Latest Projects Based on Aerodynamics

The following projects are based on aerodynamics. This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using aerodynamics.

1. Energy Glider

Energy Glider

Glider is nothing but a type of Aircraft which can fly up to a certain amount of time depending on the design and the area of lifting surface. They might have an engine for altitude gliding which can be turned off after critical lift generation. There are wide varieties differing in the construction of their wings, aerodynamic efficiency, location of the pilot, controls and intended purpose. Some basic lightweight materials like wood, plastic, and other polymer foams are generally used for manufacturing gliders.

2. Radio-Controlled Flying Wing

Radio-Controlled Flying Wing

Radio Controlled flying wing one type of elongated or extended wing aircraft having more surface area on wing creating more lift.There are no embellishments or fuselage, its lightweight and fairly easy to assemble of these aircraft are having Delta shape (triangular). Its a kind of delta wing Aircraft having high speed as compared to commercial aircraft. The lift and thrust forces are much more than normal aircraft. Basically, they are made fabricating one long piece of Wood/ Coroplast/ Polyforms.

3. Autonomous fixed wing (drone)

Autonomous fixed wing (drone)

Here you are going to learn about how to make an automatic flying robot called UAV. Nowadays everything is becoming an automatic system where you are able to reduce the human errors as much as possible.

4. Robotic Bird

Robotic Bird

We call this as ornithopter, means a mechanical flying machine which can mimic a bird up to 80% and Engineers are trying their best to make this bird most efficient. Basically, these are categorized by flapping wings flying machine which generate lift through the atmospheric air. This machine differs from a temporary power plant or limited ( temporary) power sources. The best application they can be used for Spying, surveillance, surface analysis.

5. Smartphone Controlled Paper Plane

Smartphone Controlled Paper Plane

What if I say that you can control your paper plane with your smartphone, that sounds crazy right! All the users have made or gone through the art of folding papers( Origami ) but it can fly up to few second or minutes only. Again your flight duration depends on the fabrication size and shape of your paper plane and a little knowledge of aerodynamics and shallow knowledge of aerodynamic forces acting on your model.

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6. Solar Endurance Flight

Solar Endurance Flight

Sailplanes are aerodynamically streamlined and are capable of gaining altitude and remain airborne, while maintaining forward motion. The main advantage of the sailplane solar glider is to generate free energy from the sun. That's the difference between a normal glider and solar sailplane glider. By using this model you can increase the endurance of flight.

7. How to Develop an RC Ornithopter

How to Develop an RC Ornithopter

An ornithopter is a flying machine technology that is adapted from the flying motion of real bird. Its working principle similarly to birds where it can flap the wings to fly. If the ornithopter is flying along with real birds no one can able to identify which one is real and which one is Robot. Because of that, these flying machines are used for tracking purposes as a spy bird.



These days drones are playing a very important role in all the sectors including the surveying lands. Drones make surveying of lands much faster than the conventional methods. Now drone simplifies the collection and analysis of geospatial data, allowing professionals to make better decisions.



Generally, as we know drones are can able to perform position held in the outdoors with the help of GPS module. In case if it is indoor it's very difficult to perform position hold why because the GPS cannot be able to receive the satellite signal.



It's a combination of both fixed wing and multi-copter. For flying fixed wing drone you need a bigger area for takeoff and landing. For multi-copter, you don't need a bigger area for takeoff and landing. But the fixed wing can carry more loads with less power consumed than the multi-copter. For the multi-copter, you don't need more area where it can fly any places.



Recent times all the drones are coming along with the obstacle avoidance technology where it can able to sense any kind of obstacle by using the sensors. This technology protects the drone from crashing.

12. Gesture Controlled Drone

Gesture Controlled Drone

Gesture recognition technology helps you to communicate or control any other devices via your hand gestures. From this technology, you can control the drone simply by moving your hands.

13. Hybrid Drone

Hybrid Drone

In conventional drone lipo batteries are used as a power source where you need to charge for every particular time period. The charging time alone will be taking more time due to which you cannot do continues flying. By adding the IC engine and DC generator with the conventional drone you can build a hybrid drone.



Whatever the drone that is available in the market, it has the endurance of maximum 30 - 40 minutes only. Once the battery got discharged, again that battery needs to be recharged completely to go for the next ride. Also it takes a lot of time to get recharged, which is a major issue in most of the UAVs that we see today.



