Window washing drone

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Window Washing Drone
Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which are remotely operated by a pilot or with the help of computers. In earlier days drones were used only for military purpose, With the evolution in technology and to reduce the risk of humans later drones are developed for civil purposes like mapping, surveying, firefighting and so on.

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The traditional method of cleaning windows manually risks human life and it is a time-consuming process. Thus, introducing multi-rotors to perform this task will make the process quick and reduce accidents also. Multi-rotors have their own advantages like hovering, reaching greater altitudes, lifting greater payloads, etc.,

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Project Description:

Drones used for washing windows have to carry more payload thus, multi-rotor configuration is used. By increasing the number of rotors more payload can be carried. 12 rotors are used in this drone to achieve smooth flight and good payload lifting capability. These drones are equipped with high definition cameras allowing the pilot to control and track the cleaning process.

For cleaning the windows, the drone is equipped with a sprayer and cleaning foam or sponge. The sprayer is connected to a hose through the water is supplied continuously. The sponge is placed over a roller or wheel which rolls over the glass to perform the cleaning gesture. An independent power supply is given by the external power source so that the drone can fly for a longer period of time. Thus, it reduces the weight of the drone by not carrying batteries.

Following are the important components used for building this drone:

Brushless motors: These motors are less in weight and maintenance is also less when compared to conventional DC motors. Low KV rating motors are used since they don’t need to fly faster.

Propellers: Low pitch and High diameter propellers are used to achieve smooth flight and larger lifting capability.

Frame: Frames are made using materials like carbon fiber and glass fiber which is having a high strength to weight ratio. It is the major part which holds all the other parts together.

Electronic Speed Controller: It is used to control the speed/RPM of the motors based on the input given by the pilot.

Flight Controller Board: It consists of a micro-controller and various sensors like gyroscope and accelerometer which makes the drone to perform the desired task without any error.

Video Transmitter and Receiver: Onboard Camera placed on the is connected to the video transmitter which transmits the video signal. It converts the captured data into radio waves and it is transmitted. The Receiver process the received data that is sent by the transmitter which is connected to the Ground Control System or computer.


Thus, by using a drone for washing windows reduces cost by replacing lifts, ropes which are used to perform the cleaning task. It can able to reach higher altitudes and complicated areas which are inaccessible to humans. It finishes the task faster than traditional cleaning methods.

Kit required to develop Window washing drone:
Technologies you will learn by working on Window washing drone:

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