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Best winter training programs for mechanical engineering students

With winter comes the end to your exams and you will probably on the lookout for some exciting activities that you can do during the vacations. Well vacations can be utilized in a productive way if you choose the right activities for you.

If you are crazy about technological advancements and want to get acquainted with the trending technologies then you can attend some winter training/ internship programs to develop a good knowledge on them.

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While there are a lot of companies providing training programs for engineering students, you should be really careful in selecting the right one. Some of the points that you can look into for making decisions are,

  1. Credibility of the training company
  2. Check for their social media presence
  3. See whether any discussions happened about the company on Quora/ Reddit
  4. Read their Facebook/ Google reviews
  5. Check the profile of the engineers/ trainers who will be conducting the training

Winter training on Innovative Technologies

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After going through all of this, you can decide upon the company and select the right winter training program for you.

Here are some of the winter training programs offered for mechanical engineering students by Skyfi Labs which you can choose and do depending upon your area of interest.

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1. IC Engine and Automobile Prototyping:

Winter training program on IC Engine and Automobile Prototyping for mechanical engineering students

Internal combustion engine is a rich source example for almost every possible type of heat transfer. You can see IC engines everywhere, from the smaller ones that are installed in model airplanes to the larger ones that are installed in large stationary engines. Before the invention of IC engines, we would need large amounts of fuel to go somewhere, but now we are able to cover larger distance with a tank that is a fraction of the size of the vehicle.

With the invention of IC engines, we were able to produce vehicles with a lot of efficiencies and that is the importance of this technology. Knowing this technology from the core will definitely help you to acquire the much-needed automobile industry knowledge.

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Some of the highlights of this winter training program,

  1. Mechanisms involved in today’s automobile
  2. Working of internal IC Engine components
  3. How transmission, suspension and other car systems work
  4. How to configure and experiment with an automobile model

If you are a mechanical engineer, interested to get acquainted with the automobile technology and wants to have a career in automobile industry then this winter training program is must do for you. You will not only understand the concepts of IC engines but will also understand the other concepts of the automobile by making your own an RC car prototype.

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2. RC Aircraft and Quadrotor:

Winter training program on RC Aircraft and Quadrotor for mechanical engineering students

UAV’s are gaining more popularity as much as robotics, mainly due to the varied applications that it offers for the industries. From assisting in military operations to making super fast logistics delivery, UAV’s has almost penetrated into all the industries.

An innovative technology such as this won’t come with easier mechanisms. The motors, electronics that it uses are quite complicated and you will not be able to understand this technology unless you get hands-on experience on them.

As part of this winter training program, you will understand the design concepts, calculations and fabricate your own UAV. Some of the highlights of this training program are:

  1. Basics of aviation systems
  2. How to develop a UAV
  3. How to mount UAV components
  4. How to assemble and test UAV systems

This particular training program is your gateway to learn and get skilled in UAVs. By doing this course, you will not only understand the theoretical concepts of UAV’s but you will also use the concepts learned to make yourself one.

You will be designing and fabricating an RC aircraft & a quadrotor as part of this winter training program.

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3. 6 Days Mechatronics Bootcamp:

Winter training program on Animatronics and Robotic Arm for mechanical engineering students

Animatronics is the illusion of life achieved via electronic devices. It is being extensively used in industries where heavy machinery or harmful activities are involved. These technologies are being implemented in industries where human interactions should be minimal.

But learning this technology will be tough, as you need to step out of your comfort zone and need to get acquainted with other technologies as well. Since it is a multidisciplinary field, you also need to learn about the electronics, programming, sensors etc.

In this winter training program you will be developing 3 different mechatronics projects. Some of the highlights of this winter training program are,

  1. Learn about development and control techniques involved in designing mechatronics projects
  2. Design, fabrication, assembly and control of real time projects
  3. Design and build your own mechatronics projects
  4. Understanding freeduino embedded platform and its features
  5. Hands-on experience on Arduino and its programming

If you are curious to know about the mechatronics technology, then this winter training program is the right choice for you. Through this training program, you will learn the basic concepts behind Mechatronics and also develop 3 different projects on them.

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What can you do other than mechanical engineering winter training programs?

For some reasons if you are unable to attend any winter training programs, you can still improve your skills by building projects hands-on. Although building projects is tough, you can ease of that by enrolling for some online courses/ project-based courses to get the initial guidance and support.

To help you in this, we at Skyfi Labs have developed some amazing online project-based courses that make learning by building projects super easy for you. You can simply select the course of your choice and register online and we will send you the hardware kits & provide online content/ support to help you complete the project within your winter vacation. It's that simple!

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Best winter training programs for mechanical engineering students
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