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Robotics Training - Significance and Importance


Robotics is the field that deals with developing robots using the latest technology to make the lives of people easier. These robots are designed for various purposes like manufacturing work, or for providing help to people at home. Within a few years, it is expected that we’ll find robots helping people everywhere, from waking you up in the morning to helping with the household chores, they will be providing assistance everywhere. As I already mentioned this is a very exciting domain that is just growing and is a very exciting field to work in. If you wish to pursue a career in the field of robotics you should at least be good at the basics, which you can further use to develop advanced systems. The best way to learn about such systems from scratch is by taking up some Robotics training programs and building projects.

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What is a robotics training?

What is a robotics training?

Robotics training deals with attending courses and training programs delivered by experts where they breakdown robotics and teach you from scratch. This training covers not only the basic theoretical knowledge of robotics but the real-life application of that knowledge too. If you’re a beginner, these training programs are the best way to take your first step into the world of robotics, as these programs make sure that your basics are crystal clear. Even if you’re an intermediate or advanced candidate, there is still a lot for you to learn.

By attending a robotics training program, you will get hands-on experience on projects which are implemented on a larger scale and used in the industries which are a great opportunity to learn about the different technologies involved. Trained professionals also share some additional details which always come in handy in the long run. Thus, these training programs give candidates a competitive edge over others and help them land better opportunities.

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Robotics Training - Significance & Importance

1. Animatronic Hand

Animatronics is an exciting technology which deals with systems that replicate human actions like moving arms, walking, expressions, etc. Such systems can be controlled using gestures and actions. This robotics training course is a great opportunity for you to learn about this technology, and further gain hands-on experience by building an animatronic hand from scratch which will copy the actions of your hand. It will help you learn about fabricating animatronic robots using embedded systems and about controlling such a system using flex sensors. It will further help you learn about Arduino, DC motors, and the fabrication of flex sensors.

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2. Surveillance Robot

Security is a major concern these days to ensure the safety of people and other valuable items. It is not always possible to put guards everywhere and ensure security. Automated surveillance systems are gradually gaining popularity, as they reduce manual effort and solve the same purpose. This course aims at teaching to create one such robot which will capture live video footage and the robot is controlled from a remote location. The robot will use Raspberry Pi as the microcontroller to transmit the live feed over the internet. It will further help you learn about Python programming, robot locomotion, DC motors, and Raspberry pi architecture.

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3. Robotic Arm

Robotic Arm is widely used in the industry for performing various tasks like turning, picking, placing, sorting, etc., thereby automating almost all the steps involved in manufacturing. This robotic training course is your chance to learn about such systems and build your robotic arm because that’s the best way to learn about them. It will allow you to create a robotic arm with 3 degrees of freedom, which will be controlled using Bluetooth from your mobile phone using an Android application which you will be developing. All this might seem intimidating, but with adequate assistance from our team, you can develop one such arm and learn about a variety of things in the process like Arduino, servo motors and how they act as actuators, and Bluetooth communication.

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4. Biped Walking Robot

Humanoid robots are gaining popularity and soon they will be spotted everywhere from hotels to your own home. This robotics training course will allow you to create one such robot which will collect data, process it, and then act on it. The robot will use Arduino as the microcontroller to control the processing and operations of the robot. The robot will perform basic tasks like walking standing, turning, etc. This robot will help you learn about the connections to be made with the Arduino and further teach you about sketch writing needed for successful Arduino interfacing and control of the robot. 

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5. Swarm robotics

In this robotics training course, you will learn to build a robot that will work together to perform the required task. As part of this course, you will develop two robots one is master and the other is slave. The master robot controls the slave robot while performing its own task and the slave robot works based on the signal received from the master.

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6. Mobile robotics

Nowadays most of the devices can be controlled using mobile phones. It is not a wonder controlling a robot using a mobile. In this robotics training course, you will learn to develop a robot that can be controlled using a mobile. As part of this course, you will learn about DTMF technology, Arduino programming, working of DC motors, etc.

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These were just some of the exciting courses we offer. There a many of them which you can choose from and make your break towards a brighter future in robotics. These training come with kits that contain all the required items needed for the project. You can reuse those items for your future projects too. We also provide help from experts if needed, which will help you understand your project in detail.

As already mentioned earlier, robotics training programs help you get a step ahead. Plus, robotics is an advanced and difficult field, so it is really difficult for a student to go on and make a successful career without any training at all. There are a lot of training programs across the world to help students understand and innovate better. We aim at doing the same. For further details please check out our exciting courses and programs on our website.

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Robotics Training - Significance and Importance
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