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Best winter training programs for computer science engineering (CSE) students


With winter vacations around the corner, you must be wondering about what to do with all that spare time. We’ve got some exciting winter training programs for you to help you utilize that spare time and do something productive. In this article, we will be covering some exciting winter training programs for Computer Science Engineering (CSE) students.

With the increasing advancement of technology, Computer science engineering has found applications in every domain across the world. From smartphones to smart homes, to rockets, technology is used everywhere. Computer Science Engineers are found everywhere implementing their knowledge and further contributing to this advancement. If you wish to make a mark in this competitive world you are expected to be good with the recent technologies and their applications. To help you with the same we’re offering some exciting winter training programs for CSE students.

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1. 6 Days Machine Learning Bootcamp

2. 6 Days Computer Vision Bootcamp

3. 6 Days IoT Bootcamp

4. 6 Days Embedded Systems Bootcamp

5. 7 Robots in 6 Days

6. 6 Days Raspberry pi Bootcamp

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Best Winter training programs for computer science engineering (CSE) students

1. 6 Days Machine Learning Bootcamp

6 Days Machine Learning Bootcamp

This Bootcamp is an exciting opportunity for you to build practical skills in Machine Learning and implement them using projects. It will cover the basic theories of Machine Learning, eventually moving to advanced concepts in a structured manner. This will further allow you to use those theories in actual applications using industry-standard software. It will help you take a step beyond the concepts taught in your college, thereby giving you an edge over your fellow mates. During this winter training program, you will be given the option to pick and implement projects from the following list:

  • New House Price Prediction using Machine Learning
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection using Machine Learning
  • Movie Recommendation System using Machine Learning
  • Hand Written Digits Detection using Machine Learning

These exciting projects will clarify your basics of Machine Learning and further help you develop more advanced projects which will help you in the future. What’s even more exciting? This Bootcamp also comes with a certificate, which can add a feather to your resume. This certificate and the knowledge from this Bootcamp can also help you land your dream internship or job. It might also help you in admissions in colleges for masters, as you’ll be possessing a very important skill.

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2. 6 Days Computer Vision Bootcamp

Computer Vision is an important part of Artificial Intelligence and is rapidly developing. AI is used everywhere, from e-shopping to navigation, and computer vision is a very important part of those applications. This 6-day winter training will help you learn about computer vision, covering various important topics. From the basics to advanced concepts, a variety of things will be covered and then implemented in projects. During this winter training program, you will be given the option to pick projects from the following list:

  • Computer Vision-based Text Scanner
  • Computer Vision-based Mouse
  • Computer Vision-based Smart Selfie
  • Surveillance Robot
  • Sixth Sense Robot
  • Surveillance Camera using IoT

Working on those projects will give you the much-needed knowledge about the basics of computer vision. You can further build on these basics to create more advanced projects in the future.

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Winter training on Innovative Technologies

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3. 6 Days IoT Bootcamp

6 Days IoT Bootcamp

Internet of Things or IoT has recently gained a lot of attention over the past few years. The world is moving towards a smarter future where everything is autonomous and smart, starting from garage doors to the devices around your house. It allows the devices to communicate with each other, and make smart decisions. This Bootcamp aims at introducing you to IoT and the basic functioning of IoT devices. Basic knowledge and theories will be covered, followed by advanced theoretical concepts. You will then be allowed to deploy your knowledge for building projects. During the program, you will be given a list of projects of various levels and you can pick whichever suits you based on your previous knowledge of the subject. The list of projects which will be offered are:

  • Automated street light using IoT
  • IoT using Arduino
  • IoT using the Raspberry pi
  • Smart Building using IoT and PIR
  • Smart Irrigation using IoT
  • Smart water monitoring using IoT
  • Home Automation System using IoT

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4. 6 Days Embedded Systems Bootcamp

Embedded systems are utilized for the efficient operation of almost every device these days which gives it a very important position in the electronics industry. Learning about embedded systems isn’t easy because it requires you to work on practical applications of theoretical knowledge in the form of projects. This Bootcamp is a golden opportunity for you to learn about embedded systems starting from the basic theoretical concepts to actual implementation from experts. It will help you develop skills that will be very useful in posing as a strong candidate for potential recruiters. As part of this 6-day Bootcamp, you will be given the choice to select projects from a wide list of projects which you will implement during the training program. Some of the topics are:

  • Surveillance Robot
  • Smart Energy Meter using GSM
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Biped Walking Robot
  • Animatronic Hand
  • Automated Street Light using IoT
  • Fire Fighting Robot

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5. 7 Robots in 6 days

7 Robots in 6 days

We all know that we are moving towards an era of robotic evolution. The developing technology and even entertainment sources like science fiction movies, TV shows, etc depict a future where the robots are employed everywhere from household chores to complex industrial units. All the top robotic companies are competing to build better robots and to get better people to work on their technology. This Bootcamp aims at teaching you about robotics from a basic level to the advanced stage by building 7 robots in 6 days. All these will be of different levels of difficulty, and with constant help from experts, you will get hands-on experience in robotics. The projects which you will be building as a part of this program are:

  • Line Follower Robot
  • Obstacle Avoider & Obstacle Follower Robot
  • Phototropic & Photophobic Robot
  • Mobile Robot
  • Gesture-Based Robot
  • Swarm Robot
  • Maze Solver Robot

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6. 6 Days Raspberry pi Bootcamp

Raspberry Pi is a simple onboard computer that runs on Linux. It is widely used for connecting IoT devices and for various other systems which require physical computing. Raspberry Pi can be used to build a lot of innovative projects as it serves as a basic computational unit and can be programmed as per the needs of the system. This Bootcamp has been designed to introduce students to Raspberry pi and its basic functioning. Skilled experts will clear out the basics regarding the same, which is very important for further advanced concepts. After the basic lectures, students will also be asked to implement 3 projects to further gain more experience in the functioning of the mini-computer. The students will be given the option to choose the project from the following list:

  • IoT using Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Robot
  • Surveillance Robot
  • Surveillance Camera using IoT

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Productive things to do in the winter holidays

Taking up winter training programs is a very exciting way to improve your skills, and to learn about new technologies. Apart from this, you can also improve your existing skills by working on different projects. For a CSE student, it is very important to have a good command over the recent technologies. With the rapid advancement, it is difficult to keep up with the recent technologies available. You can utilize this time to catch up and learn about new tools available in the market for different purposes.

The best way to learn about such tools and technologies is by building projects on them. This winter training program gives you hands-on experience on that particular tool and further allows you to learn about the frequently occurring issues and the ways to resolve those issues. If you’re worried about what project to pick, don’t worry we have a solution for you. We at Skyfi Labs offer a variety of project-based courses. These courses come with all the items needed for that particular project, with the entire course on building that project. Whether you’re a beginner, or an advanced level student, we’ve got something for everyone. Take a look at the projects and pick the one for you!

Utilize your winter vacation wisely!

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Best winter training programs for computer science engineering (CSE) students
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