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Hammer is a device that delivers a sudden impact to an object which causes work material to change into the required shape. The Most hammers are used to drive fit parts, metal, and break apart objects. Hammering process is the most widely used in all the industries, building construction where the metals shapes are being changed into some other shapes.

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A typical power hammer consists of a frame, an anvil, and a reciprocating ram holding a hammer head or die.The workpiece is placed on the lower anvil or die and the head or upper die strikes the workpiece.The power hammer is a direct descendant of the trip hammer, differing in that the power hammer stores potential energy in an arrangement of mechanical linkages and springs, in compressed air, or steam, and by the fact that it accelerates the ram on the downward stroke. This provides more force than simply allowing the weight to fall. Predecessors like trip hammers, steam drop hammers, board or strap hammers, used the power source to raise the ram or hammer head, but let it fall solely under gravity.

Project Description:

  1. COMPONENTS: Shaft Chain Sprockets DC Motor Hammer Bearing Housing Mounts & Fixtures Couplings Supporting Frame Joints & Screws

Project Implementation:

  1. Automated hammering system that allows for fully automatic hammering process. This allows for accurate, fast and automated hammering wherever and whenever needed using a 12V battery. The person just needs to insert the workpiece and start the hammering machine. This machine can be used for automatic hammering work as and when needed. We here use a dc motor in order to move the hammer. The DC motor consists of a pulley attached to it which is connected to a larger pulley for efficient power transfer and to increase torque.

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Kit required to develop AUTOMATIC HAMMERING MACHINE:
Technologies you will learn by working on AUTOMATIC HAMMERING MACHINE:

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