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Internet of Things or popularly abbreviated as IoT. It is an exciting domain that has gained a lot of attention over the past few years. This is because of the amount of innovation involved in this domain knows no bounds, making it an extremely resourceful field. There are a variety of IoT training programs available across the internet as well as offline which aims at training students in IoT. We, at Skyfi Labs also offer many such programs. This article aims at covering details about those training programs. Some of our exciting IoT training programs which you can avail are explained in detail in this article.

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What is the IoT training?

IoT training deals with providing exciting training programs for students to learn more about this field. Theoretical knowledge in IoT is very limited, it’s the practical applications of that theoretical knowledge and the capability to innovate that helps students excel. Our training programs aim at helping you learn more about IoT by implementing projects. A variety of projects and career-building courses are offered for all types of students, depending on their requirements.

The benefits of IoT training programs will help you your entire life, because these programs will teach you the basics of IoT systems like embedded systems, sensors, etc. These basics are then further used in every project or application. Combining the basics with your innovation you can develop advanced systems that will help you get an edge over the competition in the long run.

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What does IoT mean?

What does IoT mean?

IoT or Internet of Things combines hardware and software to establish a communication channel between them to collect data and generate responses. Systems based on IoT allow humans to interact with devices to make their lives easier. From controlling the lights around your house to the degree of cooling in your fridge, IoT allows you to do everything, even if you’re not at home. Such smart systems are gradually gaining popularity. In India, it’s not that established compared to other countries. However, we are rapidly catching up because of which there are a lot of exciting opportunities opening up for people who wish to work in this field.

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IoT Training - Develop practical skills on IoT by building projects

Below are the IoT training courses which will help you in learning the IoT technology by building projects.

1. Home Automation using IoT

This is one of our most popular training programs for IoT. Many students have registered and benefitted from this course. We’ve seen in movies about automated homes where the lights and fans are automatically controlled by the computers based on movement or voice-controlled commands. Soon such systems are going to be found in every house. This IoT training program will allow you to build one such system and helps you to learn more about it. As a part of this course, you will be creating a system to control all the home appliances using Bluetooth. Using an Android application on your phone, you’ll be able to control the appliances. Further, your system will also store data about those appliances which can be used for analysis later if needed.

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2. IoT using the Raspberry pi

Embedded systems using microprocessors and microcontrollers are an important part of systems based on IoT. This IoT training course will help you combine your IoT concepts with Raspberry pi to create a Smart Weathering Monitoring system. It is a good opportunity for you to gain hands-on opportunity on actuators and sensors, and learn about how they work. This course will train in creating a system which will use DHT sensors and Raspberry Pi to collect temperature and humidity values, and then stream it over the internet for analysis. It will also include cloud computing to store and analyze the values collected by the sensors to derive meaningful results. The system will be designed to send automated email notifications in case the values exceed a certain limit to indicate some problem.

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3. Smart Irrigation System

IoT has found very helpful application in the field of agriculture and irrigation, which help in conserving resources and facilitate efficient conduction of operations to get the best results. This course has been designed to train you to build a Smart Irrigation System which will provide the exact amount of water needed to the plants at the right time. Using a soil moisture sensor, ESP-8266 WiFi Module, and Arduino this system will automatically detect the change in moisture levels in the soil. After this, it will control the DC pump and release water into the soil. The data collected from the sensors can further be stored in the cloud, for analysis and innovation in the future if needed. This system will help you learn about the calibration of sensors, which is a very important part of almost every IoT system. 

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4. Surveillance Camera using IoT

Security is a major concern these days to ensure the safety of people and other valuable items. It is not always possible to put guards everywhere and ensure security. Automated surveillance systems are gradually gaining popularity, as they reduce manual effort and solve the same purpose. This course combines IoT with Raspberry pi to facilitate the creation of a surveillance camera that will transmit live footage over the internet. This project not only provides you an opportunity to learn about IoT and its application but also about other exciting things like Image processing algorithms, Matplotlib, splitting image channels, Raspberry Pi and Python programming.

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These were just some of our training programs. We offer a wide variety of courses and projects which you can choose from. For further details please refer to our website.

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IoT Training - Develop practical skills on IoT by building projects
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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