Vertical takeoff and landing RC plane does not require more area for taking off and landing. To make this vtol we need a flight controller which can act as a brain of the vtol.

16. Voice Controlled Drone

Voice Controlled Drone

For a flying drone, people should have minimum knowledge of the flying skill then only they can able to fly properly without crashing, but it's not possible for all the people. If it is voice controlled means anyone can fly without any skill.



This is one of the most widely used UAV in all the places for different types of applications. Whether it is a quad or hexa or octa copter, this concept is the most widely used one. Here you are going to learn how to build a multicopter UAV.

18. Saucer Solar Drone

Saucer Solar Drone

Drones are something we call as UAV(unmanned Aerial Vehicles) an aircraft without an human pilot. UAVs are basically an ground controlled system means they are fully Autonomous. Application of Drones are expanding from commercial, scientific, recreational, agricultural, and other applications.IT can be used in Landways, waterways, airways or in space. The advantage of Saucer shape is that is more aerodynamic as compared to other shapes and as it has only one rotor its quite difficult to fly.Due to is shape its having some angle 30 to 60 degree when the drone is parallel to ground. The use of solar here to increase the endurance of the flight by transferring power to the Rechargeable battery. Well, it's difficult to obtain the optimum amount of voltage and current (V= IR).

19. Car Copter

Car Copter

CarCoper is the combination the copter and car having the mixture of two technology Automobile technology and Aeronautical Engineering. Car means something mobily On land and copter means having rotational motion in form of propeller. Its really cool to make the combo of car and copter. Something we call as hybrid technology which is which an nully disadvantage of two individual mode by adding the technology.

20. Vortex Type Bladeless Windmill

Vortex Type Bladeless Windmill

As you are well aware of the fact the natural energy is the need of future considering a small initiative by Government of India to supply electric current to every home in the country and supply it for 24 Hours, alternatives to hydropower, which credits natural energy its own importance in the market.

21. Sterling Engine Helicopter

Sterling Engine Helicopter

About the project

As we all know that for a flying object to fly, it is important an external source of energy to overcome the gravitational and inertial forces and carry the to desired altitudes. There are different sources of energy used in flying objects like petroleum fuels along with piston & Wankel engines, Jet fuels aka ATF aka avtur fuels along with gas-turbine engines. Another source of supplying power to the flying objects is hot air used along with sterling engines.

22. Tricopter


A tricopter consists of three motors, three controllers, one servo and four gyros. The three motors are located at the end of each of the three arms. In addition, there is a location sensor in each case. This gyro controls the controllers, which are located in the fuselage of the aircraft. The motor is therefore nothing but a normal servo in one direction.

23. Micro Flying Robot

Micro Flying Robot

Micro flying robots that fly like airplanes and helicopters consume much more energy than micro robots that fly like advanced insects such as flies.A new study now shows that a fly wing that spins like a helicopter blade generates the same amount of lift as a flapping fly wing while consuming only half the energy to move the wing. This finding can inspire the design of efficient micro flying robots with spinning fly-like wings.

24. Everything you need to know about mercury vortex engines

Everything you need to know about mercury vortex engines

About the project

As well all know that it was the wright bros who gave the first successful manned flight to the world, and there are better proofs that eight years earlier to wright bros, an Indian Sanskrit scholar S B Talpade designed a basic aircraft called marutshakti, unmanned aerial vehicle at Chowpatty beach in Bombay, crediting him the first creator of an aircraft in modern times. He used Vedic technology for designing the aircraft.

25. Hyper loop

Hyper loop

About the project

Have you ever wondered the possibility of high-speed racing competitions like formula racing, a century ago? We all are well aware of advancement made in transit field. A section of Engineers is working on an agenda on increasing the value rate of distance covered on a daily note. We can also see the improvements that we have seen and experience in last century.

26. Rail Gun

Rail Gun

About the project

As we the importance of initial push required for the vehicles which travel a very high velocity and these factors affect the initial momentum of the high-velocity vehicle. To overcome these, an external push is applied through various sources like a railgun, a catapult but of these have their own application.

27. Electromagnetic Hover Car

Electromagnetic Hover Car

An automobile as we all know is an integral part of mankind’s day to day needs. Automobile technology as penetrated into different categories like emergency like transporting a patient in the ambulance or a war weapon to the war field, sports racing, the business application like transportation of goods, transportation of meetings and the list goes on.

