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Best winter training programs for Btech students


Productivity is the key to lead a successful life. One can indulge in productive courses and activities and gain knowledge during studies. Student life is the best time, rife with a plethora of opportunities and career growth.  Mostly, during college time, students can enrol in a myriad of training and certification courses. They can avail the best by participating in such training which is held throughout the year.

Now since winter vacations are round the corner, why not utilize them to the best? The best respite of every student pursuing engineering is to join winter training programs. If you are still unaware of the umpteen winter training programs offered by Skyfi Labs, this article will be your respite! Let us now get into the nitty-gritty of the insightful winter training that every B.Tech student cannot afford to miss!

In this article, you will get to know why the experience of learning from Skyfi is so amazing. While there are many companies, industries and firms offering to provide winter training, but one should be very secretive about the field in which you want to develop your skillset. One should be very careful and take into account some points into consideration before enrolling in any firm. Some of them are:

  • The authenticity of the company
  • Proper checking of the trainers
  • Checking of all that is included in the training program package.

Doing industrial visits, help students get an idea of how everything is working. But they still lack the hands-on experience. For learning any new technology, Skyfi Labs not only provides you the platform. But also, the materials and various components related to the project in which you enroll.

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These days, most college students prefer online and offline training courses, especially during wintertime. Winters are probably one of the best times when one can invest in something productive that would help in the long run of time. After a mundane mid-term semester, fresh winter training can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

How it will be helpful for your career by doing a winter training program?

How it will be helpful for your career by doing a winter training program?

In order to compete in the rat race and also stand unique among all the engineers, practical knowledge is as necessary as the theoretical knowledge of any concept.  Being an engineering student, you must be acquainted with the latest technologies, its origin, its working, and applications. All this knowledge will ultimately help you to fetch a decent job with your enhanced skill set. Most of the companies look for these attributes while hiring. The more practically applied knowledge you gain, the more are the chances of your selection in your desired firm. With Skyfi Labs winter training you no longer have to create your emphasis, your skillset and projects would speak for you.

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Why it is important for engineering students to attend a winter training program?

Joining the winter program would help students to make the most of their free time in a technical manner. You will also learn about the various methodologies. You can take up winter training a part of your fun activity if you are a tech lover. Without the hectic schedules of colleges and coaching, you will be able to utilize your theoretical concepts to build practical skills. Enrolling in the winter training will help you explore more options. This will also help you to better know where your tech interests lie. The training programs offer various fields to explore from IoT to Robotics to Mechatronics to Embedded. You name it we have it.

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Is joining a winter training program the best way to learn the latest technologies:

Joining a winter training program is probably one of the prudent decisions one can ever make. The winter training is held for a period of 6 days and last for 5-6 hours only. It opens an outlet for receiving a plethora of knowledge about the latest technologies, like robotics, mechanics, aeronautics, etc. The winter programs are practical, giving hands-on experience of technology with software and kits. There is a list of winter training programs that one can avail to learn more about new technological advancements and thus build a career out of it. Let us quickly dive into the list of winter training programs available for engineering students:

Winter training on Innovative Technologies

Want to develop practical skills on innovative technologies? Checkout our Summer training programs and start learning

Best winter training programs for B.Tech students:

The Winter Training Programs are probably the best means to utilize one’s vacations and free time. Have you checked our top winter training ideally designed for engineering students? Take a look at them!

Now let us indulge in a few of them in detail and discover the benefits of doing them!

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Skyfi Labs helps students learn practical skills by building real-world projects.

You can learn from experts, build working projects, showcase skills to the world and grab the best jobs.
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1. Winter training in robotics (7 Robots in 6 days)

Today is the new age of robotics which we saw in Sci-Fi and animated movies. Robotics is the newly emerging field gathering laurels and paving steady growth. It is giving a challenge to humans by overtaking every work that a human is capable of. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Robotics has developed a lot ever since. It has been manifested into technology with the winter training program on robotics for 6 days. Here you get to learn the very nitty-gritty of the advanced robotic technology booming in today’s era of the 21st century.  

What will you learn?

You will get an insight into seven important robotic systems that you will build. Be it the working of motors, microcontrollers and sensors. With the aid of highly experienced engineers, you will learn these 7 projects from the very crux.  Apart from that, you will learn the basics to test and run the robots. It uses Arduino Architecture and Programming tailored to perfection.

