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3 Must Do Summer Training Programs for Civil Engineering Students

From the mighty tall structures to the efficient industrial plants - these are all the artworks of civil engineers. Students pursuing this stream have a wide range of job opportunities from structural design to project management. For instance, the entire infrastructural framework of a developing nation depends on the civil engineers.

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While there are lots of opportunities, Civil Engineering is an area where hands-on expertise is much valued. Students find difficulty in getting first job as companies prefer experienced candidates. Hence it is very important for students to develop as much hands-on experience as possible while in college so that they can maximize their chances of getting a good job.

Summer training programs are one such opportunity for you to utilize your summer vacation effectively to learn and acquire practical skills that are much needed when you go for a core job.

Then the question arises, Which Summer Training Program should a Civil Engineer undergo?

We suggest you to take up from the following list of 6 Days summer training programs that will expose you to the important technologies in Civil Engineering in a project-based approach.

1) Summer Training Program on Structural and Foundation Analysis:

Are you excited about the tall structures piercing the sky and protruding above the clouds, and wondering about the design principles that are used behind its construction? Or are you interested to practically learn how Bridges are designed?

Summer training on Innovative Technologies

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If yes, then the summer training program on Structural and Foundation Analysis is the best way for you to learn the design principles behind this technology and get exposed to the latest methodologies.

This particular training program introduces you to the exciting concepts behind the tall structure design and their functioning. Through this training program you will be able to understand the tall building mechanisms that are being used to resist wind loads, seismic loads and other type of unique loads. From foundation analysis to the roof design, get hands-on experience on these concepts by working on different software tools. You will also build a bridge hands-on and do load testing to see where it fails.

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2) Summer Training Program on Construction Project Management & Building Information Modelling:

The construction efficiency has increased from 1 storey per week to 3 stories per day – the reason behind this advancement is Project Management.

If you want to experience what is it to be a Project Manager, you should go for the summer training program on CPM & BIM, that exposes you to the concepts & methodologies behind scheduling, planning, monitoring, controlling a construction project. Apart from knowing the theoretical concepts, you will also learn to manage a construction project by working on an industrial grade software. Through this course you can develop various skills that a project manager should have to efficiently manage a project.

As part of this training program, you will also learn about Building Information Modelling (BIM) an upcoming technology, which the construction industries are starting to adopt. By equipping this technology, you will be able to understand the various stages of construction in a sequential manner and use that to schedule a project in the most efficient way.

In short, by this training program you will be able to understand the various stages of construction and use them to manage a project efficiently.

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3) Summer Training Program on Total Station and GIS:

Curious to know how Google maps work? Want to upgrade yourself as a skilled surveyor?

With most of the companies of now using Google location based services for their operation, GIS has proven to be an exciting field and to become a GIS engineer one should possess good trigonometry and mensuration knowledge.

This summer training program on Total Station and GIS helps you to understand the entire process of data collection, data processing and data manipulation.

Get hands-on experience with industry preferred Total Station and learn how to collect and store the coordinates. Then with the data collected, you will learn to process it to generate your own maps, project it onto the Google Maps and you will also be able to manipulate the map data based on your needs.

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The three topics we suggest you to do your Summer Training Program are in Structural and Foundation Analysis, Construction Project Management (CPM) & Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Total Station & GIS. Spending your summer to develop skills in these areas will surely put you a step ahead in your path of becoming a good civil engineer. All the Best!

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3 Must Do Summer Training Programs for Civil Engineering Students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-18

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