28. Maglev Trains

Maglev Trains

Maglev trains are a revolutionary development in railways systems as well as transportation engineering. The speed, the smooth operations, convenience, easy maintenance has made it is a basic need for any developing country to manage the transportation of citizens.

29. Light Gas Gun

Light Gas Gun

The light-gas gun is an apparatus for physics experiments, a highly specialized gun designed to generate very high velocities. Basically adopted to study and understand the high-speed impact phenomena, leading to the formation of impact craters by meteorites or the erosion of materials by micrometeoroids. Some basic materials research relies on projectile impact to create high pressure: such systems are capable of forcing liquid hydrogen into a metallic state.

30. Space Gun

Space Gun

A space gun is a method of launching an object into space using a large gun or cannons. Space guns provide a method of non-rocket space launch. It has been conjectured that space guns could place satellites into Earth's and could launch spacecraft beyond Earth's gravitational pull and into other parts of the Solar System by exceeding Earth's escape velocity of about 11.2 km/s or 40,320 km/h or 25,050 mph.

31. StarTram


About the project

The new generation launching system StarTram is a proposal for a maglev space launch system. The initial Generation 1 facility would be cargo only, launching from a mountain peak at an altitude of 3 to 7 kilometres with an evacuated tube staying at local surface level; it has been claimed that about 150,000 tons could be lifted to orbit annually.

32. Perpendicular Wind Turbines

Perpendicular Wind Turbines

About the project

Perpendicular Wind Turbines. Rising sea levels and escalating pollution levels has generated worldwide interest and has given rise to new wind turbines designs.(Check out EWICON, Bladeless windmill)

33. Electromagnetic propulsion System

Electromagnetic propulsion System

About the project

Electromagnetic propulsion (EMP), is the principle of accelerating an object by the flowing electrical current and magnetic fields. The electrical current is used to create an opposing magnetic field for repell. When a current flows through a conductor in a magnetic field, an electromagnetic force known as a Lorentz force, pushes the conductor to perpendicular to the conductor and the magnetic field.

34. Reconnaissance Drone

Reconnaissance Drone

About the project

Drones are everywhere in the world. It is estimated that by the year 2020 there will be approximately 7 million drones in the sky and looking the trend it is important to ensure that drone enthusiasts are operating in a peaceful and safe manner.

35. Health Monitoring Drone

Health Monitoring Drone

Heartbeat sensing without some physical connection utilizing signal and image processing is one of the best techniques. This drone project gives an effective way for remotely estimating heart rate and respiratory rate from video recorded by a flying unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Image-processing systems connected with particularly designed algorithms support drones to detect changes in people at once, while people are moving. 

36. Forward swept wing RC aircraft

Forward swept wing RC aircraft

Swept wing is a type of wing configuration used in fixed-wing aircraft. There are two types: Swept-back (wing is angled backward) and Swept forward (wing is angled forward). This project deals with the fabrication of forward-swept wing remotely controlled aircraft. Forward-swept wing aircrafts are highly maneuverable (ability to change direction quickly) at low speeds and drag produced is also low compared to backward-swept wing aircraft. The characteristic "sweep angle" is usually estimated by drawing a path from root to tip, twenty-five percent of the way back from the leading edge, and matching that to the perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the aircraft.  Wing sweep has the effect of delaying the shock waves and accompanying aerodynamic drag rise caused by fluid compressibility.

37. Laser Propulsion

Laser Propulsion

Launching satellites through Laser powered launch vehicle give low-cost access to space because no need to carry any onboard propellants and pollution is also reduced. Laser propulsion is a type of laser-powered thrust where the power source is a remote laser arrangement and separate from the response mass.

38. Quadrotor using Arduino

Quadrotor using Arduino

In the modern world, it takes more than the required time to reach from one place to another, thus we must look forward to some airways. A Quadrotor is one of the flying unit used to lift the object from one place to another in lesser time and it finds high demand in industrial and surveillance sectors. For industry-level applications quadrotors are built using pre-programmed Flight Controllers which will have inbuilt gyroscope and accelerometer, but for smaller applications, it is not applicable. By using Arduino as a flight controller for quadrotor we can make it efficient and affordable for smaller applications.

39. Drone Swarm

Drone Swarm

Drone swarm is a way towards the coordination of many drones as a single system. Multi-robot systems own greater adaptability, performance, and safety than individual robots, a crew of collaborative robots can do a particular task much quicker and execute tasks beyond the limits. Swarm robots can perform a complex task easily with the help of many specialized simple robots. Drone Swarm is the mixed technology of swarm robotics and UAV systems.

