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Best summer training programs to attend in Hyderabad


Joining summer training programs are crucial for any engineering student who is aspiring to get a core job. Through these summer training programs, you can gain good hands-on experience, enhance your interpersonal skills and gain interdisciplinary technical skills. So it is a must to attend summer training programs during your curriculum itself.

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Best summer training programs to attend in Hyderabad:

best summer training programs in hyderabad

Are you confused about summer training? In the following article we have shortlisted for you the best summer training programs in Hyderabad.

Summer is here and you must be looking forward to two or more months of relaxation and bliss. While, there is no deny in the fact that summer break is the best time to kick back, forget about classes, exams and just chill, but it is also the best time to invest in your career. Yes, a good summer training course learnt during your college break can give you edge over others when you apply for interviews.

You might have seen ads for summer training programs in Hyderabad either in social media sites or on television. Wondering if those courses with be right fit for you? And whether you should join one?

Before we begin, let’s take a look at how summer training is important for engineers.

Summer training on Innovative Technologies

Want to develop practical skills on innovative technologies? Checkout our Summer training programs and start learning

How important is it for an engineer to do summer training?

How important is it for an engineer to do summer training?

Here, we are going to give some major points as to why it is important for engineers to do summer training:

  • Gain hands-on experience on how latest technologies work by building innovative projects. Most of the summer training programs provide you the opportunity to take part in live projects. Your college life gives you the theoretical knowledge but summer training program helps you to apply that knowledge in real-time. Hence, it will help in transforming you from a book geek to a practical engineer.
  • Opportunities to avail internships: Most of the universities made undergoing internships a mandatory criteria for graduation. But most of the students struggle to get quality internship opportunities. But joining summer training programs and gaining good experience will fancy your chances in getting quality internships.
  • Enhancing interpersonal skills: In addition to your technical skills, joining summer training program will enhance your communication skills and improve your soft skills. These training programs ensure that you will build a project as team so as to improve your team work and enhance your leadership qualities.
  • Polish the Interdisciplinary knowledge: These summer training programs help you in applying the knowledge gained in one discipline to another as a way to deepen your learning skills. It is really not possible to get such experience through books.

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So, if you are from Hyderabad or from nearby regions and looking for summer training in that area. Skyfi Labs provides summer training program in Hyderabad with a number of best courses. Now, to decide which course is best for summer training in Hyderabad.

Here, we are going to give you the list of courses for summer training available in Hyderabad at Skyfi labs.

Structural and Foundation Analysis:  

If you are looking for a career in structural Engineering and want to pursue higher studies in it, then this course is the right one for you. There will be 10 hrs of lecture session and 30 hrs of practical sessions to make you better at hands-on and then a smart certificate is provided to you from Skyfi Labs. You will get hands-on experience on SAP2000, ETABS and SAFE. Daily assessment of project will be done. Here is what you will learn in overall course :

  • You will learn the theory of structures via real-time case studies
  • Applications of seismic loads and Frame analysis
  • Analysis and design of different footing

Check more about this summer training program in Hyderabad

CPM and BIM:

If you are looking for a career in Building Information Modelling and Project Management, then this is the right course to pursue in summer training. You will learn by doing 5-6 sessions each day. Risk identification, monitoring and controlling will be taught as part of the project management topic. You will learn mass modelling with Morph tool, generate 3D documents from floor plans and many more things to get skilled in BIM. With advancement, India will soon reach heights in construction industry and a large number of skilled construction project managers and quality BIM engineers are needed. Join this summer training program and become one!

Check more about this summer training program in Hyderabad

IC Engine and Automobile prototyping:  

This course helps you to learn automobile engineering and will give you knowledge to develop your own automobile prototype from scratch. You will gain lots of hands-on experience through building your RC car. You will work on a life size 150 CC internal combustion engine and learn to assemble & dismantle them at ease. The two projects that you will make are dismantling and assembling of 150cc IC engine and an Automobile Prototype which can be operated by Radio Controls. You will also get live demonstration of internal mechanism of an IC engine. So, this is the best opportunity for you to gain skills in automobile concepts.

Check more about this summer training program in Hyderabad

There are also some new summer training programs available in Hyderabad:

6 Days embedded systems bootcamp:

A list of project topics provided to you and you need to choose any 3 of them to build on embedded systems. Awesome isn’t it?

Also, with this summer training your understanding of electronic circuits will enhance and you will work on real-time projects.

Check more about this summer training program in Hyderabad

6 days computer vision bootcamp:

You will learn and build 3 different computer vision projects of your choice.

Check more about this summer training program in Hyderabad

6 days mechatronics bootcamp:

You will learn and build 3 different mechatronics projects of your choice.

Check more about this summer training program in Hyderabad

6 days IoT bootcamp:

You will learn and build 3 different IoT projects of your choice.

Check more about this summer training program in Hyderabad

Summer Training course in Hyderabad

You can check all the summer training programs in Hyderabad and enroll the best of all.

Here is the link of it (

Important points to be noted while attending summer training programs

There are few points you should be aware of while attending summer training programs.

  • Start working in teams. Whether it is creating your project or any assignment. You should try to work in teams. Team work is the first quality you should learn while going for summer training programs. Throughout your life you will work as a team and all the skills you develop in the summer training will help you to lead when you graduate.
  • Start learning the value of networking: Attend classes daily and try to be social and make networks as it will eventually help you to get your job. May be some of them will help you by referring your resume for potential job opportunities.
  • Find your flaws and fix them: Even if you are pro at some skills, it still needs constant improvement. When you work in a team, you should try to create a way to get the feedback from team members, professors. When you get the concrete feedback on how people view you, you can work to improvise that skill like communication or leadership quality. Plus you can learn to accept and give constructive criticism.
  • Develop portfolio of projects: You should participate in every experimental learning and hands-on opportunities .Try to put efforts into the final projects as much as you can to make the best version of it. This way, you will have something unique to add to your resume while other students only have a list of theoretical courses. In addition to this, you will be far more likely to retain the knowledge you have gained in classes because you are applying it practically and, in this way it will boost your technical and interpersonal skills too.

Why you should enrol in Skyfi Labs courses?

In addition to providing a great platform for you to showcase the above points, Skyfi Labs is an award winning company that is transforming many textbook geniuses into productive engineers. They are providing immense opportunities to learn cutting edge technologies which is popular in industry through building projects easily.

Apart, from summer training in Hyderabad, Skyfi Labs also provides summer training programs in 7 other cities. You can check the list of training centers here.

You are just a click away, enroll now and grab the best core job opportunities.

Check all the Skyfi Labs summer training programs here

Hope, you are now aware about which summer training program is best for you.

We wish you luck with your future aspirations!

Still stuck at something? Comment below the queries. We will be pleased to answer them all.

Best summer training programs to attend in Hyderabad
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-18

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