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Good wireless communication training for engineering students


Wireless technology is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world. From wireless computers, tablets to satellites, everything is now connected wirelessly. Every electronic device nowadays works on wireless technology. This wireless technology has made the lives of human beings much easier from communication and connectivity point of view. Now we don't require long cable lines to establish a connection. Just by clicking a button everything gets connected. This is merely a small example of the vast advances of wireless technology. Engineering students pursuing electrical, electronic or computer science and willing to learn wireless technology can now enroll in various wireless communication online training programs.

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What is the importance of wireless communication?

The advantages of wireless communication vary from convenience, flexibility, cost-effectiveness to constant connectivity.

Convenience: The most basic example of convenience here is the Wi-Fi module. With this network, one can access the internet easily. As a plus point, we can connect many devices from the same Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi provides internet connectivity sitting at our leisure.

Flexibility: Mobile phones are also wireless devices. These wireless devices have made communication so flexible that you can contact your friend sitting at the other end of the world within seconds. Gone are the times of letters when one had to wait for the messages to get delivered. Now with the advent of this technology, everything works in seconds.

Speed: Connecting even international calls within seconds is a very fine and simple example of wireless technology’s speed. Even a wireless remote works faster than the wired one.

Cost-effectiveness: Wired communication requires throughout expenditures on wires, on wear and tears, etc. Though wireless technologies may appear expensive at the time of buying. But it is a one-time investment.

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What is wireless technology?

Communication can be of two types guided or non- guided. Wireless communication is a non-guided communication. Wired communication falls under guided communication because its path is predefined.

To fully understand wireless communication, one must have the basic idea of its types. So that you can use the required type of technology as per the project needs. The various types of wireless communications are as follows:

  • Satellite Communication: This type of wireless communication helps users to stay connected all over the earth using satellite. Its working is simple. The signals to be transmitted are done by the transmitter end. The satellite then gets the information amplifies and acts as a part of the channel. The information is then transmitted to the receiver end. The receiver decodes the received data and interprets the information. The satellite wireless communication further divides as ground and space. Space consists of satellite and ground consists of receiving and transmitting antennas.
  • Microwave transmission: This is another type of wireless communication involving the use of electromagnetic transmissions. The frequency of EM waves used ranges between 300MHz to 300GHz. It also further divides as terrestrial and satellite. In the satellite method, data is transferred using a satellite. Terrestrial uses two microwave towers to ensure a clear line of sight. The biggest disadvantage of this type is bad weather.
  • Infrared Communication: This type of wireless communication involves IR waves for the transmission of data. This type of wireless communication finds its heavy use in security control and short-range communications. Hardware requirements for IR communication are an LED transmitter and a Diode receptor.
  • Broadcast radio: Everyone must be familiar with the FM radios; this is the broadcast communication. In this, the radio waves are transmitted and received and then the data is interpreted.

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Good wireless communication training for engineering students

1. Swarm Robotics: Robotics have always been an area of interest in all kinds of engineering students from CSE to mechanical. Controlling robots wirelessly is another excitement level for engineers. In this wireless communication training, you will learn to build a swarm robot with a feature of master-slave control. The master robots give instructions to the slave robot for its working while performing its own functions. Other concepts used and explained in this course are IR sensors, radio communication, basic Arduino programming, etc.

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2. Smart Building using IoT: IoT is one of the technologies on fire these days. You will learn to build a smart house using IoT and wireless technology. You will learn a ton of things in this wireless communication project. You will learn from basic IoT to Arduino architecture to coding to the calibration of sensors, wireless communication, ESP, interfacing of Arduino and ESP to the various sensors.

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3. GPS and GSM based Tracker: In this wireless communication training, you will learn to build a tracker that can send updates in the form of notification to your mobile phones. You will learn all about GPS, GSM and Arduino architecture and coding involved. You will be guided in a step by step manner in each of these concepts. You will learn how these systems work, how they can be connected wirelessly and many more.

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4. Bluetooth Robotics: Another major wireless technology in use these days is the Bluetooth. In this wireless communication training, you will build a robot controlled by Bluetooth. This robot will be controlled by your mobile phone’s Bluetooth connection. You will learn all about Bluetooth and the Robots locomotion.

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5. Wi-Fi Controlled Robot: In this wireless communication project you will learn to develop a robot that can be controlled over Wi-Fi. You can control it by a computer or a website. You will learn various networking concepts. Other concepts that you will learn are how the Wi-Fi works, Arduino architecture and programming, and also about robot’s locomotion.

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Apart from the above-mentioned wireless training programs, you can also check the following topics:

  1. Home Automation using IoT (Wireless Training)
  2. IoT using Raspberry Pi (Wireless Training)
  3. Smart Irrigation system (Wireless Training)
  4. Mobile Robotics (Wireless Training)
  5. Home Automation System (Wireless Training)
  6. Automated Street Lighting (Wireless Training)
  7. Voice Controlled Robot (Wireless Training)

Skyfi Labs provides a complete basic to advanced training in wireless technology. You will get to learn in a step by step manner. This training program will help you increase your skillset in the wireless technology domain. You will also get to know other technologies required to build any wireless technology project.

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Good wireless communication training for engineering students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-05-04

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