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Best winter training programs for Aerospace/ Aeronautical Engineering students

We have been getting a lot of reports/ news about how companies are trying to develop aerial taxis, using drones for logistics and even giving life to the visionary thought of colonizing Mars.

All these technologies are possible due to the advancements in the aerospace and aeronautical engineering and it is not going to slow down anytime soon

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Have you checked out our Winter training programs for Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering students?
Get hands-on experience on latest technologies.

1. Quadrotor and RC Aircraft

2. Drone with Autopilot

3. IC Engine and Automobile Prototyping

Students pursuing aerospace/ aeronautical engineering have a lot of scope in these industries. But getting acquainted with these latest technologies will not be easy, as these are not included in the engineering curriculum.

So you should be on the constant look-out for opportunities that will let you work on these latest technologies. Attending training programs that deals with these latest technologies will help you learn them faster.

But you need relatively longer duration than conventional workshops to learn these technologies. Your winter vacation would be a right choice to learn and get skilled in the latest aeromodelling/ aerospace technologies

You can go for winter training programs that offer you the platform to get hands-on experience with the latest technologies. A week long duration will be ideal for you to learn. As if it is very short you will not have much time to practice the learning or if it is too long you will lose interest and it becomes boring for you.

Here are some of the winter training programs offered for aerospace/ aeronautical engineering students by Skyfi Labs which you can choose and do depending upon your area of interest.

Winter training on Innovative Technologies

Want to develop practical skills on innovative technologies? Checkout our Winter training programs and start learning

1. RC Aircraft and Quadrotor:

Winter training program on RC Aircraft and Quadrotor for aerospace/ aeronautical engineering students

UAV’s are gaining more popularity as much as robotics, mainly due to the varied applications that it offers for the industries. From assisting in military operations to making supe

Best winter training programs for Aerospace/ Aeronautical Engineering students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-04-02

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