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Most of the time the people who are using the motorcycle they used to forget to slide the side stand to back, resulting they end up with the accident.To avoid such kind of accidents it should be automated where people don't need to think about the slide the stand back.The sensor will be fixed with the ignition switch which can detect and give the signal to the microcontroller. Microcontroller will process the signal then gives the output to the actuator to slide the stand to the back position.

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Project Description:

  1. SERVO MOTOR:For this project servo motor is used for actuate the side stand.servo motor is connected to the microcontroller.Servo motor only takes the signal from the microcontroller and the power is taken from the battery
  2. FRAME:Servo motor will be placed over on the frame.Frame used for holding the servo motor and the stand.Frame material can be either metal or plastic.
  3. SIDE STAND:Its nothing but the hollow shaft which act as a side stand for this project.The stand will be holding by the servo motor.
  4. MICROCONTROLLER:You can use arduino board as a microcontroller which controls the side stand according to the signal its takes from the sensors which is connected to the ignition switch.
  5. BATTERY:Battery used for power the microcontroller and the servo motor.It an be a lithium polymer (or) Lead acid (or) Nickel cadmium battery.

Project Implementation:

  1. First you need to make one U shape frame by connecting the frames together.Then place the U shape frame in inverted position.Mount the servo motor to the fame on the top side frame.Then connect the side stand to the servo motor.Take the ignition switch connect the sensor to this.Connect the servo motor and sensor cable to the Arduino Board.The arduino board should be uploaded with the logical codes for perform the action.Now connect the battery to the Arduino board.Now start the ignition switch, the stand will go to the back position automatically.

Software requirements:

  1. Arduino IDE software.


  1. Arduino programming (c++)

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