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How summer training in robotics can help to shape your career?


Robotics is a trending area which holds a great scope for engineering students to develop an exciting career. But a lot of engineering students face problem in developing the right skills to enter robotics. This is mainly due to the unavailability of resources. An efficient way for engineering students to solve this is to take necessary steps to get industrial exposure during their curriculum itself.

Joining summer training in robotics is a good option to begin with. Below given is one of the best summer training programs that you can attend.

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How Summer Training in robotics can help to shape your career?

Firstly, to understand this you need to know why is it prominent for students to take summer training while doing their engineering. You may be wondering why you should choose robotics for summer training or there may be other queries in your mind. Here, in this article I am going to clear all of it.

But before we begin. First things first.

What is robotics?

Before going further to understand the importance of attending summer training in robotics you should know what robotics is. So, as the word explains itself, Robotics –making of bots. This is a process of automation to make things easier for all the redundant tasks which are mundane, gibberish and even time consuming with the help of bots. It is basically a branch of engineering which deals with the design and construction of robots. This technology basically substitutes the human actions and replicates the work humans do in an efficient manner.

Why summer training is important for engineering students?

Today all the renowned organisations and even start-ups are looking for graduates who are technically strong and having hands-on experience. Engineering students with hands-on practical skills are preferred by core industries over students who are just textbook geniuses.

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An efficient way for engineering students to solve this is to take necessary steps to get industrial exposure during their curriculum itself. In this way, the critical problem get sorted for both the employer and the employee.

What better way to gain such practical skills than attending some hands-on training programs. And summer vacation provides the ideal time for you to attend summer training programs and gain valuable practical skills.

Following are some perks that you will get by attending summer training program,

  • Summer training helps to make your technical skills more efficient in a real-time environment
  • The certificate obtained through these summer training programs gives more credibility to your resume and puts you ahead of your peers
  • There will be a live project at the end of summer training which will be helpful in improving your analysing skills and teamwork capability

No doubt, obtaining good marks is essential for graduation but have you ever dreamed about the company you always wanted to work? If the answer is yes, then only theoretical knowledge and cramming power is not sufficient to get into that company.

You need to learn the technical as well as aptitude skills, and these can be best learned in summer training to acquire a dream job. There are many options of training like summer training in robotics, data science, artificial intelligence etc. Thus, from here make a point of it, lack of attention on summer training will lead to hurdles for a successful career.

Join robotics summer training program

How Summer Training in robotics can help to shape your career?

Why you should attend summer training in robotics?

Automation has transformed everything from grocery stores to operating electrical appliances. Initially, having a robot doing routine activities seemed far beyond reality. However, today bots are made for all the daily chores or the mundane works, even robots are being rolled out in the police force to patrol roads.

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Even the government of India is pushing towards digitization, Make in India movement, commercializing AI and all the organizations have welcomed this new wave. This directly points out that robotics and AI will be the next big thing in the next few years and every company will demand for specialists in these technologies to grow exponentially in the coming years.

At present, robotics industry is providing many opportunities to all the professionals from various streams whether it’s hardware based or software. You must have heard of the new trending robots like Alexa, Siri, and Watson which is making our life easier and affordable. These are just a call away and all your work will get completed automatically.

Citing the importance of robotics, it is highly recommended for engineering students to get skilled in this stream as early as possible. And what better way to get skilled in robotics than attending summer training programs on robotics.

There are a lot of programs available for you to get skilled on robotics. You can choose any and enroll into it, but make sure that you are gaining practical skills on those programs not just theoretical knowledge.

For instance, the summer training program offered by Skyfi Labs follows this approach. Where the students will not only learn the theoretical concepts but also build innovative robotics projects as part of the course. This will provide them with a good hands-on experience working with the robots and also get certified in the process.

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How Summer Training in robotics can help to shape your career?

Skills you will gain by attending summer training in robotics:

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. -Benjamin Franklin

As it is said, right investment is a key to a successful career and undoubtedly summer training in robotics is a very good option because it is going to be the next big thing.

Attending summer training program on robotics will help you gain many skills. Here are some of the important skills that you gain:

  • Computing and Programming Knowledge: Programming knowledge is an integral skill needed to understand the concepts of robotics. By attending summer training programs on robotics you can gain knowledge on programming languages like C, Embedded C, C++, Python etc.
  • Tools: You will learn to use various software tools that are needed to make your robot work. Arduino IDE, Python IDLE are few examples of software which you will use during the summer training program on robotics.
  • Mechanical skills: Since robotics involves the blend of hardware and software, you should also get good knowledge on working with the components. By attending summer training programs on robotics, you get to work with various components of robotics such as sensors, microcontrollers, actuators, motors etc. Working with these components, you can gain a good experience on the mechanical systems of the robotics too.
  • Analytical skills: Since the robots need a specific logic to perform tasks, it will be extremely challenging for professional to write those at ease. By attending summer training programs you get to work on various robotics projects and understand the program logic to make them work. This will provide you a good exposure to come up with the right logics to make any robot work.

Best summer training program in robotics

Now, as you know how summer training program in robotics is important. You must be wondering about best training program in robotics right? So here is the solution to your question.

Skyfi Labs helps you to get best summer training program. 7 Robots in 6 days is one of the best summer training programs provided by Skyfi Labs. All the kits are provided and our engineers will help you to make 7 robotics projects from scratch. Best part of this course is the hands-on experience which will help in your future aspirations. The project has three levels, basic, medium and advanced. All the doubts are clarified 1-to-1 with experts. There will be hands-on sessions on concepts of robotics, working of sensors, microcontrollers, design structure of robots, how to program and test robots and then architecture and programming.

Sounds awesome right?

Enrol for the summer training program in robotics

Apart from summer training in robotics there are other options you can consider which are also offered by Skyfi Labs. And all the programs follow the same methodology, learn by building projects.

You can attend summer training programs on IoT, Mechatronics, Embedded Systems and Computer Vision. And all these are upcoming technologies which are going to shape our future. So you can utilize your summer vacations to get skilled in these technologies and develop an exciting career.

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Hope you got some good information on summer training program in robotics.

We wish you all the best for future endeavours.

Still have some queries? Comment below and we will get back to you in a gist.

How summer training in robotics can help to shape your career?
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-18

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