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Good Robotics and Mechatronics internship ideas

Robotics and Mechatronics fields differ by a big margin from the conventional automation technologies. These fields require an individual to have a deeper understanding of the performance analysis and complex machine designs.

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Engineers who want to work in these technologies need to have an expertise in computer control systems, instrumentation, electrical & electronics components, core mechanics etc. Unlike other technologies, robotics and mechatronics requires a good understanding of the technical collaboration of mechanical and electronic components with the computer systems.

Doing internships on these technologies is a great way to acquire knowledge and develop technical skills.

If you are individual looking to do internships in robotics/ mechatronics engineering, here is an article that will help you.

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Is interning at start-ups recommended for robotics and mechatronics?

Robotics and mechatronics are upcoming fields and industries have not tested the maximum potential of them yet. These fields are still in dormant stage where a lot of companies are investing lot of their time and money to do research and development.

As robotics and mechatronics technologies find their application in almost all the industries, many firms, especially start-ups, are working towards the development of innovative products to provide industrial solutions. Start-ups participation in developing such innovative products are much higher compared to the other industries.

If you are looking to do internships in the field of robotics and mechatronics, startups would be a great place for you. You can use to opportunity to gain knowledge and explore this amazing technology. As they work more related to the industrial applications, you will get a very good hands-on experience on these technologies and learn the concepts practically.

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What are the Do's and Don’ts?

Interning at start-ups is not easy, it comes with a lot of challenges. We have listed the things that you should and shouldn’t do during your internship below.


  1. Make yourself comfortable in the workplace and show confidence in every action
  2. Try to interact with your seniors as much as possible
  3. Have your ears open. Never miss out the opportunity to learn from other’s conversation.
  4. Be open minded and have the motive to learn new things
  5. Participate in meetings actively and make a good impression


  1. Never nag about who you are and how you have been in the past
  2. Don’t come late to meetings. Be punctual always.
  3. Never tell NO to an opportunity given to you
  4. Don’t depend on others for everything. Have the habit of self-learning.

What are the robotics/ mechatronics skills that you need to have for getting a good internship?

Traits a Robotics and Mechatronics engineer should develop to secure good internships

Since robotics and mechatronics are multi-disciplinary fields, students studying across varied streams are eligible to apply for the internships. This means the competition is going to be tough and you need to really work on your skillsets before you apply for the internship to have a better success rate. Here are some basic skills that are needed to work in robotics/ mechatronics fields,

  1. Strong background on Physics & Mathematics: Since Robotics/ Mechatronics fields are mostly based on the concepts of physics & mathematics, you should be thorough in the concepts of kinematics, semiconductor, transform series, differential equations, matrix algebra. These concepts will make it easy for you to learn robotics and mechatronics technologies.

  2. Programming Knowledge: Software skills are must to work in robotics and mechatronics fields. You should have some prior experience with programming (C++ would do), try to get acquainted with Python as well.

  3. Software tools: Try to learn MATLAB, as it is becoming a very powerful and essential tool in the field on robotics and mechatronics. There are also other software tools that supports you in learning the design, try to get acquainted with as many tools as possible.

  4. Basics of electronics: If you are a student from a non-electronics background, try to learn the basics of electronics components and get acquainted with it as early as possible. Get some hands- on Arduino Uno, 8051 microcontroller, Raspberry Pi etc. before applying for internships.

  5. CAD/ CAM Knowledge: Learn atleast one CAD/CAM software, either Creo or Catia or Solidworks. Mastering these software would require lot of time and effort, so try to develop some basic understanding on them for your advantage.

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What are the top companies that offer internships on Robotics/ Mechatronics?

There are a lot of companies that offer internships in the field of robotics and mechatronics. You should be very particular in selecting the companies. It is recommended that you go for internship at companies that falls within your area of interest.

Some of the notable mentions are:
  1. Grey Orange Robotics and Hitech Robotics, Gurgaon
  2. Systemantics and Robots-Alive, Bengaluru
  3. Gade Systems, Mumbai
  4. Gridbots, Ahmedabad
  5. Urmi Systems, Hyderabad
  6. SkillRex Technology, Mumbai
  7. Robotics and Research Institute, Delhi
  8. DLK career development, Chennai
  9. Swaayatt Robots
  10. Milagrow Robots, Gurgaon
  11. DRDL – Defence Research & Development Laboratory
  12. DRDO - Defence Research & Development Organization
  13. Honeywell
  14. General motors
  15. SRK Corporates
  16. Baroda
  17. Mechatronics Ex Solutions Pvt Ltd
  18. MACHT Technologies Pvt Ltd
  19. Mind Ex Solutions Pvt Ltd
  20. Tata Mahendra

You can simply search for these companies in Google to get their official website. You can browse through their website to understand their work and check if they have some internship offerings that fits into your area of interest.

Some of the IITs will also be doing research oriented projects related to mechatronics/ robotics throughout the year. You can apply for those organizations for the role of project associates. If you are interested in doing research related to robotics/ mechatronics then this will be a very good option for you.

How to apply for internships?

You can find information about the internships offered by various companies in many public forums. Some of the commonly used ones are internshala, letsintern, twenty19, hellointern etc.

You can register on these forums to get timely updates and notification about the internships. You will also be able to apply for the internships in these forums directly. They even display the status of your internship in that portal itself to ease the recruitment process.

If you want to apply for other government organizations/ MNCs you can visit their careers/ offerings page on their website, where they would have mentioned about their current openings and their interview process.

Generally, companies will ask for the resume, cover letter, bonafide certificate and other Bachelor transcripts. So prepare them in advance and show it to your seniors/ faculties to get their inputs and make changes accordingly.

What can you do other than Internships?

Things a Robotics and Mechatronics engineer can do other than internships

If for some reason you are unable to get an internship, don’t worry. There are plenty of other opportunities that you can utilize to develop similar skills and experience you get by doing an internship. For example, you can try the following activities instead of wasting your holidays.

  1. Hands-on training programs: Attending hands-on training programs are the traditional way to learn new technologies and develop skill sets. You can undergo summer training programs or winter training programs that are offered by reputed institutions to spend your vacations in a productive manner. You can choose the training programs as per your requirements and improve your skills accordingly.
  2. Building Projects: You can improve your skill sets by building projects on latest technologies to understand them better. Learning while building projects will be an effective approach for you to gain necessary skills. This experience will also add values to your profile and you can use that to impress your recruiter, as most companies prefer candidates who are more hands-on. You can also try several online project building courses.
  3. E-Learning: This is also an effective way for you to learn and gain new skills. There are various online platforms available for you, through which you can enroll for some certification courses. Top mentions include Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, Simplilearn etc. The advantage of doing these courses is that you can just log in anytime, anywhere and learn without any hassle. You will also be awarded a certificate of completion which you can use to showcase skills to recruiters.

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Good Robotics and Mechatronics internship ideas
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