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Latest summer training programs for civil engineering students


Summer training programs provide a great opportunity for civil engineering students to learn and improve their skills on latest technologies. These summer training programs provide the necessary time duration and scope for civil engineering students to improve their profile greatly.

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Summer Training in Structural Engineering

Summer Training in BIM & CPM

Summer Training in Quantity Surveying

Why summer training is important for engineering students?

With another year of college drawing to a close, you may have different plans for the holiday season ahead. But what if you could invest a small chunk of your time into building your profile and enriching your skills?

Summer training programs are an excellent choice for you to invest your vacation time to bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical knowledge. It aids you in building up the expertise and capability that you require in your area of specialization.

Practical training has traditionally been weighed as a potent grooming of the professional career of a fresh engineering graduate and it is the common method to harvest skilled engineers.

It is the concluding fact that summer training is helpful for students because these programs significantly improve 'communication skills', 'personal attitude', and 'work attitude' in addition to gaining good practical exposure to technologies. The experience gained from summer training programs sharpens the business acumen of the students and open the doors of better employment prospects.

How Summer Training in robotics can help to shape your career?

Some key points of summer training programs

Develop and/or build practical skills

8 out of 10 technical experts of today’s world took the chance to pick up or improve new skills as an important aspect during their summer vacation.  In fact, in most cases, students can even focus on a few skills to hone during summer holidays and put themselves ahead when they start real work.  Unlike their inexperienced peers, they will be able to start their jobs with the ability to add value as soon as they start. These trained students will need less probation time learning about the industry because they already went through that phase through summer training program.

Summer training on Innovative Technologies

Want to develop practical skills on innovative technologies? Checkout our Summer training programs and start learning

Network, network, network

Whether learning how to or perfecting the art, networking is one of the top reasons to join summer training programs. As summer training programs are open to all who are interested, you get to meet a wide variety of them. Some of them may even come from actual industries to such programs. Getting to meet and interact with them, will give you a good exposure to understand the actual industrial process. You can even connect with them through social media platforms like LinkedIn and stay in touch after the program. You may be even notified by them when their company has job openings.

Improve the resume

6 out of 10 industrial experts state that the experience gained through summer training program greatly improves the profile of those participants.  In many cases, this is the only chance that many students have to put actual work experience on their CV.  Summer training experience also shows companies that these candidates are willing to sacrifice their free time to gain important skills and experience.  If communicated effectively, these experiences can really make one’s resume very competitive.

Contribute ideas

As a student, you have very few chances to really contribute ideas that can make a difference.  Most of the fresh graduates forget this once they start working, building up strengths along with an ego as they climb the ladder of success.  Don’t become like them!

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In a way, learning that as a student helps in inculcating it to your character.  And a healthy dose of humble confidence will help to ensure that you become a great employee in the future.

civil summer training key points

Is summer training in civil engineering a good option?

Summer training programs provide great opportunity for you to utilize your summer vacation in the right way. You can develop hands-on learning experience by building several projects as part of these programs. The summer training programs are designed to give you a very good practical learning experience and develop skills that will be very useful for your career.

Summer training program allows you to accumulate latest skills in civil engineering field in an interesting manner. Unlike regular classroom training programs, these programs are designed in such a way that you learn by building interesting projects like designing Skyscrapers, seismic resistant buildings, how to manage real-life construction projects, mapping with GIS etc. You not only learn engineering concepts but also apply those concepts in simulating models in industrial grade designing software to develop interesting projects. This will help you to clear your concepts and develop new innovative ideas.

Summer training program provides you a stage where you can learn and showcase your skills. These skills not necessarily be your technical skills, you can also improve your interpersonal traits during this program. These training programs make you to build a project as team so as to improve your leadership as well as team working skills, and there is also an opportunity to improve your communication & public speaking skills through presenting your project.

Now you know how important it is to attend summer training program on civil engineering. Why wait? Enroll yourself in to an awesome summer training program on civil engineering this summer.

Check out some of the latest civil engineering summer training programs below.

Structural and Foundation Analysis

Foundation is an eminent element for any kind of construction and infrastructure development. For any kind of civil engineering project, foundation turns out to be the most important aspect. With foundation analysis projects, we address about the right approach towards soil foundation analysis used in infra projects. The concept of foundation analysis covers both structural engineering & geo technical engineering. The session will be focused on computational analysis methods, geo technical characteristics of soil, variety of soil foundations necessary for different soil profiles, and other tools, techniques & processes used for soil foundation engineering.

You will learn to analyze and design high rise buildings for seismic and wind loads through industry grade software.

Join structural & foundation analysis summer training program

structural and foundational analysis training


BIM & CPM (Building Information Modelling & Construction Project Management) is the most trending concept in civil engineering where one can generate and manage digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of structural elements. BIM model holds all the information about a structure and CPM scheduling makes any construction project run smoother. This model will have thousands of data points stored in it related to the structure, right from the smallest nut and bolt, to the largest concrete column in the building.

Join CPM & BIM summer training program

cpm and bim summer training

Total Station & GIS

Total station is an advanced tool for land survey and makes all essential measurements to determine the relative position of points or physical and cultural details. A surveying expert with license can become members of various building professions. Total station is used as an electronic-optical instrument in modern survey and construction techniques. In this training program, we use total station which is a combination of electronic theodolite, an electronic distance meter (EDM) and software running on external computer known as data collector. Many fields such as Construction Companies, Disaster Management, and Archaeological Survey etc. offers life time career opportunity for a surveyor.

Join total station & GIS summer training program

total station and gis summer training

About Skyfi Labs summer training program in civil engineering:

Skyfi Labs summer training program provides you a platform to develop your core skills by building projects, not just by theoretical explanations. In this program, you will learn to build different projects with your own hands.

Not only this, Skyfi Labs also offers summer training programs on other domains too.

Check out your options here!

Spending your summer to develop skills in latest technological concepts will surely put you a step ahead in your path of becoming a good and talented engineer.

Good luck to your career!

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Latest summer training programs for civil engineering students
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