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Certified Embedded Systems Training for engineering students


Embedded systems training is considered to be very useful and applicable training when it comes to engineering students, especially electronics. With its real-time operating system embedded system finds various applications from simple mobile phones to complex electronic circuit boards. Every engineering student wants to get certified training from a place where he can learn and develop new skills.

In this article, we will look upon the various aspects of embedded systems. How does it work? Where it can be used, and also some amazing projects on embedded systems. This little information about any training session is important for any student to completely know exactly where his interests lie. So, here we will discuss all the complexities of embedded systems from the training point of view.

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Basically, an embedded system is a firmware, a combination of hardware and software.

Being an engineering student whether from electronics or CSE or electrical, these training programs will not only help you boost your knowledge and skillset but also your overall personality as a developer. These training programs offer on-point knowledge about the technology you enroll. Everything from basic, you are guided in a step by step manner which many firms lack. Skyfi Labs step by step guidance helps you learn the technology to the fullest.

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How do I learn embedded systems?

The next basic bothering question of any student is how to learn embedded systems. Don't panic here is a complete solution and stepwise guidance for your better understanding. To understand how to learn embedded systems it is important to know some basic things about it. In general, you can consider these points for any new technology you are willing to study.

  • Basic understanding of the technology
  • The working of the technology
  • It’s advantages
  • It’s applicability in the real world.

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Working of an embedded system: Embedded Systems are a combination of hardware and software. It is a mini computerized system to perform a particular task. A very basic and simple embedded system consists of six main components. These are sensors, A-D convertor, Processor and ASIC, D-A Converter and Actuator. In the flow of work, the sensor measures the physical quantity converts the physical signal to an electrical signal. This electrical analog signal is then converted to a digital signal by the A-D Converter. ASICS and the processor process this received data. Finally, at the last step, the digital signal is converted back to the analog one. Then the actuator compares the output and produces the desired results.

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What is the need for an embedded system?

Advantages of Embedded Systems: Embedded Systems are easily customizable. These are task-specific and can be programmed according to your needs. These are almost error-free devices and consume very little power.

Embedded systems also come in various types depending upon the basis of utility, performance, and microcontroller.

Based on performance and utility, the embedded systems are classified as stand-alone embedded systems, Networked Embedded Systems, Real-Time Embedded Systems, Mobile Embedded Systems.

  • Stand-alone embedded system manages all the work by itself.
  • Networked Embedded Systems depends upon an entire network of resources for its functioning.
  • Real-Time Embedded Systems depends on time deadlines.
  • Mobile Embedded Systems are portable embedded systems.

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Certified Embedded Systems Training for engineering students

Embedded Systems have a huge application as we have been discussing so far. Some of the Embedded Systems certified training projects for engineering students are as follows:

1. Hexapod: The all-new Hexapod robot is a mechanical bot with six legs. This is a robot to overcome the disability of normal robots to travel over rough terrains. Hexapod can easily travel in rough areas because of its insect-like motion. The major emphasis of this project would be that you will learn Robot's Locomotion, Crawling Strategy of Hexapods and Wireless Actuation of Legged Robots.

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2. Access control using RFID: RFID, one of the emerging technologies is being used in this project as a major component. In this embedded system project, you will learn about RFID based Authentication system. You will get to know from close what the actual RFID looks like, what are its applications and how it works. Along with this, you will learn about Working of DC motors and Arduino architecture & its programming. You will also learn how to work with LCD and its interfacing.

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3. Automatic Solar Tracker: These are solar tracking devices which direct towards the side with maximum solar light intensity and produce maximum solar power. In this project, you will learn to build an automatic solar tracker. The project uses an Arduino UNO as a processing unit. You will also learn about Working of solar energy systems, Photoresistors in electronic systems, LDR Sensors, Motors, and Motor Drivers, and Program for working of the Solar Tracker.

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4. Automated Railway Crossing: In this project, you will develop an automated railway crossing system in which the gates of the train opens and closes when the train reaches the station. This will help reduce station suicides. You will learn about Sensors that detect train arrival and departure and send appropriate signals to the microcontroller and also about Smart Traffic Management Systems. Prototype designing of Gate Assembling, Placing the Components, Connect the Components, Servo Connection and Battery Connection will also be explained thoroughly.

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Apart from these training programs, you can also have a look over these:

  1. 3D Printer
  2. Animatronic Hand
  3. Robotic Arm training program
  4. Biped Walking robot
  5. Sensor guided robotics
  6. Surveillance Camera using IoT
  7. Swarm Robotics
  8. Smart Building using IoT
  9. Mobile Robotics
  10. Gesture-based robotics
  11. IoT using Arduino
  12. Health monitoring wearable

I hope you got some idea about embedded system training programs. If you want to learn and get trained in embedded systems, we at Skyfi Labs have developed some embedded system training programs through which you can learn and build projects right from your home.

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Certified Embedded Systems Training for engineering students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-07

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