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We all know that Artificial Intelligence is an important domain and has a lot of applications across various fields. Computer Vision plays an important role in the development of AI systems as it gives eyes to the systems. So, it is extremely important for students who wish to pursue a career related to AI or even related to robotics. In this article, we are going to discuss various computer vision training programs that help to develop the knowledge in that particular field. Learning about computer vision starts with learning about their basic algorithms, and then further implementing them in projects to get relevant results. Once you’re thorough with the basic algorithms you can innovate and modify them accordingly to create innovative projects. We at Skyfi Labs offer a bunch of training courses for students who wish to learn more about this exciting domain.

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What is computer vision?

What is computer vision?

In simple terms, computer vision is a branch of technology which gives eyes to the systems and allows them to visualize and analyze the data they can see. This technology gives computers the power to comprehend what they can see and give meaningful information. It has many useful applications that are used daily by everyone like face recognition, biometric authentication, character recognition, etc. This branch of technology is rapidly gaining pace and is deployed in a variety of fields where automatic is required, making things easier for systems by giving them the sense of sight.

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Advantages of computer vision

Some of the advantages of computer vision are:

  • The capacity of computer vision to solve real-world problems is immense as it is purely based on the combination of innovation and technology.
  • They give eyes to the systems and the power to analyze the data the systems see.
  • This field allows you to solve problems that cannot be solved by ordinary systems. The use of a camera with proper programming helps in the extraction of a lot of information.
  • OpenCV, the language which is mostly used to deploy computer vision is very easy to use language with many inbuilt programs and libraries to facilitate the faster and easier implementation of the required algorithms.

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Best Computer Vision Training Courses

1. Surveillance Robot

Security is a major concern these days to ensure the safety of people and other valuable items. It is not always possible to put guards everywhere and ensure security. Automated surveillance systems are gradually gaining popularity, as they reduce manual effort and solve the same purpose. This computer vision training course aims at teaching to create one such robot which will capture live video footage and will be controlled from a remote location. The robot will use Raspberry as the microcontroller to transmit the live feed over the internet with the help of computer vision techniques to process the feed. It will further help you learn about Python programming, robot locomotion, Dc motors, and Raspberry pi architecture.

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2. Computer Vision-based Mouse

Computer Vision is a kind of technology which develops the sense of sight in computers, robots, and cars allowing them to see the things in front of them and then perform appropriate actions. This computer vision training course aims at training you in creating one such system which will be controlled by your finger gestures. Using computer vision, you will be creating a mouse that will be controlled only using the gestures you make with your fingers without even touching the mouse. The cursor on the screen will move using the object tracking algorithm, and all the functions performed by a mouse will be performed simply by showing the appropriate colors in the webcam. This course is an interesting way to cover a lot of important topics like image processing algorithms, image thresholding, canny edge detection, and object tracking.

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3. Sixth Sense Robot

Robots are widely used in industries these days for automating tasks, and they can become the greatest and most efficient tools if designed appropriately. Vision guided robots are a step further towards the most efficient tool and this course aims at training you at making one such robot. This is one of our most popular courses among students. This robot will use Arduino as its main microcontroller, and it will be controlled using image processing algorithms. Important algorithms like object tracking algorithm and color object recognition algorithm will be used for the efficient movement and functioning of the robot. This computer vision training course is an exciting way to learn not only about computer vision, but also about robot locomotion, working of Dc motors and motor driver circuit, Arduino, and Python programming.

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4. Computer Vision- Text Scanner

As already discussed earlier, computer vision aims at giving the sense of sight to computers, and this course is just another testimony to the same. Nowadays automatic systems are designed to read information from images and extract relevant data. This course has been designed to teach you about a computer vision-based scanner. It will help you learn about computer vision and then design a text scanner that will read and extract data from images using an optical character recognition algorithm. It can be used to read number plates, scanned documents, etc to extract information easily without manual efforts. This course will help you cover many basic concepts of computer vision like image processing algorithms, image thresholding, image perspective transformation, and optical character recognition.

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These were just some of the training courses. We offer a variety of other courses, which are suitable for every student irrespective of whether they are a beginner or an intermediate candidate. For further details on more training courses please visit our site.

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Best Computer Vision Training Courses
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-07

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