40. Cylinder-shaped Coaxial Drone

Cylinder-shaped Coaxial Drone

In today’s world drones are widely used for various applications. A lot of cool things can be done with the help of drones. Drones with quad configuration are used for major application because of the following reasons: simple in design, agility and easy to control. But the quad configuration has some disadvantages like more power consumption compared to tri and twin copters, Quad frame occupies more area and flight time is also less.

41. Drone-hunting Drone

Drone-hunting Drone

Drones are popular due to their simplicity, agility and wide range of applications. But drones are also used for illegal activities like destroying property, smuggling, injuring people, spying and so on. Illegal usage of drones became a global issue. Now that anyone can become a drone pilot with some basic knowledge in drone and some few hundred bucks. With the flooded technology in the market, it is difficult to prevent the misuse of drones. A large-sized commercial plane can be easily grounded using a small drone.

42. Racing Drone

Racing Drone

Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which finds application in different fields. Nowadays drone racing gained more popularity and experts claim it will be even more popular in the near future. However, drones used for racing are not the same as the commercial drones used for photography and delivery. Racing drones are small quads that specially built for racing. They are designed to be more agile and travel at higher speeds to perform complex stunts.

43. Compressed Air Powered Drone

Compressed Air Powered Drone

Drones are evolving day by day as more investment and innovative ideas bring advanced drones to the market. Drones are used for various applications like surveillance, delivering packages, inspecting crops, firefighting and so on. In this project, you will learn about a drone that is controlled by compressed air. Generally, drones are powered by electric motors to produce thrust and to control the direction. Using electric motors will increase the drone weight and it consumes more power. So, large-sized batteries are required to power the drone for a longer period.

44. Window washing drone

Window washing drone

Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which are remotely operated by a pilot or with the help of computers. In earlier days drones were used only for military purpose, With the evolution in technology and to reduce the risk of humans later drones are developed for civil purposes like mapping, surveying, firefighting and so on.

45. Design and analysis of fuel system for Velocity XL

Design and analysis of fuel system for Velocity XL

The VELOCITY-XL aircraft is a long-range aircraft with the latest technology in aerodynamics and structure to provide good maneuverability facilities and stealth mode. This can move 1100-miles cross country trips at speeds above 190 MPH while carrying four adults and baggage in total comfort. These airplanes perform best at altitudes of 8,000-11,000 feet. Landing requires a speed of about 85 MPH and a 1,500 feet long landing strip.

46. Detachable Wings

Detachable Wings

The main purpose of this project is to minimize the loss of life in times of catastrophic failure of the hydraulic system or case of failure of engines. A new design concept that has the potential to save the lives of a thousand passengers in the event of an air crash. The notion involves the redesigning of a plane with the detachable wings that would eject during the emergency to touch down on land or water safety. It is the method of detaching the wings from an aircraft which is in the state of an unrecoverable stall, which could add up to damage in time of catastrophe.

In this project, we are going to fabricate an aircraft with detachable wings and the Orion parachute system (3 parachutes). Later creating a 3D model of an aircraft and run analysis over the model and obtain the results. At last a field test is conducted based on flight data requirements.

47. Design and flow analysis of a variable sweep wing on a commercial aircraft

Design and flow analysis of a variable sweep wing on a commercial aircraft

A variable-sweep wing is a type of wing configuration, that changes the sweep angle of the wing during flight. This is a concept of hybrid wings used for a sudden increase in velocity and aerobatic purpose.

48. Fabrication and testing of light weight composites for UAV

Fabrication and testing of light weight composites for UAV

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a pilot on board.

In this project, our main objective is to fabricate a composite material combining depron, glass fiber, and balsawood strips to form three different combinations of composite material.

49. CFD Analysis of a car

CFD Analysis of a car

The population on the earth is growing daily and likewise vehicles are also been increasing daily. The rate increase of the vehicles is been increasing considerably.

50. Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine

Humans have been living on Earth for over two thousand years now. Science and technology have helped make our lives easier. But with more comfort and ease, comes some negative aspects. These adverse effects have mainly been towards the ecology and environment.

