loads of competition as it involves amalgamation of Mechanical, Electrical along with Computer Programming technologies.

But getting skilled in this technology is not easy. As it involves oneself to be better at interdisciplinary knowledge, very few people are eligible to get core jobs in this field. And the potential that this field has in the current era is very huge. As early as you start learning the concepts, better will be your understanding of the mechatronics technology.

Summer training programs are an excellent option for you to learn and gain valuable skills on mechatronics technology. And it provides a great platform to practice this amazing technology by building real-time projects.

Therefore students studying across varied streams should attend the summer training program in mechatronics provided by Skyfi Labs. To shine up with flying colors among the multitudes you need to work on your skill sets with a competitive spirit. You need to first focus on computing and electronics and to keep it progressive there is a requirement of deep understanding of mechanical engineering concepts. Software tools also play a vital role as mechatronics systems should be programmed for efficient working.

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Skyfi Lab summer training program ensures your learning by giving you amazing hands-on training and makes you efficient enough to be a good mechatronics engineer. Students often face problems in getting their first job as companies prefer experienced and skilled candidates. And Mechatronics is a field where hands-on expertise is a must. Hence, it is very important for students to develop their hands-on skills by building mechatronics projects as much as possible in this summer vacation through summer training programs. Therefore, utilizing your summer vacation through these courses is a great opportunity to maximize your chance in getting a good core job.

why summer training is required to learn mechatronics

Important skills to gain in mechatronics bootcamp summer training program

  • Mechatronics blends the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering therefore its interdisciplinary approach gives you an effective platform to gain knowledge on multiple branches. And due to this versatility and acquisition of varied skills and knowledge, engineers who are skilled in mechatronics will get an edge in getting the core job.
  • The summer training program in Mechatronics improves your knowledge on working with sensors and actuators, controlling algorithms, programming logics, design considerations, and advanced functional materials applicable in mechanical systems. This knowledge will surely put you ahead of your peers during the core job placements.
  • The summer training program also builds your ability to analyze and identify complex problems. Identifying problems and solving them quickly and efficiently is difficult and it is not a skill which you can develop by reading books. You need to work on real-time projects to develop such analytical skills. And attending summer training programs is the best way to go about it.
  • Through summer training programs you basically gain good practical knowledge on programming and mechanical systems. Especially programming, as it plays an integral role to make the mechanical systems work efficiently. Since you will work on real-time projects, you get to practice the programming logics and debug it for errors.
  • To pursue a career on Mechatronics, Skyfi Labs summer training programs help you in learning the core concepts and technologies. As you build the projects in a team, you will not only develop the technical skills but also get a chance to improve your leadership skills. And not only that, the experience that you gain in this program will surely impress your future recruiters.

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important skills to gain in mechatronics bootcamp

Following are some of the mechatronics projects that you can build in the mechatronics summer training program:

Bipedal robot -walking made simple

Walking machine influences all areas of daily and industrial life and, with the fast evolution of artificial intelligence, these robots will eventually become a real partner of human beings.

Well! You can see how from the technical point of view, we have already witnessed a large number of companies investing huge amounts to develop walking robots. This development basically establishes a confidence level, allowing us to build something that looks like us, works like us, commutes like us and moves like us. Imagine a walking robot being able to interact with humans without boring them.

You must be thinking why biped machines, right?

It is simply because of the infrastructure of our societies, which is designed for humans (i.e. to walk on 2 legs). Everything around us possesses human measures. And making robots that can walk like humans can help us to use them effectively in the industries.

So, if you are one such innovator who is looking to build a biped walking robot then you can join this summer training program and learn it directly with the experts.

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bipedal robot walking made simple

Animatronic hands

If you have massive craze on robots that can animate or mimic gestures and capable enough to execute an operation precisely with intricate design, then you should definitely join the summer training program in mechatronics to build an animatronics project for yourself.

Skyfi Labs mechatronics boot camp summer training program helps you to develop a greater understanding of mechatronics technology where machines/ robots imitate human and animal instincts. This summer training program lets you gain knowledge by building cool projects which as a result, helps in excelling your hands-on skills and understanding of the concepts. You can build machines and control them by moving your hands, fingers and facial muscles.

Why hand? Well! We all know hand is the most useful organ and a key to deliver gestures. Therefore we train students by letting them implement innovative ideas and build an animatronics hand that would mimic the human gestures accurately.

So, with the advent of technology in the field of Mechatronics, this summer training program provides a wide understanding of concepts and also the knowledge on how to design, fabricate and control an animatronics hand using embedded systems.  

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animatronic hand

Hexapod: bluetooth controlled

A hexapod is a mechanical robot or rather a compressible robot with articulated mechanisms that walks on six legs. Hexapod robots are stable and can even move in slightly rocky region or uneven terrains seamlessly. This capability finds its application across diverse technological fields like military, surveillance etc.

Manufacturing techniques has now successfully improved the design of fast running hexapod family of robots. With the help of the techniques we are able to make our palm-sized, confined-space crawling robot completely autonomous. Sounds cool?

Simultaneously you will also learn to build your very own Hexapod Robot that can be controlled using your smartphone via Bluetooth. The course is also equipped with scratch based block programming modules that make programming the hexapod super easy for beginners who don’t have much knowledge on programming.

By building this project in the summer training program, you will practically learn about Robot's Locomotion, Crawling Strategy of Hexapods, Servo Motors Working, Arduino Programming and Wireless Actuation of Legged Robots.

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bluetooth controlled hexapod

Bluetooth controlled robotic arm:

Robotics is being implemented currently in all the industries, and why wouldn't it be? Robots and machines can carry out tasks more efficiently than humans can ever think of achieving. 

By building this project in the summer training program, you will enhance your knowledge of Arduino architecture and learn more about the structure of Arduino programming. You will also learn about the Bluetooth communication and servo motors to make your own robotic arm and learn how to control it using your smartphone.

You will not only build the robotic arm but also learn the concepts behind mechanical systems, inverse kinematics and design algorithms. By building this robotic arm project in the summer training program, you will surely develop great skills on mechatronics engineering.

Check the details of mechatronics summer training program

bluetooth controlled robot arm

Hope you got good information about the importance and significance of mechatronics summer training program. Remember, the only way to gain skills on mechatronics is by building projects and summer training programs is great way to go about it.

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Not only this, you can also develop skills on other latest technologies this summer and groom the innovator within you. Following are the other summer training programs available,

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  2. CPM & BIM (check details)
  3. Total Station & GIS (check details)

Summer training topics for mechanical/ mechatronics engineering students

  1. Quadrotor & RC Aircraft (check details)
  2. IC Engine and Automobile Prototyping (check details)
  3. 6 Days Mechatronics Bootcamp (check details)

Summer training topics for ECE, EEE, IT, & CS engineering students

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  2. 6 Days Iot Bootcamp (check details)
  3. 6 Days Computer Vision Bootcamp (check details)
  4. 6 Days Embedded Systems Bootcamp(check details)

Utilize your summer holidays well! Good luck!

If you have some questions on your mind, please put it out as comments below. We will get back to it immediately.

Skills that you can develop through mechatronics summer training program
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