Health Monitoring Drone

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Health Monitoring Drone
Heartbeat sensing without some physical connection utilizing signal and image processing is one of the best techniques. This project gives an effective way for remotely estimating heart rate and respiratory rate from video recorded by a flying unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Image-processing systems connected with particularly designed algorithms support drones to detect changes in people at once, while people are moving.

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Image and signal processing is the use of computer algorithms to achieve image processing and to improve the accuracy of digital images or videos. It provides a very full range of algorithms to be employed to the input data and can avoid difficulties such as the build-up of noise and signal twist while processing. Image and signal processing can be readily executed in MATLAB Platform as it gives inbuilt functions and consists of different libraries for the calculation and evaluation of signals.

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Project Description

The first step is to build a drone with an efficient configuration (like X, Y and plus) It depends on the payload and purpose. The material of the frame is also selected based on the application as well as the frame should be able to bear the impact of the drone. A camera is attached to the drone with the help of gimbal, which is used to record the video. The camera captures the video and transmits it to the computer (Ground Control System).

In the GCS with the help of MATLAB the region of interest i.e., Face of the person is determined, and it extracts the colour components like RGB (Red, Green, Blue) from the selected frame and it calculates the average value for each component as well as the sum of reconstructed signal for each component. Then, the rectification of heart rate using the Fourier transformation formula is done. Later heartbeat value and graphical representation of the heart rate is generated.


  • The drones can be installed in nursing homes, on hospital wards, and in combat zones.
  • A person who is thereby involved in violence will probably have unusual behaviour that changes the heartbeat rate. There is a great possibility to detect these anomalies.
  • Aged care buildings may similarly benefit from imaging processing systems that can be installed in important places to observe older people’s heart and breathing rates.
Software requirements

MATLAB: MATLAB is a multi-paradigm mathematical computing environment and exclusive programming language.
Python: Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language.


The proposed framework will give the heart rate without having physical contact. This framework utilizes the image and signal processing strategies to measure the heart rate. The framework can likewise recognize unpretentious changes or developments of the items that can't be seen by bare eyes. Subsequently, will be helpful in the medical field just as in numerous fields like military, custom, development, and so on.

Kit required to develop Health Monitoring Drone:
Technologies you will learn by working on Health Monitoring Drone:

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