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Best Aeromodelling Winter Training Programs

Drones could easily be the next major technological innovation that is going to transform the industries in the way they operate. Long gone are the days where aeromodelling/ drone technology is limited to military operations.

Now we are experiencing the influence of aeromodelling and drones in almost all the technologies. Right from photographers started using drones to capture stunning aerial views to the companies deciding to use drones for logistics, every industry is adapting so fast.

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1. Quadrotor and RC Aircraft

2. Drone with Autopilot

3. IC Engine and Automobile Prototyping

With the drones penetrating into almost all the industries, students pursuing aerospace/ aeronautical engineering and also the students who are learning aeromodelling will have a lot of scope in the coming years.

What are the different ways can drones be used?

  1. Farming: Since drones can be designed to fly in low profile at relatively lesser distance from the ground, they can be used to carry out specific set of actions in the agricultural field.
  2. Archaeology: It is one of the trending fields that countries are investing a lot of resources. Drones will be used to capture thermal images with the use of heat sensors.
  3. Search & Rescue: Time to time we have been hearing a lot of news about how people are strangled during the disaster times. Drones are a very good operational tool during these times helping in the search and rescue operations.
  4. Expanding Reach: Whether it comes to providing the internet over the remote areas or expanding the territories to unknown regions, drones play a major role in giving prior information regard to the terrain and topography.
  5. Logistics: The industries of now are so advanced that you can almost get everything to your doorstep and drones technology will be an influential factor in it. We are already getting announcements from companies like Amazon that they had started experimenting with drones delivery.

There are also other areas in which the drones technologies will be used.

Winter training on Innovative Technologies

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How to improve job-prospects in Aeromodelling?

Since it is an upcoming technology, not many colleges have adapted the technologies to facilitate the learning of aeromodelling. And also aeromodelling is a technology that can be learned only by developing projects on them.

For a beginner, you can attend any hands-on training programs or build projects on aeromodelling to understand the technology from the core. You can look out for some training programs that will help you in learning this innovative technology from very basics.

Winter training programs are a very good choice for you to utilize your winter vacations to learn and build projects on aeromodelling. These winter training programs on aeromodelling will give you sufficient time to understand the aeromodelling concepts and help you to apply the concepts learned practically to make working models.

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1. RC Aircraft and Quadrotor:

Winter training program on RC Aircraft and Quadrotor for aerospace/ aeronautical engineering students

UAV’s are gaining more popularity as much as robotics, mainly due to the varied applications that it offers for the industries. From assisting in military operations to making super fast logistics delivery, UAV’s has almost penetrated into all the industries.

An innovative technology such as this won’t come with easier mechanisms. The motors, electronics that it uses are quite complicated and you will not be able to understand this technology unless you get hands-on experience on them.

As part of this winter training program, you will understand the design concepts, calculations and fabricate your own UAV. Some of the highlights of this training program are:

  1. Basics of aviation systems
  2. How to develop a UAV
  3. How to mount UAV components
  4. How to assemble and test UAV systems

This particular training program is your gateway to learn and get skilled in UAVs. By doing this course, you will not only understand the theoretical concepts of UAV’s but you will also use the concepts learned to make yourself one.

You will be designing and fabricating an RC aircraft & a quadrotor as part of this winter training program.

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Best Aeromodelling Winter Training Programs
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-05

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