The best part of the training is that it has no stringent eligibility criteria. Any student can enrol in it with no bars on age, qualifications, etc. The topics that the training will shed light on are as follows:

  • Working DC motors and actuators
  • Sensor integration with Microcontrollers
  • Embedded Systems and Arduino Architecture
  • Use of IR sensors for robotic applications
  • Gesture-based Human-Machine Interaction with an accelerometer
  • Swarm Intelligence using RF module
  • Mobile communication system with DTMF decoder
  • Arduino Programming

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2. Winter training in mechatronics (6 days Mechatronics Bootcamp)

Mechatronics is yet another branch of engineering combining electronics, robotics, computer, etc. This field of engineering is gaining an impetus because of its applications like the automotive industry, robotics, automation, etc. This branch of science is known for the multi-disciplinary aspects and applications in industry.

What will you learn?

The Mechatronics training offers students a myriad of varieties of projects. Building mechatronics projects have never been so fun before until Skyfi Labs was born! You have the choice of choosing three projects of your liking from a list of projects as mentioned below.

  • Biped Walking Robot
  • Animatronic Hand
  • Hexapod Bluetooth Controlled
  • Robotic Arm

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3. Winter Training in Computer vision: In this winter training program you can choose among the following and pick up any 3 as your projects. The options available are Computer Vision-Based Text Scanner, Computer Vision-Based Mouse, Computer Vision-Based Smart Selfie, Surveillance Robot, Sixth Sense Robot, Surveillance Camera using IoT. This training program will be extremely helpful if you are a CSE or ECE engineering student.

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4. Winter Training in Embedded systems: This winter training program provides you immense options to choose from. All the instruments and components required for building the project that you choose would be provided. The following are the fields that you will be trained during this winter training program:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Mechatronics

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5. Winter Training Program in Automobile: Learn to dismantle, assemble and develop an automobile with fun and interactive 5 hours daily sessions. This program will help you develop an automobile yourself. Going from basic to advance you will learn every small detail about automobile engineering. All the instruments and components will be provided by us. You will learn to work with a 150 cc IC engine and get hands-on experience in building an RC car. In addition, you will learn transmission, suspension, Advanced Ignition, Braking, and Exhaust systems. Also, you will get a certificate of completion.

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6. Winter Training Program in Aeromodelling and Drones: UAV(Drones) are going to be the future technology. Drones find application in almost every field from surveillance to transportation. In this winter training program, you will learn the concepts behind aeromodelling and you will develop a fixed-wing (RC Aircraft) and a Rotor-wing (Quadcopter) from scratch.

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Skyfi Labs helps students learn practical skills by building real-world projects.

You can learn from experts, build working projects, showcase skills to the world and grab the best jobs.
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7. Winter Training in Civil Engineering: Day by Day the number of buildings is increasing this shows that there will be a huge demand for skilled civil engineers in upcoming days. This winter training program helps you to gain the skills that will be helpful for you in the long run. During this training program you will get trained on the following topics:

  • CPM & BIM
  • Structural and Foundation Analysis
  • Total Station and GIS

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8. Winter training in IoT (6 days IoT Bootcamp)

Internet of Things (IoT) is the new buzzword of today’s time! With this technology, data can be easily collected, analyzed along with highly developed security. Today, we can’t afford to even imagine what our lives would be without the internet. The world has revamped with the coming of the internet and its resources, like smartphones, tablets, laptop, etc. Internet of Things is widening its reach in every nook and corner of life! Wonder why? All this came into existence with the arrival of machine learning, embedded systems, automation, etc.  IoT has paved a way seamlessly in spheres of medical, healthcare, etc. With this technology, the very concept of smart homes was born with surveillance devices, easing the lives of many.

What will you learn?

With the 6 days IoT boot camp, you won’t fret over anything related to IoT in future. With a highly experienced team of teachers, your concepts would be nurtured. There are eight projects available, each remarkable in its own way. You can choose any three projects out of this treasure trove of projects mentioned below.

  • Automated Street Light using IoT
  • IoT using Arduino
  • IoT using Raspberry Pi
  • Smart Building using IoT & PIR
  • Smart Irrigation System using IoT
  • Smart Water Monitoring using IoT
  • Home Automation System using IoT
  • Surveillance Camera using IoT

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So what are you waiting for? The onus is entirely on you! The time to take the decision is right now. So, hurry up and grab your seats by enrolling in your favourite Winter Training. To have a quick glance of other training offered by us, visit

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Best winter training programs for Btech students
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