How to select the bldc motor for multicopter

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How to select the bldc motor for multicopter
These days the usage of drones are increasing rapidly for different type of application and purpose. Most of the drones are using bldc motors as a power plant for producing thrust. Brushed motors are used in mini drones.Brushless dc motor does not have the carbon brushes for conducting the electric power to the stator coil.In brushless dc motor the rotor part will be outside and the stator part will be inside of the motor. The winding will be wounded on the stator part. Permanent magnets are fixed inside the rotor part. Bldc motor has the three input pin where the output part of the esc connected to.The bldc motor does not have any of +ve and -ve terminals.The bldc motor winding getting the pulses from the esc and produces the electromagnetic field which turns the motor to rotate in any direction.

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When talk about the brushed motor, the stator part of the motor covers the rotor part where the windings are wounded in side the stator.Brushed motor can also be controlled by esc.Brushed has two terminals of positive and negative terminal.By changing the terminals that you can change the motor rotation direction.

Selection procedure:

  1. For selecting the motor to any multicopter you need to consider different parameters which is very mandatory for increasing the motor life as well as the endurance of the drone. Every motor has its own data sheet. In that data sheet all details are given by the manufacture which is needed for select the motor.I have given one data sheet as a picture in the above. First thing, that you to consider is what is the total weight of the multicopter or drone.For example we will see how to select the motors for quadcopter. Let say, your drone AUW(All up weight) is 4 kg means, all the four motors should give 8 kg of thrust at the 60-65% of throttle (or) all the four motors should give 12 kg of thrust at the full throttle.From the data sheet we can see the following details, many cell battery we need to use for that particular motor, 2.what is the propellor size , 3.Throttle percentage, 4.ampere consumption by the motor at particular percentage and. 5.what is the thrust is given by the motor in grams. By considering all these values you can select your motor and the propellor size.All the bldc motor comes with in terms of kv. Here kv means constant velocity not kilovolt (or) rpm/ volt. If you give 1 volt to 1000kv motor, the motor will rotate at 1000 rpm at no load condition. Also given, In that data sheet what is the maximum amperage that can be consumed by the motor.If the maximum motor consumption current is 25A means the esc that you have to select above tye 25A, that means you can go for 30A esc.

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