Litracon - Translucent concrete

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Litracon-Translucent Concrete
Concrete has always been a major part of the building structure and is the same for more than decades. Translucent concrete would allow some light to pass through it while the Structural and Strength properties remains the same.

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In Urban areas, houses are densely compacted and availability of natural light in such areas are difficult. This concept could allow at least some light during day and thus saving electricity. Translucent concrete is good insulating material and protect indoor from extreme atmospheric variation i.e., temperature while letting in daylight.

Project Description:

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Translucent concrete is the concept of mixing the concrete in such a proportion such that the compressive strength of concrete remains the same and inserting the concrete with fibers to provide extra flexural strength and allow the passage of light. Fibers are passed from one end to other of the concrete structure.

  1. Ordinary Portland Cement: Grade 53 as per IS.
  2. Fine Aggregate: It plays a major role in the fresh properties of the concrete rather than coarse aggregate. A grade of 2.36mm sieve size confirms to IS:383-1970.
  3. Optical Fibers: It is a cylindrical dielectric waveguide made of silica glass materials. Generally 200µ diameter strands are used for this construction.
  4. Water: Quality confirming to IS 456:2000.

Project Implementation:

  1. Preparation of mould: The mould required for the prototype is prepared by deciding the size of the concrete required. Standard size of the cube according to IS:456-2000 is 15x15x15 cm.
  2. Manufacturing Process: Optical fibers are inserted in layers and the concrete mix is poured over it.

Terminologies you will learn by working on Litracon:

  1. Compressive Strength: The compression strength of concrete is a measure of the concrete's ability to resist loads which tend to compress it.
  2. Flexural Strength: Flexural strength is a measure of the tensile strength of concrete beams or slabs. Flexural strength identifies the amount of stress and force an unreinforced concrete slab, beam or other structure can withstand such that it resists any bending failures.
  3. Mix Proportion
Kit required to develop Litracon - Translucent concrete:
Technologies you will learn by working on Litracon - Translucent concrete:

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