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A Roll bender is a mechanical jig having three rollers used to form a metal bar into a circular arc. The rollers freely rotate about three parallel axes, which are arranged with uniform horizontal spacing.Roll bending may be done to both sheet metal and bars of metal. But this machine designed for handling the soft material, where you can bend by yourself using the machine. Here we study the design and fabrication of a mini manual roller bending machine that uses a chain sprocket based roller mechanism to bend pipes/rods. The mechanism is widely used in industry to for bending purposes

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The machine is made with a supporting frame that supports the roller mechanism between it. The work to be bent can then be rolled across it to achieve the desired bending. The rollers are fitted with bearings so as to achieve the desired smooth motion. One of the rollers is integrated with a hand driven spindle wheel to drive it manually. This wheel is also connected to the other roller using a chain sprocket mechanism to drive it along with spindle at the same rate. The frame is made with a mechanism to fit a movable roller in the center through a screw mechanism. This is used to adjust the bending angle. The mechanism is fitted through a slot made in the frame center.

Project Description:

  1. COMPONENTS:Bearings Housings Screw Moving Roller Supporting Frame Mounts Joints & Screws Bending Rollers Spindle Wheel Chain Sprockets

Project Implementation:

  1. Firstly place the two roller in between the two supporting the frame with help of the bearings and rods. After that fix the chain sprocket in to the shaft which holds the roller on any one of the side with help of the screws.Attach the chain between the two rollers.Connect the hand spindle wheel into the any one of the roller for operating the machine. Attach the one more roller in the centre part of the machine through the screw mechanism where you can move the roller towards the downward and upward direction for attain the different type of bending on the work material.Now the machine ready for bend the work material.

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