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Summer Training Program for ECE and EEE students


This summer, you need to up your skill and invest in yourself by joining summer training program. There are cutting edge technologies that are shaping our today’s industry. Especially in the field of electronics, we are seeing a lot of technical advancements. From the integration of IoT to making the devices to do the work for you through AI, all the devices that we use every day are becoming smarter as the time progresses. To understand these latest technologies in detail, you need to join best summer training programs, especially in electrical and electronics communication engineering.

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Now, let us begin by understanding why summer training programs are important for you:

Things to look in summer training programs for ECE /EEE students

The increasing opportunities and market of Automation, Robotics, and computer vision, etc. make up for the increase in demand for ECE and EEE branches in recent years.

If you want to be part of it you have to develop the skills required by the industries. There are several ways to learn the required skills and you can do any of the following: summer trainings, internships, projects, etc.

Now, we will discuss things like what summer trainings are, how they can help you and how you can choose one.

What is summer training?

What is summer training

Training basically refers to teaching or developing any skills and knowledge in oneself that relate to specific competencies. It has specific goals to improve one’s capability, capacity productivity and performance.

Summer Training is a mandatory part of graduation in the technical fields. The student should put their best effort at every step of B.Tech course to get into core industries. Passing semester exam with good score is good but industrial exposure is a necessity in today’s world of technology. It is really important to attain in-depth knowledge of the engineering stream.

Summer training on Innovative Technologies

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How can summer training help you?

All the organizations are looking for graduates who are technically sound and don’t want to invest in their training before putting them into the job. A good solution to it is to take industrial exposure and gain practical knowledge than just being book geeks. In this way, both the employee and the employer gets benefited.

  • It helps you understand the value and importance of teamwork. Certificates from renowned organizations add credibility to your resume.
  • It helps in getting hands-on experience building real-time projects to help you learn analytically
  • It helps to enhance your technical skills apart from theoretical knowledge
  • Interaction with experts helps you in building various skills.
  • Project done during summer training helps to judge your capabilities better and take the necessary action

How to choose summer training?

How to choose summer training

Choosing summer training is not an easy task and this might take a few seconds to even months depending upon the skill that you want to develop. The major problem most engineering students face at this is whether the specific summer training will help them in the long run or not, can they understand and learn it or not, is the time for training is sufficient or not. You need to overcome all these hurdles before choosing an apt summer training program for you.

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To help you overcome this, we had collected and put together a list of good summer training programs that you can attend this summer. These summer training programs focus on your learning and provide you with an effective platform to develop innovative projects.

Also, keep this in your mind; learning a new skill is not an easy task to be ready to work hard and utilize this summer vacation productively.

Here are few examples for ECE/EEE

For a career in core Electrical/ Electronics Domain

  • Get hands-on experience with various microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.)
  • Develop skills on latest electronic devices like sensors, actuators and networking modules
  • Develop your programming skills, like C, C++, Python etc.

What are the various domain that you can choose in ECE & EEE?

What are the various domain that you can choose

Here are a few points you should keep in mind before choosing the summer training program

1. Hands-on Experience:

No doubt, theoretical knowledge is necessary to perform well in your college exams but building projects on your own is the best way to learn the latest technologies. By choosing a summer training you can absorb knowledge by not only listening but also by building projects with your own hands and gain hands-on experience. It helps you to get your basics right and you will also develop additional skills like critical thinking, problem-solving ability, etc. which is not possible through textbook learning.

So, always look for summer training programs that offer you hands-on experience by building new projects rather than just theoretical knowledge.

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2. Latest Technologies :

The pace in which the technologies are advancing is becoming unimaginable. From small-scale industrial robots to advanced robots that do spacewalks, every industry started implementing automated systems onto their operations to remove redundancy from their work. Scope for these technologies is very high, but becoming a skilled engineer in these technologies is not possible only through text-books. You need to learn from basics and make projects from scratch to develop skills on these technologies in a better way.

So, being an ECE/ EEE student you should look for summer training programs that offer a good learning experience of the latest technologies.

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3. Programming Knowledge :

Automated cars and automated industries are no more a luxury. And programming language plays a vital role in these technologies to function properly. Any hardware will become useless if proper programming code is not loaded onto it. Most of all, programming is not something you can learn by reading books, it can be mastered only through hands-on experience. Practice makes one perfect in anything is best suited here, more you practically do, the more knowledge you will gain. Coding experience helps you to build logic, learn to test, and how to debug to get the right output.

So, choose that summer training program that offers you programming experience rather than conventional training programs that don’t.

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4. Training Company’s Credibility :

When you go for any summer training program you should always look for the company’s credibility. As you know, there are so many companies out there to make quick money, you should be very careful in choosing the right one that can train you well. Simply go through their Google reviews and social media presence to understand about their credibility.

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Good summer training programs for ECE and EEE

If you are planning to join summer training programs to improve your skills by building projects, Skyfi Labs offers good summer training courses that make learning super easy. All the programs are structured according to the industrial demands. You get to learn from very basics and develop a deeper knowledge of the latest technologies that are related to ECE and EEE.

Here are some of the summer training programs that Skyfi Labs offers:

1. 6 Days IoT Bootcamp: In this course, you are provided with a list of innovative IoT projects and you have to choose any 3 projects you want to build. You will build these projects under the guidance of amazing trainers. Most of all, it is not like every student is working on the same project. You will get the exposure not only on your project but also get to know by seeing demos of other student’s projects. You get to learn electronic circuits and its working in the most practical way.

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2. 7 Robots in 6 days:

It is one of the best courses provided by Skyfi Labs. All the kits will be provided and our engineers will help you to make 7 different robotics projects from scratch. The best part of this course is the hands-on experience which will help in your future aspirations. The project has three levels - basic, medium and advanced. And you will build robots from basic to advanced level in 6 days. There will be hands-on sessions on concepts of robotics, working of sensors, microcontrollers, design structure of robots, how to program and test robots and also Arduino architecture and programming in the process.

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3. 6 Days embedded Systems Bootcamp: There will be a list of embedded systems based projects provided to you and you need to choose any 3 of them to develop skills on embedded systems. Your understanding of electronic circuits will enhance through the hands-on experience provided in this summer training program.

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4. 6 Days Mechatronics Bootcamp: Through this summer training program you can upgrade your skills on mechatronics by building innovative projects hands-on. You can learn and build mechatronics projects like a robotic arm, hexapod robot, animatronics hand, and even a humanoid walking robot. Sounds exciting?

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5. 6 Days Computer Vision Bootcamp: By joining this summer training program you can learn about various image processing algorithms and understand how to use them to develop good computer vision projects. In this summer bootcamp also you can select any 3 projects from the list provided and build them during the period of 6 days.

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Enroll now for these innovative summer training programs and you are just a click away to grab the opportunity of getting a job in core companies.

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Hope you got some good information on summer training program in ECE/EEE.

We wish you luck for your future.

Still stuck with some questions? Comment below and we will get back to you in a gist.

Summer Training Program for ECE and EEE students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-17

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