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People are using trolleys for transferring the less amount material for short-range distances. The normal trolleys having the huge limitation when it comes to the staircase where labor or user should give more effort to move the trolley.Goods transportation locally is highly dependent on manual trolleys. They are used in warehouses, construction sites, malls, residential relocations etc. These trolleys have a very huge limitation when it comes to stairs. They can only move on flat surfaces and be moving them over a staircase is a very hectic task. So here we propose a smartly designed staircase climbing trolley

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The trolley makes use of a triple interlinked wheel arrangement that allows it to do so.The mechanism uses a trolley with a support wheel arrangement which will be used for support when at rest and will be suspended in air while the trolley is moved by lifting it. The interlinked wheel mechanism consists of 3 freely moving wheels. These wheels are connected to a connecting rod. There 3 such connecting shafts for each wheel with the main rod connecting through a free moving bearing mechanism to the three rods. This mechanism allows for efficient stair climbing functionality. This functionality allows for easy movement of goods across staircases.

Project Description:

  1. Components:Wheels Bearings Connecting Rods Goods Holder Frame Handle Rods Connecting Rods Support Rods Mounts & Brackets Supporting Frame Joints & Screws

Project Implementation:

  1. Firstly you need to fabricate one trolley as we seen all the workplaces being used. After that, you need to make two sets of a triple interlinked wheel by using the six same sized wheel with help of the connecting shafts. All the wheels should be placed at the angle of 120 degrees each other. Then attach these wheels into one main shaft which holds three wheels on both sides with help of the shafts and the bearings in order to achieve the smooth operatin

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Kit required to develop STAIRCASE CLAIMING TROLLEY:
Technologies you will learn by working on STAIRCASE CLAIMING TROLLEY:

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