Drone-hunting Drone

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Drone-hunting Drone
Drones are popular due to their simplicity, agility and wide range of applications. But drones are also used for illegal activities like destroying property, smuggling, injuring people, spying and so on. Illegal usage of drones became a global issue. Now that anyone can become a drone pilot with some basic knowledge in drone and some few hundred bucks. With the flooded technology in the market, it is difficult to prevent the misuse of drones. A large-sized commercial plane can be easily grounded using a small drone.

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Hunting the drones which cause nuisance is the only way to solve the problem. Basically, hunting-drone detects and capture unwanted objects and takes them away safely.

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Project Description:

The drone detects the intruding target with the help of sensors and camera which enters the airspace. After detecting the target, it uses a Pneumatic net gun that launches a net at the target, capturing it. The net is attached to the hunting-drone with a cable so that the captured target can be moved away safely. Following are the components used for building the hunting-drone:

Pneumatic net gun: The working principle is similar to the other pneumatic launchers but it launches the net in such a way that it is extended widely so that the target is captured.

Camera and Sensor: With the help of camera and sensor the hunting-drone detects and locks the target.

Brushless motor: These motors are more powerful when compared to brushed DC motors. RPM of these motors are also high. Hunting-drones have to carry a larger payload, thus low KV rating motors are selected.

Propellers: Propellers with a high diameter and low pitch are used for hunting-drones. So that the drones become more stable and can carry more payload.

Electronic Speed Controller: ESC’s are used to control the RPM of the motor. ESC’s are selected based on the amps draw required by the motor. It also contains the Battery Eliminator Circuit which delivers the power from the battery to other components.

Flight Controller Board: FCB is the brain of the drone where all the components are connected. It contains a GPS module, Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensors to work autonomously.

Batteries: Lithium Polymer batteries are used to power the drone. Larger capacity batteries are used for longer flight time.


By implementing this drone hunting technology in real-time, many accidents can be prevented without creating any damages or debris to the surrounding environment.

Kit required to develop Drone-hunting Drone:
Technologies you will learn by working on Drone-hunting Drone:

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