51. RC Hovercraft using Arduino

RC Hovercraft using Arduino

Hovercrafts are vehicles that travel over the cushion of air created with the help of motors and propellers. Hovercrafts can reach almost all the terrains on earth. The principle behind the development of air-cushion is the closed plenum effect. The high-pressure air is accumulated below the hull with the help of motors and propellers. The skirt is used to increase the ground clearance of the vehicle which helps to achieve the smooth ride over big tide waves, rocky terrains, etc. In this article, you will learn to build an RC Hovercraft using Arduino.

52. Autonomous Racing Drone

Autonomous Racing Drone

Racing drones can reach speed up to 150 Km/hr. These drones are used by drone enthusiasts for racing, to shoot videos and to perform stunts, etc. By implementing artificial intelligence and computer vision techniques into these drones we can make it autonomous which helps in reaching much higher speeds than the speed achieved during manual control. In this article, you will learn to build an autonomous racing drone from scratch.

53. Ducted Fan Drone

Ducted Fan Drone

Nowadays drones are used in almost all the fields, from this article, you will get an idea to fabricate a ducted fan drone. Ducted fans have the advantage of producing more thrust than a conventional propeller with the same diameter. Ducted fans are silent when compared to the conventional propellers and have reduced blade tip losses which increases efficiency.

Ducted fan drones can be easily operated in indoors or can be flown near to the people. Conventional drones (with propeller) may hurt people or the propellers might get damaged during the indoor flight.

54. How to Build a Fire Fighting Drone?

How to Build a Fire Fighting Drone?

In this project, you will learn how to build a fire fighting drone, which can able to detect and put off the fire both autonomously and manually. Making a final year project on drones will definitely help you to build a nice career. 

In recent years drones gained more popularity because of its wide range of applications and the day to day advancements in their features. Fire fighting is one of the difficult tasks where firefighters risk their lives to save the victims. To make the rescuing process easy and safe, drones are implemented to extinguish the fire.

55. Bluetooth controlled RC car

Bluetooth controlled RC car

Design your own Bluetooth controlled RC car. You can do it as a mini project in your academics. In this project, you will learn the types of components used to have input and output, usage of Bluetooth connectivity and interfacing them to other electronic devices like Arduino, raspberry pi.

56. Bird control using Drones

Bird control using Drones

A flock of birds can easily bring down a billion-dollar aircraft. You might have read some news like aircraft is halted or crash happened because of a bird strike. In the US alone there were 142,000 bird strikes happened between 1990 and 2013 which killed 24 people and destroyed 64 civilian aeroplanes.

Birds are not only affecting the aviation industry but also other fields like Agriculture, Marine docks, Football grounds, etc.

In this drone project, we will try to figure out a solution to the above-mentioned problems caused by birds. Nowadays drones gained huge popularity because of the following features such as manoeuvrability, easy to control, low manufacturing cost, etc.

Here we are going to implement drones to scare/control the birds by producing ultrasonic sounds (Bird repellant) without making any harm to the birds as well as the environment.

57. Agricultural drone

Agricultural drone

Nowadays drones are gaining popularity very fast because of their wide range of applications. In this project, we will see how to develop an agricultural drone and what all things can be done using it.

Due to the depletion of natural resources, all the farmers started implementing Precision agriculture (PA). Precision Agriculture is a technique that uses Information Technology to give the crops and soil what exactly is required which ensures sustainability, profitability and protection to the environment.

58. Drones for passenger transport (Drone taxi)

Drones for passenger transport (Drone taxi)

Technological advancement has proved the impossible things as possible. Similarly, the recent innovations in UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) which are commonly known as drones paved the way for the newer way of transportation not only for carrying goods but also to carry humans from one place to another.

Increased usage of Automobiles like cars, bikes in the metro cities escalated the traffic and also increased pollution. To overcome both the issues here we are going to develop a drone project which can able to carry passengers from one place to another like a taxi.

59. Terrain Following Drone

Terrain Following Drone

Drones are getting advanced day by day and their usage also increased in various fields. With the help of drones, you can able to accomplish various types of missions by spending less. In this drone project, we will discuss how to build a drone with terrain following mode using the Mission Planner software.

60. Crowd Control using Anti-riot Drone

Crowd Control using Anti-riot Drone

Crowd control and monitoring is a difficult task for the police forces if the strength of the crowd is huge. Usually, the police will use tear gases to disperse the crowds in uncontrolled situations but during this process, the police might be injured to avoid such situations we can use the drone to control the crowds.

With the advancement in technologies, the usage of drones increased a lot. In this drone project, we will propose a solution to this problem.

61. Amphibious Fixed-wing drone

Amphibious Fixed-wing drone

The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV) in both military and commercial sectors have expanded greatly in recent years. The advancement in technologies paved a way for developing a single vehicle which is capable of working on both Air and underwater environment.

In this drone project, you are going to develop a fixed-wing drone that can able to fly like an aircraft and swim like a fish.

62. Hoverbike


Recent advancement in aerospace and automobile paved the way for new gadgets. Hoverbike is one such innovation which combines the technology of helicopter and bike to make the transportation better.

In this aeronautical project, we will discuss the design consideration, applications and materials used to build the hoverbike. Also, you will learn to build a miniature hoverbike.

63. Modular Drone

Modular Drone

Drones are becoming more popular than ever due to their unimaginable applications and fascinating modifications. Along with their applications, the manufacturing cost of the drones also will increase. To overcome the above problem in this project idea, we are going to propose a solution. The best way to reduce the cost is by reducing the components used.

Modular drones are aerial vehicles which can be modified on the go. A single drone can be modified and used for various purposes. For example, you want the drone to capture high-quality videos - use an HD camera mod or you want to use the drone to convey information - fix the speaker mod or you want the drone to display something - attach the screen mod.

64. Airborne wind energy generation using Aerostat

Airborne wind energy generation using Aerostat

As we are advancing in technology it is necessary to find a newer method of energy generation with minimal damage to the environment. The wind is renewable source energy which will not pollute the environment. The energy generated from the wind almost fulfils the energy requirement of most of the households. But wind turbines have drawbacks like high implementation cost and difficulty in the transportation of components.

Airborne wind energy generation is the only solution to solve the problem. Here the turbine is placed airborne and the power generated is transmitted to the ground with the help of power cables. This saves a lot of cost in the implementation and transportation compared to the conventional wind turbine system.

In this aeronautical project, we are going to develop an airborne wind energy system using lighter than air aircraft.

65. Airborne wind energy generation using kites

Airborne wind energy generation using kites

Generating power from winds is the purest form of energy generation method when compared to other energy generation methods like thermal powerplant, nuclear power plant, etc. It also doesn’t affect the atmosphere by releasing harmful gases like Carbon dioxide or Carbon monoxide. But for generating electricity from the wind needs a huge setup such as blades, pillars, generators, etc. It also requires a lot of maintenance after the implementation. The cost of setting up the wind turbine is also very high.

In this aeronautical project idea, we will propose an innovative solution to generate electricity from the wind. We are going to develop an Airborne wind energy system to replace the traditional windmills.

Drones are the major innovation of this century which is widely used for various applications. They already proved their ability in various fields. Here we are going to use tethered drones to generate power from the wind. Here the drones are launched in the air and positioned at an altitude of 600-1000 feet. At this altitude, the turbulence of the wind will be less compared to the altitude where the conventional wind turbine is positioned.

66. Multi link Aerial Robot

Multi link Aerial Robot

Drones or Unmanned Aerial vehicles are used widely to do various things in fields like logistics, rescue, surveillance, inspection, and many more. More innovations are happening in the structure of the aerial vehicles to reduce the size of the aerial robot to make it more agile. Multirotors are more stable than fixed-wing but the size of the drone and the rotor positioning make it inaccessible in small areas.

In this drone project, we will try to implement biomimicry design in aerial robots to solve the structural issue in accessing small areas. Aerial transformation is one way to solve the problem. Here we are going to implement a biomimicry design similar to snake with the help of multi-link structure. This provides the ability of multi-degree of freedom aerial transformation. 

67. Seed Sowing or Tree Planting Drone

Seed Sowing or Tree Planting Drone

Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that finds its applications in various fields from delivering packages to surveillance, agriculture and many more. In this drone project, we are going to develop an autonomous seed sowing drone that can be used to plant trees in both agricultural fields and forest. 

With the help of tree planting drones, you can plant a large number of trees quickly in less time. Seed sowing drones can be used for reforestation to plant a large number of trees that are destroyed due to forest fire or natural calamities. 

Farmers and environmental agencies are facing difficulties in planting the trees or sowing seeds in the field. This seed sowing drone provides an effective solution to solve the problem by sowing seeds quickly with more accuracy. These drones are operated in a swarm to cover the large area in less time. 

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Latest Projects based on aerodynamics
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